Crucial Steps to Creating a High-Quality Logo Animation

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Animated logos are breathtaking and catch customers’ attention for the same reason. Besides, there are benefits of animating a logo for brands. We shall put light on those benefits at the end of this post. But first, we shall discuss with you the important steps for creating high-quality logo animation for your brand. In any case, the increase in digitalization has made people come across brand logos more than ever.

Put differently, logos are almost everywhere today, as you can find them on social media sites, advertisements, and websites. By the same token, showcasing a brand identity in various ways has become a trend, too. Many brands create animated videos of their logos to fascinatingly communicate with their customers and convey their brand image.

Logo and Animating It

7 Steps to Creating a High-Quality Logo Animation

You may have the eagerness to create an animated logo (moving logo) for your brand. Nonetheless, you cannot create a high-quality logo animation if you do not follow the critical steps to create it. In any case, we are going to reveal to you those steps to help you create your animated brand identity. Without further ado, let us jump into the steps to create a moving logo:

1. Invest Some Time to Do Your Research:

Prior to creating your animated brand identity, realize what your brand’s needs are. Knowing your brand’s needs in advance will help you explore the right type of animation. One of the ways to begin your research is that you start looking at the animated logos of your competitors. Prudently viewing the moving logos of your competitors will help you understand the dos and don’ts to animate a logo. Doing research will also aid you in deciding the colors, effects, and placements you may use to create your logo. 

2. Find and Choose the Right Animation Software:

You may capitalize on template-based platforms, like Canva to easily create an animated video of your logo. Besides, template-based platforms also allow you to use an array of effects, elements, and colors for logo customization. 

In any case, deploying free animation software for creating animated logos does not allow you to own the copyright. For the same reason, businesses hire professionals for creating animated logos for their brands. At the same time, they also determine the cost of logo animation prior to hiring a professional. It allows businesses to hire a professional within their budget to create an animated logo. 

However, you may use a free logo animation maker to test your creative skills to create an animated logo. Still, a moving logo that you may create on your own via free platforms can never surpass professional logo animation. 

3. Begin with a Rough Sketch:

Please remember, an animated logo requires more than the fonts and colors of your brand. For the same reason, you should sketch your ideas for animation first for rejuvenating your brand identity. You should put your ideas to the test by deploying fascinating vectors, symbols, and details. 

Additionally, you may play around with the lines, dots, and dashes to create a moving logo for your brand. Starting with a rough sketch to create your animated brand identity will help in various regards, such as:

•    Filling in Colors
•    Tweaking the Placements  
•    Deciding on the Size of Elements

4. Envisage the Animation:

Some brands animate their logos using random animation effects; nonetheless, it is not helpful for communicating something important to customers. You can ameliorate your business message if you meaningfully animate your logo. We mean to say you should use animation effects in your logo animation that help you convey your brand message effectively. Consider an animated logo of MasterCard, for example. Simple icons in Master Card’s logo clearly depict that the company makes travel easier and much more convenient for its customers. 

5. Animated a Static Logo:

You should test animating your static logo with basic animation effects, like looping, fade-ins, fade-outs, etc. It will also aid you in transforming your static logo into a complete video sequence. You should experiment with multiple effects to find and choose the effects that best suit your brand. At the same time, it is imperative that you use contrasting colors in the background or deploy a plain background. It will aid you in creating a moving logo for universal usage.

6. Thread Your Logo Together:

Creating one frame after the other will help you create the whole video of your animated logo. However, make sure your animation is meaningful and not too long when you thread your logo together. It is because longer animations do not hold customers’ attention for a long period, unlike shorter logo animations. The same holds for animated explainer videos that many brands create to fascinatingly communicate their business message.    

7. Use Different Versions:

You can use different versions of your animated logo while playing with colors, effects, etc. Please note that many brands create unique logo animations for promoting their products and campaigns. You may also do the same if you want your brand to connect with a broad range of audiences. For example, you may use your animation for a seminar to depict your brand’s journey and on LinkedIn for hiring.

These are the crucial steps to creating a high-quality logo animation for your brand.

Benefits of Creating an Animated Brand Identity

We mentioned at the start of this post that creating an animate brand identity is beneficial for brands in multiple ways. Further, the following are noticeable benefits of creating an animated logo:  

•  An animated brand identity serves businesses a dual purpose, including promotion and branding.
•  Seeing an animated logo allows customers to remember a brand easily.
•  A moving logo allows brands to engagingly convey their brand story to the audience.
•  It aid business in increasing their brand awareness.


Animated logos allow brands to fascinatingly communicate their brand story. Further, you can also create a high-quality logo animation for your brand while sticking to the following steps:

1.    Invest Some Time to Do Your Research
2.    Find and Choose the Right Animation Software
3.    Begin with a Rough Sketch
4.    Envisage the Animation
5.    Animated a Static Logo
6.    Thread Your Logo Together
7.    Use Different Versions

In addition, there are also multiple benefits of creating an animated brand identity. Increasing brand awareness and brand promotion, to name a few. To finish, hiring a professional to create an animated logo for your brand is always your best bet.


1. What Is Logo Animation? Does My Company Need It?

Logo animation is an animated version of your company logo. Besides, every company needs a logo, and businesses also need to have custom logo animations to stand out in the competition. We have mentioned a few reasons below why your business needs an animated logo:A custom animated logo that a professional animator can create for your business can help you acquire an original brand identity.Animated logos captures customers’ attention; hence, they help businesses increase brand awareness.

2. What to Look for When Hiring a Professional Animator to Create a Video of an Animated Logo for Me?

If you have finally decided to make a custom animated logo for your business and want to hire a professional animator to create it, take a look at the following things prior to hiring an animator to create a custom logo animation for your business:Portfolio – to determine the quality of work of a prospect animatorDesign Process – to find out whether it fits your needs or notPricing Structure – to find out whether you can afford to hire an animator or not.

3. Why Do Companies Create an Animated Logo for Their Video Intro?

Companies often deploy an animated logo in their explainer video intros to instantly draw their viewers’ attention to a video from the beginning. Besides, using a static logo design can likely make viewers ignore watching an animated video ad. Hence, companies use custom animated logos to make their viewers watch their animated videos till the end.

4. How Much Does It Cost to Create a High-Quality Logo Animation?

Creating a high-quality logo animation, such as a 3D animated logo animation is definitely going to cost you more than a 2D animated custom logo animation. You may need to pay an animator a few hundred dollars for a simple 2D custom logo animation and $1000 plus for a brilliant 3D custom logo animation. Besides, the following factors will also play a part in determining the cost of custom logo animation for your business:Length of your logo animation,Style of your logo animation.