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5 Reasons You Have to Use 3D Animated Explainer Videos

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3D animated explainer videos entail three-dimensional characters and infographic objects. Moreover, brands use these high-quality video explainers to promote their products and services. You can also deploy these videos for marketing if you want your business to drive better and get fast results. Besides, 3D animated videos are extremely engaging with high shareability. You can expect your business income to double if your 3D animated explainer makes a positive impact on your audience.

Logo and Animating It

Why Should You Use 3D Animated Explainer Videos?

You do not just have a single reason to deploy 3D animated video explainers for marketing. Most importantly, you can strongly advertise your products with 3D animated videos and also create your unique brand identity. In any case, businesses have many good reasons to deploy 3D animated explainer videos for marketing, as 3D animated videos can benefit them in the following ways:

1. Let Businesses Successfully Explain Concepts or Products:

3D animation is a flexible technology that allows animators to create a virtual world to better explain things. You can bring clarity to complex concepts if you choose this animation style. In other words, you can explain your complex products and services in a fun and friendly way via 3D animated video explainers.

Moreover, the immense flexibility of 3D videos gives you complete control over everything, including elements, movements, and everything in between. By the same token, you can make changes to 3D explainers at any time. Most importantly, you can successfully explain a concept or your products to the audience via 3D animated explainers.

2. Allows Brands to Visually Stand out in the Competition:

The prime reason behind any advertisement is to catch the attention of the audience and create strong brand awareness. 3D animated advertisements allow brands to do it in an amazing fashion. You can make your brand stand out visually in the competition via 3D animated ads. At the same time, it is important that you hire the right animator to create a 3D video for your brand.

Additionally, you should keep in mind that the cost of 3D animated explainers is more than 2D animated videos. It is because 3D animated videos are more difficult to create than 2D animated videos. However, the return on investment that you get via 3D animated explainers is more than the cost of creating them. Further, it is also important that you hire an esteemed video animation agency to create a brilliant 3D explainer video for your brand.

3. Help Brands Powerfully Connect with Their Audience:

You cannot emotionally connect with your audience unless you attract them to your products or services. In other words, you cannot make customers loyal to your brands except if you emotionally connect them with your brand. Fortunately, 3D animated videos can help businesses powerfully connect with their customers. These videos also encourage customers to buy products of a business time and time again.

Besides, customers won’t buy your products repeatedly unless you win over their hearts. Focusing on customer engagement first should remain a top priority for each brand for the same reason. 3D animated videos not only increase the emotional quotient of a video. But they also help brands connect with their customers in a powerful way. In other words, these videos can bring your audience closer to your brand and build a healthy customer-brand relationship.

4. Are Short and Level Businesses up When It Comes to Their Competitors:

3D animated explainer videos are short, unlike live-action explainers. For the same reason, they have a high attention span. Contrarily, the attention span of viewers is short for long videos. Besides, animators also suggest businesses keep the length of video explainers to 30 to 90 seconds. You may have already guessed it, Why? It is because of the short attention span that viewers have when it comes to videos, such as video explainers.

Furthermore, businesses can create brilliant 3D animated videos provided that they hire the right video animation agency for it. Businesses can also level up their game in the competition via one-of-a-kind explainer videos. Additionally, businesses can produce amazing 3D videos if they spend some time researching explainer video companies to find and choose the best video production company. Besides, 3D animated explainers are a powerful marketing tool for businesses to use despite their short duration.

5. 3D Animated Videos Are Affordable to Create Unlike Live-Action Explainers:

Of course, 3D animated videos cost businesses more to produce as compared to 2D animated videos. Still, it does not mean 3D animated video explainers are costlier to produce than live-action explainer videos. You do not need to invest money shooting outdoors, hiring actors, creating a set, etc., for these videos. However, the opposite is true for live-action explainers. 3D animated videos substantially bring the cost of advertisement down for businesses and also increase their return on investment.

In other words, creating explainer videos with 3D animation ideally suits a budget that businesses have for video marketing. Many start-ups also choose animated explainers to advertise their products and services due to their affordability. However, it definitely costs businesses some money to hire an animator and create high-quality and engaging video explainers. Still, the return on investment that businesses get via animated video production outdoes its cost. Hence, 3D animated videos prove affordable for businesses to create in the long run.

Educational Explainers Are for All and Sundry

Educational explainers are for all and sundry as you can use them for diverse purposes. Firstly, they are an excellent tool to inform your target audience about new products. At the same time, animated explainer videos are a useful resource to teach your audience a new idea.

In addition, you can use these videos to help students understands complex concepts. Moreover, an educational video also proves handy when you have to train employees or staff. You can also rely on educational explainers to notify employees about your organizational policies, events, etc. Put simply, educational explainers are for everyone.        


3D animated explainers feature 3D characters and infographics objects. Additionally, these videos are great for brands to use and promote their products or services. You may also utilize these videos for marketing to help your business drive sales faster. Besides, businesses have many good reasons to invest in 3D animated explainer videos than just using them to strongly advertise their products and create a unique brand identity. Lastly, 3D animated videos help businesses promote their brand identity in the following ways:

1.    Let Businesses Successfully Explain Concepts or Products
2.    Allows Brands to Visually Stand out in the Competition
3.    Help Brands Powerfully Connect with Their Audience
4.    Are Short and Level Businesses up When It Comes to Their Competitors
5.    3D Animated Videos Are Affordable to Create, Unlike Live-Action Explainers.


1. What Is the Purpose of 3D Animation?

3D animation is a type of graphics technique, which entails motion to bring elements like characters, objects, etc., to life. Primarily, 3D animation is common in video games, movies, and television shows. Moreover, the ways to use 3D animation have increased over time due to its growing popularity. Nowadays, the usage of 3D animated explainer videos has become prevalent in diverse industries. Healthcare and Real Estate, to name some of them. Further, the purpose of 3D animation is to present ideas more realistically to your target audience.

2. What Makes 3D Animated Explainer Video Unique?

When it comes to explainer videos, the two animation styles you have are 2D and 3D animation. 2D animation entails flat images and has width and height. Contrarily, 3D animation is unique in the sense it also has depth, in addition to width and height. What’s more? 3D animation brings objects and characters in animation to life, as they make them look-like real. To make a long story short, 3D animation is unique because it is of high quality and has depth, unlike 2D animated videos.

3. What Are the Benefits of Using 3D Animated Explainer Videos for My Business?

There are more than a few benefits of using 3D animated explainer videos for your business which we have mentioned below:3D animated explainer videos can easily get the attention of viewers due to their appeal and quality.Additionally, 3D animated explainer videos allow you to interestingly promote your products and services to customers.Additionally, these videos are great for brand promotion.Using these videos on your website can help you boost traffic to your site.Further, 3D animated explainer videos are cost-effective for businesses in the long run though they cost more to create than 2D animated explainer videos.

4. How Much Does It Cost to Create a 3D Animated Explainer Video?

First of all, you must know that various factors impact the cost of 3D animated explainer videos. For example, the deadline for video production, the video animation company you choose, and project complexity will affect the cost of 3D animated video production. Besides, the cost of 3D animated video production can range from $10,000 to $200,000 based on various factors, and we have mentioned to you some of them already.

5. How Long Should a Commercial 3D Animation Be?

If you ask this question to experts, they will tell you it is best to keep your commercial 3D animation short. Besides, you should keep the length of your 3D animated promotional video to 2 minutes or less as you can better engage your customers with a short video and help them retain the message you want to deliver to them.