All That You Need to Know about Animated Video Ads


Animated video ads are a powerful marketing tool for businesses to promote their products and services, These advertisements allow brands to reach a massive audience because of their shareability. In general, brands make animated ads of a short length of 30 to 60 seconds. Besides, advertisements of short duration can better convey a business message. It is because the attention span of the target audience is 1 minute when it comes to online videos. 

Nevertheless, brands also create video ads of 2 minutes if they best suit their needs. Still, animated videos of short length allow brands to better capture the attention of the audience and convey their message. Further, there are different ways brands can use their animated video ads. For instance, you can use these ads as commercials, Instagram stories, YouTube videos, etc.

In any case, the main purpose of animated video advertisements is to communicate with the audience and increase brand awareness. Moreover, if you want your animated ad to stand out, you should keep it short & personal. We mean to say you must get to the point quickly via these ads, plus you must consider its context.  

Logo and Animating It

How Can You Use Your Animated Video Ads?

You can use animated video advertisements in different ways, contingent on your niche or brand. Further, you can use video ads where your target audience is present. You can use these ads in many different ways, which we have mentioned below. 

1. YouTube Videos:

YouTube is the best video-sharing platform you have online. It is a popular site because it offers its users a lot of variety in terms of video content. You can find almost all types of videos on YouTube. For instance, you can find entertainment videos, educational videos, tutorial/training videos, etc., on YouTube. Further, it is understandable why marketers use this popular platform to place their advertisements and promotional videos. You may also exploit YouTube to place your animated ad there, provided that your target audience is on YouTube, too.

2. Facebook Video Advertisements:

Using animated video advertisements on the most popular website, Facebook is a no-brainer. Using video ads on Facebook gives brands a perfect opportunity to bring their business to Facebook. Besides, Facebook has a huge market for businesses where they can share video ads and eventually reach a massive audience. At the same time, it is important that you effectively deploy your video ads on Facebook to reach the masses. If you do, your video ads or marketing campaigns will turn into a huge success for your business.  

3. Instagram Stories:

Apart from YouTube and Facebook, Instagram is another platform where you can use an animated ad. Using your animated video ad as your Instagram story will allow you to engagingly interact with your audience. At the same time, it will encourage your audience to take the action you want them to take. Besides, one-third of stories on Instagram come from businesses. Additionally, one of those five stories straightaway gets a response from viewers.

4. Emails:

Email marketing is one of the methods for brands to communicate with their target audience. For the same reason, brands also embed video ads in emails they share to captivatingly communicate with their audience. You can also use these ads to interact with your audience and also inspire your audience. Besides, these advertisements are highly effective for introducing or explaining your products to the audience through emails.

5. Physical Events, Such as Trade Shows o Exhibitions:

Screen or physical events, such as trade shows, conferences, etc., also give you the opportunity to effectively use video ads. Besides, these events offer you a perfect chance to showcase your product to the audience. They also allow you to portray to your customers how your products work. Most importantly, you do not need to engage with people at trade shows to explain your product. Only a video advertisement will work for you at such events with people coming in and coming out.

6. Commercials or Television Adverts:

The most classic way to display your adverts is undoubtedly television. Furthermore, using animated video ads on television work for brands, similar to other adverts that work. You can still reach a wider audience if you use your animated advertisement on television. At the same time, it is important to realize that the media marketplace is changing over time.

3 Good Reasons to Make Animated Video Ads

Firstly, if you want to make your animated ad stand out, it is important that you get it right. We mean to say you should hire a professional animator who can create a custom animated video ad for you. At the same time, it is important that you also research how much hiring an animator can cost you. It will allow you to choose the right animator, as per your budget and needs. In any case, the following are three good reasons you have to create animated video ads:

1. Increase Customer Engagement:

You may already know that animated videos inspire customers about the products or services of a business. Additionally, these videos allow brands to increase customer engagement in a fun, creative, and engaging manner. Nonetheless, it is also important that your animated ad encourages and convinces customers to finally make a purchase decision. 

2. Immediately Capture the Attention of Your Audience:

When it comes to viewing videos, the attention of video viewers generally drifts off at around 90 seconds. Further, it can also drop as early as 30 seconds. By the same token, animated video ads work perfectly for brands to immediately capture the attention of the audience. It is important that you keep your animated video ad short, interesting, to the point, and audience based.

3. Help Brands Deliver a Message Fast:

Whether the viewers watch animated ads with or without a sound, their message should remain clear. Besides, video ads with clear messages stand out among the rest. In other words, the success of video ads heavily relies on the message than only the sound alone or visuals.

To Sum up

Animated video ads are a powerful marketing tool, which you can use in different ways to promote your products and services.


1. Why Animated Ads Are Popular among the Audience?

People love to watch animated adverts because they are entertaining, mesmerizing, and relatable at the same time. These ads allow brands to emotionally offer easy and available solutions to customers’ problems. Brands use these ads for marketing for diverse reasons, such as due to their attractiveness, digestibility, cost-effectiveness, etc. To cut short, these ads are popular among the audience because people love to watch animated ads and easily relate themselves to them.

2. Why Are Animated Video Ads Effective?

Animated video ads are a rich and engaging medium for businesses to promote their products and services. Businesses find these ads beneficial in different ways, which also makes them effective for them to use. Additionally, the following are a few of the noticeable benefits of animated ads that justify their effectiveness:Animated video ads have rich visuals, which make them interesting for the audience to watch.Additionally, these ads are psychologically appealing to the audience.

3. Do Animated Ads Perform Better?

Of course, animated ads perform better. Besides, banner ads with animation are 4.5 times more effective than static ads for brands. Additionally, deploying animations in video adverts helps brands set themselves apart from their competitors. Brands have many good reasons to exploit animated ads, such as due to their cost-effectiveness, increased shelf-life, etc.

4. How Long Should an Animate Video Advertisements Need to Be?

The same rule applies to animated video ads that apply to animated explainer videos and logo animations. The shorter you keep your animated advertisement, the better is it for your brand. You should not exceed the length of fifteen seconds for an animated ad, such as an animated banner ad. However, keeping your animated ad less than fifteen seconds is certainly going to help your brand more than keeping it to 15 seconds in length.