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5 Reasons You Have to Use an Animated Educational Video

Explainer videos are not just beneficial for marketing, they are a powerful tool to educate, too. Additionally, conveying information through videos benefits people of all ages, besides kids. For instance, explainer videos prove an effective resource for people looking for facts and figures. Videos have also become prominent these days among the rising generation with their huge demand.

Further, animated video content is also playing a big role in inbound marketing. Having an animated video for your brand is not only mandatory for increasing traffic to your site or boosting your website rank. Creating such a video type can also double the impact of your digital marketing.

Besides, all that you need is a marketing video to reach out to the world. Using educational explainers with tools, such as blogs, social media, and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can leave a significant impact on the audience about your brand. In other words, animated educational explainers are great for increasing your brand awareness.

What’s more? You have many good reasons to use an animated educational video and educate the audience. We are going to reveal those reasons to you next. 

Good Reasons to Use an Animated Educational Video

We mentioned earlier that you have many good reasons to use an educational video to educate the audience. Further, here are the reasons you have to educate your target audience via explainer videos:

1. Animated Educational Videos Ameliorate Understanding:

When teachers explain something to students in the class and ask: Have they understood the concept? Students may nod in response that they have understood the concept. However, students do not always understand the concepts that teachers explain to them.

Further, they believe they have understood it while they listen to the explanation. However, they also realize a gap in their understanding when they get home and have to follow the teacher’s instructions. In other situations, students are not always clear and feel uncomfortable asking the teacher to clarify the concepts.

Nonetheless, relying on animated explainer videos for education allows you to help your audience understand concepts at their own pace. The audience can pause an educational video, repeat its sections, and watch it completely. In other words, explainer videos for education prove beneficial for businesses to ameliorate the understanding of their target audience.

2. Animated Explainer Videos for Education Increase Retention:

You may have heard that people often forget a lengthy explanation that a speaker gives to them. Besides, it is natural for humans to forget a lengthy explanation because of information overload.

Nevertheless, explainer videos for education take care of this problem, too. It is because explainer videos transform complex information into easily digestible content. Moreover, people can view educational video content again and again if they have the access to it. Put differently, educational video content can help your target audience remember your business message.

Thus, you have a good reason to share your educational content on social media platforms, like YouTube and Facebook. If you share your educational content on social media, it will help you reach the masses. It will happen as educational explainer videos have the power to retain the interest of your audience in your product or service.

3. Educational Explainers Are Highly Compelling:

It is easy to demonstrate things via videos that written content won’t allow you to do easily. By the same token, businesses also use animated explainers to demonstrate a subject. For example, you can easily demonstrate to customers how your products work through a product demo explainer video.

First and foremost, explainer videos do not also take much time when it comes to explaining the concepts. These videos are short, entertaining, and also compelling. We also encourage you to deploy explainer videos for education to least intrusively compel your audience to buy your product.

4. Animated Educational Videos Also Help Businesses Serve Customers:

Animated educational explainers allow you to fascinatingly explain concepts, demonstrate products, etc., to your target audience.

In other words, these videos are perfect for serving your customers while letting them understand their problems and know the solution. Moreover, a CTA (Call to Action) at the end of an educational explainer video encourages customers to connect with brands.

5. An Educational Video Also Brings More Customers:

Keeping the customers happy is essential for any business to retain its customer base. However, delivering the best customer service is not practically simple though it seems simple enough in a theory.

Marketers need to deploy the best tools to encourage customers to buy the products and services of a business. Educational explainer videos are a powerful marketing tool for businesses to attract customers to their brands. When businesses get them right, they benefit from them with increased conversions and sales.   

Educational Explainers Are for All and Sundry

Educational explainers are for all and sundry as you can use them for diverse purposes. Firstly, they are an excellent tool to inform your target audience about new products. At the same time, animated explainer videos are a useful resource to teach your audience a new idea.

In addition, you can use these videos to help students understands complex concepts. Moreover, an educational video also proves handy when you have to train employees or staff. You can also rely on educational explainers to notify employees about your organizational policies, events, etc. Put simply, educational explainers are for everyone.        

How Can You Create Brilliant Animated Educational Videos?

If you want your educational video to stand out, it is important that you choose a credible video animation agency. We never recommend people create an educational explainer on their own. Professional animators are experts at producing one-of-a-kind explainer videos for education. Further, you will eventually get a higher return on your investment if you choose a professional to create your video.

Nevertheless, the cost of hiring an animator varies from agency to agency. Therefore, it is also important that you do your research first to find and choose the right animator. Besides, we create high-quality educational videos tailored to business needs as a professional video animation agency.  

To Cut a Long Story Short

You have the following reasons to create an explainer video for education:

1.    Animated Educational Explainers Ameliorate Understanding
2.    Animated Educational Explainers for Education Increase Retention
3.    Educational Explainers Are Highly Compelling
4.    Animated Educational Explainers Also Help Businesses Serve Customers
5.    An Educational Video Also Brings More Customers


Animated explainer videos are beneficial for institutes in many ways. Further, we have mentioned some of the ways below how these videos can benefit institutes:

 Animated educational videos are great for institutes to use for orientations, accommodation, and farewell sessions.

These videos can help teachers explain complex concepts to students in a comprehensible manner.  

Using animated educational videos for online classes can help institutes fascinatingly deliver those classes.

Institutes may deploy educational explainer videos for showcasing specific projects to students.

The best length for an educational video in the animated format is 60 seconds to 2 minutes. Besides, animated educational videos prove very effective when they are created well. Further, hiring an animated video production company, like Glowza Digital can help businesses and institutes create a one-of-a-kind educational video explainer.

If you decide to create an educational animation for educating your audience or promoting your brand, it is important you also research the cost of creating it. The cost to create educational animation is dependent on certain variables, which include the project deadline, the complexity of the animation, and the style of animation you choose to create it. On average, you should expect to pay the animator $3000 to $10000 for a 1-minute educational video explainer. Nonetheless, the same cost can increase to $25000 and more based on certain factors, and we have mentioned some of those factors (variables) to you already.

Businesses have diverse reasons to manipulate educational explainer videos. Further, we have mentioned some reasons below why businesses should create educational video explainers:

 To tell customers interestingly about products and services to eventually encourage them to make a purchase decision

To communicate a brand story in an interesting way to customers and help customers recognize a brand

To effectively illustrate complex concepts, such as product features to customers

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