Benefits of 2D Animated Videos for Product Promotion


With the aid of 2D animated videos, you can establish a strong connection with your viewers. Moreover, it is the animation in 2D animated explainer videos that keep the audience engaged with the video. Moreover, if you hire a professional video production company for creating your animated video, your video will positively impact your audience. Besides, 2D animation entails the process of creating motion in a two-dimensional space. Further, it layers elements, such as backgrounds, multiple characters, etc., to create the illusion of depth that 3D videos have.

Furthermore, there are many benefits of creating 2D animated video explainers for product promotion. At the same time, you must find and hire the right animator to make the most out of your video.

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Benefits of 2D Animated Explainer Videos

2D animated explainer videos are right for businesses for conveying their brand story with animated characters. Additionally, there are loads of advantages of 2D animated video explainers that you can effectively deploy on digital platforms. Besides, no other video type can explain your business clearly and interestingly in a short time, similar to animated videos. Without further ado, let us jump into the benefits of creating 2D animated videos for brand promotion:

1. 2D Animated Videos Bring Ideas to Life:

You can visually display and explain your products or services via animated videos, such as 2D animated videos. In any case, the purpose of 2D animated explainers is to bring ideas to life. Further, these videos are ideal for businesses to show their audience how their products work.

These videos can certainly help businesses in closing deals with their potential customers. It is impossible to shoot and make a video, based on our imagination in real life. Nevertheless, 2D animated video explainers can bring all your ideas to life with animated characters and actions. 

2. These Videos Are Easy to Understand:

Animated videos are quite easy for the audience to comprehend. Besides, you can present your products to the customers in the simplest manner via 2D animated explainers. It is because professional animators can build characters in such videos, as per your needs to convey your message.

You can explain the most complicated features of your business via 2D animated explainers. Further, you can engagingly explain your products to customers through 2D animated video explainers. 

3. 2D Animated Videos Allow Businesses To Promote Their Products on Digital Platforms:

These videos provide businesses with the opportunity to promote their products on digital platforms. You can make people understand the value of your product in many ways via these videos. Whether you run an online business or you are a professional, you can effectively deploy these videos for product promotion on digital platforms.

4. These Videos Allow Businesses to Easily Communicate with Their Audience:

You may have noticed boredom in customers when you give them intricate explanations of products. Besides, complex explanations never work for customers; thus, it is important that businesses try something better. 2D animated explainers can help businesses easily communicate their products to customers.

You can convey your production information in a short time yet interestingly via these videos. Besides, you can effectively communicate about your products via these videos with the aid of graphs, charts, etc.

5. 2D Animated Videos Are Easy to Find on the Web:

One of the common ways to reach your potential customers is that you make your customers search for your products while promoting them. 2D animated explainers allow you to effortlessly do it, as they can easily appear on search results while targeting your customers to know about your business.

Besides, animated videos can easily earn a high ranking on Google. Further, digital platforms, like LinkedIn, Twitter, etc., also make these videos accessible to your potential customers.

6. 2D Animated Video Explainers Educate Customers with Enhanced Engagement:

Animated videos have the power to keep viewers engaged with their content. Moreover, you can interestingly educate the audience about your products with 2D animated videos. Anyhow, animation is an excellent way to narrate your brand story and simultaneously get the attention of your audience. Most importantly, you can persuade viewers to eventually buy your product with a 2D animated explainer.

Additionally, you should keep in mind that an explainer video with a nice script and illustrations will never fail. Therefore, make sure you have a good script and you hire the right company to successfully educate the customers about your products via your 2D animated explainer video.

7. 2D Animated Explainers Draw the Attention of Customers:

Animated videos, such as 2D, 3D, whiteboard animation, etc., have the potential to reach a wider audience. Besides, animated video advertising allows you to bring images, text, and action altogether. By the same token, your 2D animated explainer video can promptly capture the attention of your audience.

You can successfully feed the information about your products into the minds of customers through 2D animated explainers. In any case, animated videos depict information in a format that people can mostly understand and remember.

Furthermore, videos with nice graphics and better images can effectively grab the attention of your target audience. Therefore, it is important that you make a 2D animated video explainer, which is simple and knowledgeable.

Besides 2D animated video explainers, you can also choose other types of explainer videos for product promotion. For instance, you can invest in whiteboard animation, 3D animated videoscartoon animation, etc. However, it is important that you research the animation cost for creating a certain type of explainer video. Most importantly, you should hire an animator that perfectly fits your budget and needs for animated video production.


2D animated explainer videos allow businesses to establish a strong connection with their audience. Additionally, there are loads of benefits that 2D animated videos offer businesses for product promotion. Here is a recap of the benefits that 2D animated explainer videos offer businesses for product promotion:

1.    2D Animated Explainers Bring Ideas to Life
2.    These Videos Are Easy to Understand
3.    2D Animated Explainers Allow Businesses To Promote Their Products on Digital Platforms
4.    These Videos Allow Businesses to Easily Communicate with Their Audience
5.    2D Animated Explainers Are Easy to Find on the Web
6.    2D Animated Explainers Educate Customers with Enhanced Engagement
7.    2D Animated Explainers Draw the Attention of Customers


1. What Are the Applications of a 2D Animated Explainer Video?

2D animation involves the creation of the illusion of movement in a two-dimensional space. Moreover, you see objects moving linearly from one point to another in 2D animated explainer videos. 2D animated explainer videos have various uses or applications, as you can use these videos for marketing, advertising, and educational purposes. Besides, many companies have 2D animated explainer videos on the homepage of their websites or product landing pages.

2. Why Should I Create a 2D Animated Explainer Video Rather than a 3D Animated Video?

Firstly, it all depends on your personal preference and needs whether to create a 2D animated video or a 3D animated video. Both 2D and 3D animated videos have their pros and cons. In any case, you may create a 2D animated explainer video rather than a 3D animated video for promoting your product for the following reasons:Creating a 2D animated video explainer is typically going to cost you less than creating a 3D animated video.Additionally, explainer video companies, such as Glowza Digital can create and deliver a 2D animated video to you faster than a 3D animated video.

3. Is a 2D Animated Video Budget-friendly Option for a Business?

Of course, a 2D animated explainer video is a budget-friendly option for businesses to create. In general, a 2D animated video explainer is the most affordable style of animation that an animated explainer video company can create for you. Further, it takes less time to produce 2D animated videos as compared to stop motion graphics and 3D animated videos.

4. How Can I Create a Brilliant 2D Animated Video for My Business?

You can come up with a brilliant 2D animated video for your business, provided that you stick to the best practices for animated video production, such as:Focus on the needs of your audience in your animated video.Come up with a strong script for your video.