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Benefits of Using Motion Graphics Videos for Branding

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When it comes to using animated videos for branding, you have many options to choose from. For instance, you can choose whiteboard animation, 3D animation, 2D animation, etc. One of the animation styles that brands can use for branding is Motion Graphics or MoGraph. Besides, there are many benefits of using the aforementioned video animation style for branding. It also wins over almost all other formats due to its ease of implementation and practicality. Before jumping into the benefits of these 2D animated explainer videos, we shall like to tell you what they are.

Logo and Animating It

Motion Graphics or MoGraph Explainers

Motion graphics are types of explainer videos that deploy moving objects, icons, or animated elements for explaining points or ideas. More often than not, marketers rely on these videos to animate still images and objects, such as graphs and charts. What makes this animation style special is its ability to transform boring information into a fun and exciting visual environment.

In addition, it focuses on the illustration of facts and complex concepts while breaking them down into simple bricks. You can add dynamics to dry statistics and depict large data sets in motion via this style. Typically, it is a style that the video industry adopts for videos without character animation.

Moreover, we shall tell you why you may use motion graphics videos for branding prior to discussing their advantages.

Why Choose Motion Graphics for Branding?

Using explainer videos for branding offers several advantages to businesses. Most importantly, it is the versatility of these videos that inspire businesses to use them.

Businesses can deploy these videos across all stages of the sales funnel, including awareness, interest, decision, and loyalty. For the same reason, businesses can rely on these videos for promoting a product or explaining it. MoGraph is suitable for almost any digital medium, including email, social media, and YouTube ads.

Furthermore, businesses have the following reasons to use motion graphics explainer videos:

1.  Reach a massive audience to increase conversions and boost sales.
2.  Stand apart from competitors in the competition.
3.  Inspire customers towards a brand, as animated videos are the least intrusive medium for brand promotion.
4.  Deploy them as one of the top marketing tools to increase brand awareness.
5. Advantages of Using Motion Graphic Explainer Videos for Branding 

The following are five advantages of using motion graphics explainer videos for branding:

1. Budget-friendliness:

One of the advantages of motion graphics explainer videos is their budget-friendliness, as compared to character-based animated videos. There are businesses that worry about the cost of hiring an animator to create animated videos.

However, businesses do not need to worry about the cost of animation if they choose this animation style. Businesses do not need to heavily invest to create these videos. Even a small team in a video animation agency can produce these cost-effective videos in a reasonable timeframe.

It may cost you 15 to 30 percent less or more to produce these videos, in contrast to cartoon explainers. Businesses can always save on production costs if they choose this style to create stunning & dynamic videos for branding.

2. Relatively Quicker to Produce:

Choosing this style of video prevents companies from the hassle of hiring numerous actors, booking shooting locations, and transportation services. Besides, live-action videos generally require the things we mentioned earlier.

When you do not have to manage things like hiring actors or booking locations, the video production process speeds up. The video production process to produce motion graphics videos speed up by weeks or even months. Further, animators do not spend time animating or drawing characters, etc. For the same reason, these videos are relatively quicker for businesses to produce for branding.

3. Employs Plenty of Reusable Content:

Motion graphics videos entail a wide range of visual and textual content, including graphs, illustrations, etc. Further, businesses can make use of these videos in different mediums and applications once the animator creates them.

Businesses can use these videos on social media ad campaigns. For instance, they can pick the important messages and statistics from these videos to post on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Or they may deploy the reusable content of these videos as mini video clips.

Moreover, businesses can also capitalize on Infographics MoGraph for presentations. Put simply, there are different ways businesses can reuse content from explainer videos in this style.

4. Good for Explaining Complex Products:

Businesses may need to include a lot in product presentations. For instance, they may need to include product characteristics, graphs, charts, and more. In addition, it is also important for businesses to make sure they present products to customers in a comprehensible manner.

Moreover, it becomes more important for businesses to present products while filling the communication gap between tech-savvy and non-technical people. Motion graphics videos allow businesses to fill a communication gap and explain complex products to their target audience.  

5. Animated Videos Have Become the Industry Standard Today:

When it comes to digital and technology markets, traditional adverting do not quite fit their standards. Besides, it is hard for start-ups to clearly convey product values through traditional advertising. It is more expensive, too, as technological products demand a higher level of expertise for content creation.

Nevertheless, the evolution of new adverting tools has made animated videos for marketing the industry standard. Moreover, motion graphics best fit the needs of some brands to present their products and services.


Businesses have many options to choose from to create animated videos for marketing. One of the options they have is motion graphics explainer videos or MoGraph. Besides, choosing this animation style can help businesses increase conversions & boost sales, plus set them apart from competitors. There are also various advantages of using motion graphics animation for branding. The following are the benefits of using this style of explainer videos for branding:

1.    Budget-friendliness
2.    Relatively Quicker to Produce
3.    Employs Plenty of Reusable Content
4.    Good for Explaining Complex Products
5.    Animated Videos Have Become the Industry Standard Today

To sum up, businesses have many good reasons to exploit explainer videos in this style for marketing.


1. What Are the Three Main Types of Motion Graphics Videos?

The main goal of motion graphics animation is to efficiently convey a message or tell a story. Additionally, the three main types of motion graphics videos for businesses include the following:Promotional Videos: Businesses use these videos for selling a product or service.Explainer Videos: Businesses use these videos for defining a concept, product, or service.Emotive Videos: Businesses use them to make their audience feel something.

2. What Is the Core Use of Motion Graphics Videos?

The core uses of motion graphics videos are mainly four. Here they are:Explaining a product or serviceTraining,Selling,Storytelling.

3. How Long Does It Take for a Professional Animator to Produce Motion Graphics Videos?

Firstly, you should know that animators take 8 to 10 weeks, in general, to produce an animated video of 60 to 90 seconds. Besides, the time professional animators take to produce an animated video is generally dependent on its animation style. Besides creating animated videos with simple motion graphics relative take less time of animators than procuring frame-by-frame animation. To cut short, motion graphics videos are quicker to produce for professional animators for a business as they do not require animators to animate or draw characters.

4. How Are Motion Graphics Explainer Videos Beneficial for Businesses to Create?

Motion graphics explainer videos are beneficial for businesses to produce in multiple ways, which we have mentioned below:Motion graphics explainer videos cost less to produceThese videos are relatively faster to produce than other types of explainer videos. Additionally, these videos allow you to use plenty of reusable content, like graphs, charts, etc. Motion graphics explainer videos are great for explaining complex products. Motion graphics explainer videos have become an industry standard today for explaining products, as one of the types of explainer videos.