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Animated Logos: The Next Big Thing for Branding in 2023

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Logos represent a brand; for the same reason, businesses need to ensure their logos stand out among customers and competitors. Additionally, business owners need to make informed decisions concerning the type of logo they should create for their business. There are different types of logos that businesses can create, such as abstract logos and mascot logos.

In any case, the two main types of logos are static logos and dynamic logos (animated logos). Usually, brands have static logos; nevertheless, many brands are also adapting to modern logo design trends. For the same reason, you can find many brands today that deploy custom logo animations to uniquely portray their brand identity.

In addition, we are going to tell you the names of different types of logos. Furthermore, we shall tell you in detail whether brands will need an animated brand identity in 2023 or not.

Logo and Animating It

Which Is the Right Logo for a Business in 2023?

Times have changed for brands, and the same holds for logos. Nowadays, you can find different types of logos representing different businesses. However, many business owners do not know which type of logo is right for their business. Additionally, there are business owners who are happy with whatever they are doing alongside their logos.

Nonetheless, it is important for businesses to adapt to modern design trends and effectively stay in the competition. Put differently, businesses should ensure that they have logos that set them apart from their competitors. Besides, a logo plays a vital role for businesses when it comes to portraying their brand identity. By the same token, businesses cannot ignore the importance of logos, as it represents what they stand for.

Additionally, here are the things you should keep in mind for your upcoming logo design projects:

‣  Know what you want to accomplish with your logo. In other words, you should know the purpose you are creating your logo for.  
‣  Make sure you symbolize your business values in a logo you are going to create. It will help you increase the credibility of your business among your customers.
‣  Further, you should make sure that your logo successfully conveys your brand story to the audience.  

Moreover, you should comprehend that your logo will stay with you as long as your business stands in the competition. At the same time, is important that you know the different types of logos. It will help you choose the right type of logo for your business. In any case, the following are different types of logos you should know about:

1.    Emblem Logos (Static)
2.    Pictorial Mark Logos (Static)
3.    Lettermark Logos (Static)
4.    Abstract Logos (Static)
5.    Mascot Logos (Static)
6.    Combination Mark Logos (Static)
7.    Logotypes (Static)
8.    Animated Logos (Dynamic)

You can choose the right logo for your brand in 2023 from the aforementioned options, provided that you understand your business and customers.

Will Your Brand Need an Animated Logo in 2023?

Now, we shall tell you whether your brand will need an animated logo in 2023 or not. Besides, it is fairly simple to find an answer to this concern. If you want to stay ahead in the competition from your competitors, your brand will need an animated brand identity. Further, you can keep your existing and potential customers interested in your business if you have an animated logo.

In addition, it is best for businesses to shift from conventional logo design ideas to modern design trends. Shifting to modern techniques of branding, like custom logo animations are proving more successful for businesses these days. Further, creating an animated or a dynamic logo will definitely help your business reach the next level and stand out in the competition.

Moreover, offering something unique to your customers, like an animated logo will make people stop and thoroughly check your business. Put differently, custom logo animations are unique; furthermore, they help businesses creatively portray their brand message. They also aid brands in increasing their brand awareness, which also matters the most to brands. What’s more?

Animated logos give life to brands and help brands fascinatingly convey their brand story to the audience. These logos provoke positive emotions, such as joy and excitement in customers about a business. As a result, brands with custom logo animations make a pleasant impression on their customers. To make a long story short, you should create an animated logo for your brand in 2023 to exploit the many benefits of it.

Why Do You Need to Create a Custom Animated Logo for Your Business?

Here are the top ten industries, which 3D modelling has revolutionized:

It is possible to create an animated logo for free with loads of free software and apps available to use. For example, you can use templates that platforms like Canva, Animaker, etc., provide to create logo animations for free.

Nonetheless, using a free tool to create an animated brand identity won’t help your brand stand out in the competition. You won’t own the copyright if you use a free tool to create your animated brand identity. Further, it won’t help you uniquely portray your brand identity. For the same reason, it is important that you find and hire a professional logo animator to create a custom animated logo for your brand.

Furthermore, you should also research the cost of logo animation in advance. It will help you choose and hire the right animator to create an animated video of your logo cost-effectively. Most importantly, you can originally distinguish your brand from competitors with your custom logo animation.


A logo represents a brand, and brands need to have unique logos to stand out in the competition. The two main types of logos are static and dynamic logos. Additionally, there are certain things that businesses need to keep in mind about their upcoming logo design projects. Such as, what a business wants to accomplish with its logo and what values it wants to convey via it. In any case, an animated logo can help a business stay ahead of the competition.

Further, it is one of the core reasons for businesses to create their animated brand identity in 2023. Lastly, it is important that businesses find and hire the right animator to make their custom logo animation stand out.


1. What Is an Animated Logo?

Animated logos or logos in motion are short videos of animated logos of brands, in general. Moreover, companies create custom logo animations to effectively communicate their marketing goals to the audience. Animated logos are 2D or 3D animated logos that brands deploy for demonstrating their brand character. Moreover, brands with animated logos have better recognition than those that do not have them.

2. Why Should Brands That Do Not Have Animated Logos Create an Animated Brand Identity in 2023?

Animated logos are unquestionably the next big thing for branding in 2023. Moreover creating an animated brand identity in 2023 can help brands benefit in multiple ways. Here are the benefits for brands for creating an animated brand identity:It will allow brands to acquire an original brand image.Further, it will aid brands in increasing their brand awareness.Additionally, it will allow brands to evoke positive emotions in their customers.

3. Should I Create a 2D Animated Logo or a 3D Animated Logo for My Brand?

Both 2D and 3D animated logos have their pros and cons. For example, 3D animated logos feature high-quality animations but cost businesses more to create. Contrarily, 2D animated logos look flat but allow brands to acquire an original brand identity cost-effectively. If you can afford to bear the cost of 3D animation, it is best that you hire an animator to create a custom 3D animated logo for your brand. Otherwise, a 2D animated logo can also help you acquire an original brand identity but it will lack quality.

4. How Much Is It Going to Cost a Business to Create an Animated Logo in 2023?

The cost of a custom logo animation that professional animators, such as those from Glowza Digital can create for business is mainly contingent on certain factors, such as the style of animation and length of animated logos. Further, hiring an animator to create a 3D animated logo for your brand will certainly cost you more than creating a custom 2D animated logo. You should expect to pay an animator a few hundred dollars for a simple 2D logo animation and $1000 plus for a high-quality custom 3D logo animation.