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8 Reasons to Create an Animated Logo for Your Brand


If you are a start-up, you may already understand the importance of a logo. Additionally, you may already have a static logo to represent your brand identity. Besides, you can also create an animated logo or a short animated video of your logo. Animating your static brand identity means you are deploying logo animation to inventively portray your business identity. Besides, there are various reasons for brands to animate their logos, and there are benefits to doing it, too. You may also animate your static logo to exploit the benefits of logo animation.

In any case, we are going to share with you the reasons to animate your static logo design. Knowing those reasons may convince you to create an animated video of your logo.

Logo and Animating It

Reasons to Create Logo Animation

You have different reasons to create a moving logo or animated logo to showcase your brand identity to your audience. Besides, it is best that you hire a professional to create a moving logo for your brand. We strongly recommend that you also research the cost of logo animation prior to choosing a professional for logo animation. It will ensure you are choosing the right professional to create your animated logo within your budget. Without further ado, let us jump into the reasons why you may create an animated video of your brand logo:

1. Animated Brand Identity Holds the Attention of the Audience for a Long Time:

One of the reasons you have to create a moving logo is its appeal. An animated video of your logo can hold the attention of your target audience for a long period. Moving logos can hold the attention of the audience longer than static logos. Creating an animated logo will allow you to increase the engagement level of the audience with your logo. You may create a moving logo for your brand for this reason.  

2. Increase Your Brand Awareness:

One of the purposes of a logo design is to increase awareness about brands. Besides, animated logo designs can help brands do it more effectively than static logos. It is because these logos have the potential to increase the level of interest of the audience in brands. Seeing a moving logo of your brand will allow your customers to associate your brand with your logo animation. Further, the audience can better recall your brand because of your unique brand identity. 

3. Emotionally Connect the Audience with a Brand:

Another benefit of creating a moving logo is that you can emotionally connect with your customers through it. Moving logos are easy to recall due to the animations they have. At the same time, these logos raise the interest level of customers toward brands. Besides, corporate executives relish watching animated videos more than informational text. It is one of the facts to justify the power of animated videos of logos when it comes to emotional connectivity.

Additionally, the animations allow brands to convey complex information in a comprehensible manner via graphs, charts, etc. By the same token, animated logos allow brands to convey their brand story effectively while emotionally connecting with their audience. 

4. Logo Animation Is Cost-Effective:

Logo animation is generally cost-effective for businesses than only engaging and mesmerizing to watch. Further, it is a wise thing to do to place an animated logo on your website. It is because moving logos leave a positive first impression about brands in the minds of the audience. For the same reason, they help brands convince customers to make a deal with them and eventually increase their ROI (Return on Investment).

Furthermore, it is important that you check your bounce rate via statistical tools, like Google Analytics. A bounce rate of over 50 percent means visitors leave your site too fast; therefore, you should do something about it. You can keep visitors on your website for a long time if you place your animated logo there. Doing it may surprise you how what your animated brand identity can do for your brand.

5. Logo Animation Gives You Complete Freedom When It Comes to Creativity:

Similar to animated explainer videos, logo animation provides you with complete freedom when it comes to creativity. You can do anything you want with your animated brand identity. For example, you can incorporate text or fonts you want to add to your animation. Additionally, you can come up with animated video content perfectly fitting your brand with logo animation. Make sure your animated logo perfectly complements your brand identity while you create it for your brand. 

6. Many Options to Create It:

There are many options you have to create your animated brand identity. There are many software programs, freelancers, and, of course, video animation agencies that can create it for you. In any case, hiring a professional animator is your best bet to create a custom logo animation for your brand. Besides, you can stand out among your competitors if you choose a professional to create your animated brand identity.

7. Allows You to Bring Ideas and Objects to Life Simultaneously:

Animation allows you to bring imagination to life, whether is about an idea, object, or something else. Irrespective of your industry, an animated brand identity can help you create something, that is, impossible to create in reality. First and foremost, you can deliver your message in style to your customers if have an animated logo on your site.  

8. Encourages the Audience to Share It with Others:

When more people will know about your business, it is likely for your business to reach a massive audience. Animated logos entertain people whenever they see them. Further, sharing your animated brand identity on social media platforms will let more customers see it. Additionally, the viewers who see an animated video of your logo will inspiringly share it with others. Consequently, the increased sharing of your brand identity will allow you to reach a wider audience. 

To Sum up

The following are good reasons you have to create an animated logo for your brand:

1.    Animated Brand Identity Holds the Attention of the Audience for a Long Time
2.    Increase Your Brand Awareness
3.    Emotionally Connect the Audience with a Brand
4.    Logo Animation Is Cost-Effective
5.    Logo Animation Gives You Complete Freedom When It Comes to Creativity
6.    Many Options to Create It
7.    Allows You to Bring Ideas and Objects to Life Simultaneously
8.    Encourages the Audience to Share It with Others


1. Is an Animated Logo Going to Benefit My Business?

Yes, creating an animated logo for your brand is going to benefit your business in many ways. Besides, the following are good reasons you have to animate a logo:An animated logo can help you successfully grab the attention of the target audience of your business to your brand.You can better communicate your brand story with an animated logo.Additionally, an animated logo will let your customers relate them to your brand.In addition, you can acquire an original brand identity with a custom logo animation for your brand.An animated logo can aid you in increasing your brand awareness without breaking the bank.

2. Which Format Should an Animated Logo be?

The best format for an animated logo is SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics). Besides, SVG is also a web-friendly vector file format that stores images via mathematical formulas, contingent on points and lines on a grid. Professionals use vector files for creating animations and logos, including logo animations.

3. If I Create a Video of an Animated Logo, Where May I Use It in Order to Exploit My Custom Logo Animation?

You have many places where you can use your custom logo animation to benefit your brand. Besides, the following are good options you have where you may exploit your custom logo animation:Social media posts and brand videos.Your website,Presentations,Promotional or marketing videos, such as animated explainer videos

4. What Software Is Used to Make an Animated Logo?

When it comes to logo animation, you have many options for the software. Besides, professional animators use the following software to create custom logo animations for their clients (businesses):Autodesk Maya for creating 3D animations, such as 3D animated logosAdobe After Effects for creating 2D animations, such as 2D animated logos.Additionally, you also have free animation software and apps for animating a logo, such as Canva, Animaker, Renderforest, etc. Still, relying on free options for animating a logo won’t help your brand acquire an original brand identity, unlike relying on a professional animator, such as one from Glowza Digital to create it.