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Benefits of Animated Video Ads

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The demand for audio-visual content has increased over time. Nowadays, we are living in quite a fast-tracked world, and a visual world, too. YouTube is one of the forerunners companies if you talk about online ads. Today, it has 68% of advertisers for short ads which significantly reduces production costs for businesses, too. These days, businesses utilize YouTube and similar platforms for posting animated video ads. In addition, they hire an animator to create short video ads for them. Besides, there are diverse benefits of creating video advertisements that we shall talk about in this post.

Logo and Animating It

How Has Animated Explainer Video Advertisements Revolutionized the Market?

In the past, only large companies have the budget to create advertisements to promote their brands, products, and services. However, advertising has evolved over time; for the same reason, you can also post your ads online today. Today, businesses can create short ads to promote their brands, products, and services.

Further, creating short animated advertisements does not cost businesses much. In fact, these ads are affordable and have also become a part of the advertising campaigns of certain brands. Animated ads are a new yet lucrative trend that many businesses rely on these days for marketing. Marketers utilize this revolutionary method of advertising for marketing campaigns because of the various benefits they offer. We are going to reveal to you the benefits of video ads next.  

Benefits of Animated Video Ads

Animated video ads benefit businesses in the following ways

1. Help Brands Narrate a Brand Story:

One of the benefits of animated ads is that they allow brands to effectively tell their brand story. Brands can cover specific objectives of their marketing campaigns with these ads. For example, businesses may deploy them to help customers understand their products or inventive concepts. It has also become important for businesses to create short ads for customers in a fast-paced world. Moreover, animators recommend brands create short animated advertisements of 15 to 20 seconds. They recommend it to brands to help them quickly capture the attention of their customers.

2. Aid Brands in Depicting Brand Identity in a Novel Way:

Differentiating your business from others in the competition is not an easy task. It takes some time and the right strategies for brands to distinguish their business from others. Today, many companies offer their products and services while utilizing digital media. For the same reason, it is essential for brands to emphasize elements that differentiate their products from others. Animated advertisements allow brands to showcase such elements, such as their GIFs (Graphics Interchange Formats), logos, colors, etc. 

Moreover, companies that deploy animated ads to depict their brand identity to the audience have also increased with time. Besides, it is also a novel yet effective way for brands to showcase their brand identity to their target audience. 

3. Help Brands Save Money:

The cost of animation reduces when you reduce the duration of a video. For the same reason, you will typically pay less for an educational animation of one minute as compared to a video of two minutes. Nevertheless, there are other factors, too, that play a part in determining the cost of animation. Creating video ads help brands save money due to their short duration. Contrarily, creating live-action or commercial videos costs businesses a lot of money. They cost businesses more because they require the hiring of actors, booking a location, etc.

When you decide to create animated advertisements, you do not need to worry about hiring actors or booking a location. All you need to do is to hire a video animation agency to help you create an ad for your brand. Furthermore, creating these ads entails a simple and fast process, plus requires a few resources.  

4. Aid Brands in Making a Positive Impact on the Audience, as a Versatile Form of Advertising:

You can expect your animated video ad to make a long-lasting impact on the audience if you get it right. These ads allow brands to make a positive impression on their audience while connecting them with a brand. Moreover, you can utilize video ads on different platforms. For example, you can utilize these ads on televisions, websites, social networks, etc. By the same token, they are a versatile and impactful form of advertising.

5. Better Connect Customers with Brands:

Social media has allowed brands to better connect with their customers. It is also one of the pluses of social media when it comes to branding. In the past, people have seen the impact of TV commercials on viewers that helped brands attract many customers. 

Nowadays, brands can connect with customers in an even better way. For the same reason, you can access animated ads with just a click. Plus, the versatility and power of animated video ads encourage viewers to share these ads with their social connections. As a result, it benefits brands while allowing them to connect with their potential customers and eventually reach the masses.    

6. Allows Businesses to Offer Their Customers a Better Product Experience:

Deploying an animated ad for branding allows businesses to better showcase their products to customers. It is natural for customers to buy products that attract them. Further, video ads allow brands in this regard while offering a better product experience to customers. Besides, you can use a funny, humorous, ironic, or poignant tone in video ads and encourage customers to buy your product. You can reach a massive audience increasing conversions and boosting your sales provided that your video ad inspires customers.


We are living in a fast-tracked world, and the methods of advertising have evolved today for the same reason. One of the effective methods of advertising that brands have today is animated video ads. Creating animated video advertisements for branding is beneficial for brands in various ways. To finish, video advertisements benefit brands in the following ways:

1.    Help Brands Narrate a Brand Story
2.    Aid Brands in Depicting Brand Identity in a Novel Way
3.    Help Brands Save Money
4.    Aid Brands in Making a Positive Impact on the Audience, as a Versatile Form of Advertising
5.    Better Connect Customers with Brands
6.    Allows Businesses to Offer Their Customers a Better Product Experience


1. What Are Animated Video Ads (Advertisements)?

Animated video ads are short and entertaining cartoon videos that businesses use to appealingly promote their products and services. Besides, using animated video adverts is one of the most effective ways for organizations to lure a massive audience to their brands. You may also create these ads to interestingly attract customers to your brand and reach a massive audience.

2. Do Animated Ads Really Work? Are They Effective?

Despite the short length of animated ads, they are a highly effective promotional tool for businesses. Besides, animations in animated ads allow you to capture the essence of your brand. Further, it allows you to express exactly to customers about your products or services you want them to know. To cut short, animated ads are highly effective for clearly and quickly communicating about products or services to customers.

3. Where to Use Animated Ads?

In order to make the most out of your animated ads, you should use them in the best way. Animated video ads are best used for promotional campaigns on television and on social media. Moreover, using animated ads in the right places will help you effectively increase your brand awareness and attract more customers.

4. How Long Should an Animated Ad Be?

Experts suggest that the length of your animated ads should not exceed fifteen (15) seconds. Additionally, they do not recommend using flashing, high-contrast, fast-moving, and bright-colored animations for animated ads. It is because it can impact your brand advertising badly. Further, animated ads of longer duration can bore your audience. Thus, it is best to keep the length of your animated ad to 15 seconds or less.

5. How Do I Measure the Success of an Animated Ad?

There are certain video metrics that can tell you whether your animated ad is effective or not. Those video metrics include the following:View Count,Engagement,Play Rate,Watch Time,Social Shares,Clicks and CTRs (Click Through Rates),Conversions.