12 Factors That Determine the Cost of Whiteboard Animation


When it comes to animated explainer videos, you have many options to choose from. Nonetheless, animated explainers generally fall into two categories, which are cartoon animation and whiteboard animation. Generally, cartoon animation costs businesses more; thus, businesses often opt for whiteboard animation. Still, it does not mean whiteboard animated videos always cost businesses less. There are certain factors that come into play their role to determine the animation cost for whiteboard explainer videos. We are going to have a look at those factors in this post. 

Logo and Animating It

What Factors Impact the Cost of Whiteboard Explainer Videos?

When business owners invest money in whiteboard explainers, they invest in their audience, brand, and the impact of their business message. Moreover, the final whiteboard video that animators develop for businesses offers businesses a high Return on Investment (ROI) in the end. The following are the factors that determine the cost of animation for whiteboard animated videos:

1. Staff Experience of a Video Animation Agency:

Working with an experienced video animation agency means you are working with the best talent. Besides, whiteboard video production companies work with clients from different sectors.

For the same reason, the creative team of such a company will not only listen to you once to tell them your vision. It will also give you their insights contingent on their experience and learnings. Carefully listening to their viewpoints about whiteboard video projects can help clients the most out of their projects.

2. Research of the Company:

Any credible whiteboard video production company will always research the topic of animation they have to make for clients. Besides, the research of a video animation company is contingent on what business owners discuss and share with it in the meetings.

It gets a video production company a full grip on the project. As a result, a company creates a video for its clients with fine details to make sure the video stands out.

3. A High-Quality Script for the Video:

Every video explainers begin with a script that either the clients provide a company or ask them to provide it. Further, when a video animation company produces a script for clients, it makes sure it produces a good one.

Put differently, it comes up with a script to ensure the final animation achieves its goal while setting its tone. Other than the video script, a video animation company has creative artists to produce the storyboard, illustrations, animation, and voice-over.

4. Project Management:

When it comes to managing teams, schedules, and deadlines; it is a work of art in itself. If anything goes wrong, it won’t only affect the project flow but also the final animation. Besides, what you pay for while working with a video animation agency is project management.

Furthermore, any reliable video production company will make sure it meets the project deadline while feedbacks are in its place. 

5. Bespoke Illustrations:

You can explain the most complex subjects with the aid of whiteboard animation videos, besides everyday subjects. In addition, you can convey your business message with whiteboard videos, based on your needs. It is also where a video production company can help you with.

It can create bespoke illustrations for whiteboard videos to make sure it fulfills the requirements you ask for. Besides, custom illustrations that video production companies provide clients are one of the things that make whiteboard videos stand out.

6. Animation:

Animation in a whiteboard video should go hand in hand with the tailored illustration to define the purpose of animation. It is also an animation that breathes illustrations, settings, and characters in whiteboard videos a life. It also makes the video engaging to watch and evokes emotions in viewers at the same time.

However, there are loads of things that play an important role in the production of professional whiteboard animation. A few of those things entail the delivery of the message and the way video connects with the audience.

7. Visual Thinking Skills:

The visual thinking skills of creative artists and animators are another factor on which the cost of whiteboard video depends. Visual thinking entails the use of visual metaphors, semiotics, icon images, and the use of set pieces. It aids the creative team in a video production company to give great strength to the whiteboard videos they create.

Illustrators and animators in a video animation agency incorporate such considerations while planning and developing creative ideas for videos. Besides, it is visual thinking that allows illustrations, characters, and animation in a video to capture and communicate information. 

8. Connecting the Ideas to Each Other in a Video:

Another power of a whiteboard video is the ability to connect ideas and help them fit in the big picture. Whiteboard video production companies consider this factor from their very first meeting with the clients.

It is also the factor that enhances the explanatory power of a whiteboard video. A video production company joins ideas with each other for the whole animation with the final image in mind. As a result, the final video gets the power to successfully explain the ideas businesses want to convey to their audience.

