6 Benefits of an Animated Logo for a Business

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A logo represents a brand, and you may already know about it. Nevertheless, it is a unique logo that sets a business apart from its competitors. Additionally, businesses are adapting to new ways today to portray their brand identity with advancements in technology.

For the same reason, you see many businesses these days deploying logo animations to convey their brand identity to customers. Besides, there are many benefits of creating an animated logo for your brand, which we shall also tell you about. Prior to telling those benefits to you, we shall like you to comprehend the difference between animated and static logos. 

Logo and Animating It

Animated vs. Static Logos

Static logos are basically static images featuring characteristics of brands, but they are hard to understand, too. Many brands have static logos; nevertheless, these logos fail to convey the key message about brands most of the time. Contrarily, animated logos take your brand identity to a new level while engagingly conveying your brand story to the audience. Besides, the effects and motion that logo animations deploy make them a powerful tool for businesses to successfully connect with their audience.

Further, static logos lack the appeal that logo animations have; hence, they often fail to communicate a brand story successfully. For the same reason, many businesses utilize logo animation to make their brands stand out from the competition.

Advantages of Creating an Animated Logo for Your Business

Here are the benefits of creating an animated logo for your business:

1. Better Brand Recognition:

An animated brand identity brings a brand to the table while ameliorating its recognition. You can comprehend the benefit of an animated logo as follows: A picture is worth a thousand words and logo animation is worth a million. Besides, an animated video of a logo not only appeals to the eye but also helps customers recognize a brand. Additionally, customers better recognize a brand after seeing a short video of its logo animation than a static logo.

In any case, logo animations significantly increase the chances of customers recognizing a business. Thus, one good reason you have to create an animated video of your logo is to improve your brand recognition.

2. Effectively Tells a Brand Story:

Nowadays, people spend many hours exploring the World Wide Web (WWW) deploying different options they have. You may also deploy the best option you have to advertise your business on the internet. Creating an animated logo can help you in this regard effectively to portray your brand identity to the masses.

In addition, you can hire a logo animation service to help you create a one-of-a-kind logo for your business. However, you should also invest some time on the internet to determine how much logo animation will cost you. It will aid you in finding and hiring a logo animation service to create an animated or moving logo within your budget.

Moreover, video content narratives are highly effective for telling your brand story, unlike static logos. By the same token, you should deploy a logo in motion to flawlessly depict your brand story to your audience.

3. Powerfully Grab Viewers’ Attention:

These days, people have become busier than ever. For the same reason, it is hard for brands to hold their audience’s attention to videos for a long period. It is also where an animated logo comes to rescue brands. An animated video of a logo serves as a powerful tool for brands as it successfully captivates their audience’s attention. Further, it helps brands connect with their audience in a fun and engaging manner.

Put differently, animated logos allow brands to grab viewers’ attention within the first few seconds of animations. Further, the audience is more likely to listen to what you want to tell them via your logo animation. Most importantly, having an animated brand identity puts your business one step ahead of the competition.

4. Helps a Brand Stand out:

There is no denying of the fact that animated logos are unique. Besides, many businesses have similar logos, and they do not drive their customers for the same reason. Contrarily, logo animations are unique and ensure the brand’s visual identity is one-of-a-kind & memorable at the same time. Besides, a unique logo helps brands make a positive impression on their customers.

Additionally, there is no limit to creativity when it comes to animating a logo. You can easily add colors, texture, motion, typography, and illustrations to create a one-of-a-kind logo animation.

Besides, there are loads of free options available to animate a logo. Still, it is best to hire a professional animator to create a custom logo for your brand. It is because using free software to create your logo animation won’t allow you to own the copyright. Furthermore, relying on a professional allows you to create an animated logo that sets you apart from the competition.

5. Evoke Emotions:

Another noticeable benefit of an animated logo is that it evokes positive emotions in customers about a brand. Though text in static logos is compelling; still visual images and graphics in logo animations make them look more compelling. You can tell your brand story via logo animation; thus, animated logos have the ability to elicit emotions in customers. Put differently, a distinctive brand identity allows you to elicit positive emotions, like joy and excitement in your customers.

Further, logo animation helps you persuade your audience to do what you want them to do. At the same time, it allows your customers to positively associate themselves with your brand.

6. Help Brands Maintain a Professional Image:

Another noticeable benefit of animated logos is that they help brands professionally deliver their business message to customers. Besides, customers first consider how a company is presenting itself when assessing it. For the same reason, the quality of a logo is what customers deem to determine how professional a business is. Fortunately, animated logos help in this regard, too, while helping brands maintain a professional image in the eyes of their customers. 

To Finish

Here is a recap of the benefits of creating an animated logo for your business:

1.    Better Brand Recognition
2.    Effectively Tells a Brand Story
3.    Powerfully Grab Viewers’ Attention
4.    Helps a Brand Stand out
5.    Evoke Emotions
6.    Help Brands Maintain a Professional Image



1. What Is the Benefit of Logo Animation?

There are multiple benefits of animating a logo tailored to your needs, unlike animating a logo with a free tool. Nonetheless, you will need to bear some cost for a custom logo animation that a professional animator can create for you. Furthermore, here are the noticeable benefits of animating your brand logo:

2. What Is the Purpose of Animated Logos, Put Differently Where Should a Business Use an Animated Logo?

Having a custom animated logo for your brand can serve you multiple purposes. For example, it will help your brand acquire an original identity, increase brand awareness, and more. Moreover, there are loads of places where you can use your custom logo animation. Here are some handy ways to use and make the most out of your custom logo animation:

3. Why Should a Business Animate Its Logo?

A company has many good reasons to animate its logo. Besides, custom logo animations make brands more recognizable and memorable to customers. Most importantly, custom animated logos help brands acquire an original brand identity and increase their brand awareness. Furthermore, you can deploy your custom animated logos in various ways, such as in your branded video intros, at trade shows, on your website homepage, etc.

4. How Do You Animate a Logo Easily?

There are loads of free tools available today for animating a logo. Nonetheless, using a free tool to create an animated logo does not help brands acquire an original brand identity. Contrarily, hiring a professional to animate a logo aid brands in acquiring an original brand identity. To finish, hiring a professional animator help brands create an animated brand identity easily but at some cost.