9. Feedback from the Client:

Any credible whiteboard video production company respects the feedback of its clients. Further, it makes sure the vision and the message of the clients get to the screen at every stage of the project, as per their clients’ feedback. It ensures that the final whiteboard video that the company creates is up to the client’s expectations.

10. A Professional Voice-over:

Mostly, whiteboard video production companies have access to professional voice-over artists. It also aids business owners in choosing the perfect voice-over, contingent on business needs. Choosing a professional voice-over also allows businesses in capturing the tone and feel they want in a video.

11. Sound Effects and Music:

Sound effects and music in a whiteboard video make whiteboard videos engaging and charming to watch. Simultaneously, these things give whiteboard videos some weight to build a connection with viewers and enhance the overall feel of the animation. 

12. Last But Not Least, Translation and Accessibility:

Whiteboard videos may need translations based on where clients may use them. In addition, the translation of a whiteboard animation entails several methods, like adding a new voice-over, references, and animation.

Moreover, the accessibility of a video can take many forms, contingent on where clients want to use it. For example, it may entail adding subtitles and thinking carefully about onscreen text and color choices.

To Finish

The following things play an important role in determining the cost of whiteboard animation:

1.    Staff Experience of a Video Animation Agency
2.    Research of the Company
3.    A High-Quality Script for the Video
4.    Project Management
5.    Bespoke Illustrations
6.    Animation
7.    Visual Thinking Skills
8.    Connecting the Ideas to Each Other in a Video
9.    Feedback from the Client
10.   A Professional Voice-over
11.   Sound Effects and Music
12.   Last But Not Least, Translation and Accessibility


1. How Much Does It Cost to Create Whiteboard Animation Videos?

Different factors are determinants of the cost of whiteboard animation, such as the staff experience of the company you choose for video production, translation requirements for the video., etc. Additionally, we have already mentioned in our post, “12 Factors That Determine the Cost of Whiteboard Animation,” the factors on which the cost of whiteboard video is dependent. In general, you should expect to pay an explainer video company $3000 to $35000 for a 1-minute whiteboard animation video, based on the experience and credibility of the company.

2. Why Should I Invest in Whiteboard Animation?

You have several reasons to invest in a whiteboard video for branding. For example, you can explain complex ideas or concepts to your customers in a simplified manner with the aid of a whiteboard video. Additionally, these videos are interesting for customers to watch and great for explaining your products or services to customers. Furthermore, a well-crafted whiteboard video, which an explainer video company, like Glowza Digital, can create will help you get a higher Return on Investment (ROI).

3. Why Should I Choose Glowza Digital to Create a Whiteboard Video?

If you are looking to create a high-quality whiteboard video to educate your audience about your products and services and make the most out of your investment, we have the right people to create a one-of-a-kind whiteboard video for you. We have already accomplished many video explainer projects for clients successfully and eventually helped them get a higher ROI. Thus, you may choose our company, Glowza Digital, to help you create a brilliant whiteboard video for your business.

4. What Can I Use Whiteboard Animation Videos for?

Whiteboard animation videos are certainly a profitable investment for business as you can deploy these videos for diverse purposes. Besides, whiteboard videos suit the needs of any industry. Put differently, businesses from different industries can confidently invest in whiteboard animation videos. You can use whiteboard videos for a range of purposes, such as for training your employees, fascinatingly educating your audience about products and services, etc. What is more? Whiteboard videos are an excellent Public Relations (PR) tool, as these videos are easily sharable across social media platforms.

5. How Long Do You Take to Produce a Whiteboard Animation Video?

More often than not, we create and deliver whiteboard videos to our clients in four to six weeks. Besides, we can also deliver whiteboard animation videos to clients faster than the aforementioned timeframe when clients need us to deliver whiteboard videos to them urgently. However, it also increases the cost of whiteboard animation videos we create for clients, as we have to make an extra effort when we have to deliver explainer video projects, like whiteboard videos to our clients urgently.