Different Ways to Capitalize on Animated Explainer Videos

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Most people do not understand the power of animated video explainers. They think explainer videos have a narrow definition, and they live only on the home page of a website. Further, they have a perception these videos convey information in 1-2 minutes to the attention-deficient audience. Animated videos indeed have these purposes; nonetheless, they are beneficial for businesses in many other ways. In other words, animated video explainers of high quality are capable of helping businesses in different ways. Moreover, we are going to tell you via this post: How?

Logo and Animating It

Different Ways You Use Utilize Animated Video Explainers

The following are different ways businesses can use animated explainers:

1. Use Animated Videos as Your Sales Pitches:

It is not easy for businesses to pitch a new product or idea to their target audience. Nevertheless, animated explainers make the job of pitching a new product or idea to customers easy for businesses. Besides, animated video explainers are an excellent tool for conveying the core value proposition of products or services to customers. You can fascinatingly get your idea across via animated explainers. You can compose yourself up ahead of the pitch if you start your presentation in a boardroom with a video.

Additionally, it is best to start your video with a declarative statement and sell one or two product features. Further, you should finish your sales pitch explainer with a compelling open-ended question.

2. Capitalize on Trade Shows and Conventions with Animated Explainers:

Trade shows and conventions offer businesses a perfect opportunity to reach customers and become partners eventually. At the same time, it is important that you get your message across to the audience quickly in such events. Besides, you will want people to immediately realize who you are and what you do. In a trade show, you can have your animated explainer repeatedly running on the screen behind you. We recommend you: “Utilize captions on the screen to make sure people get the message of your animated video explainer.”

Moreover, you may need to use an animated video that revolves around text throughout in a bold and dynamic way. You may opt for this option when you have to depict your message to the audience without sound. In any case, people who are not close enough to your booth may not hear the sound. Please, do not forget that trade shows are busy and humming places with competitors all around you.

Furthermore, people want to get the most value from the time they spend at trade shows. Fortunately, animated explainer videos allow you to successfully communicate your value proposition to time-lacking physical visitors. Visitors at trade shows can stand at your booth to watch your one or two-minute video. In other words, trade shows provide businesses with the perfect opportunity to start conversations with their potential customers.

3. Use Explainer Videos as a Part of Your Email Marketing Campaigns:

You can impress your audience if you make animated video explainers a part of your email marketing campaigns. According to an online media agency, “videos can improve your email open rates by 19%, click-through rate by 65%, and decrease your unsubscribe rate by 26%.” Therefore, you have a good reason to make explainer videos a part of your email marketing strategy.

Additionally, there are a few different ways you have to use explainer videos in your emails. For example, you can embed them in your email workflows. Let us assume you are offering a free eBook on your website that visitors can download while sharing their emails. Then, the first email you will send to such visitors is your eBook. Additionally, you will want to move those people along your sales funnel while moving their focus toward your products or services. For the same reason, you can exploit that opportunity with the sharing of your video around 3rd or 4th email.

Further, you can also utilize your animated videos as your after-sales tool. Once a person buys your product, you may share your video to demonstrate how to best utilize your product.

4. Use Explainer Videos as Your Video Email Signatures:

You may not know that people across the world receive around 269 billion emails every day. “An average worker sends 40 business emails a day and receives 121,” as per a report. Pretend that those emails had short animated explainers to sell products or services. By the same token, it is a good idea to use explainer videos as your video email signatures. These are three steps you will need to undergo to do it:

a.  Come up with a video, while deciding on video content, direction, and look.
b.  Make a video thumbnail, which is super important to lure your target audience.
c.  Incorporate the signature into your email app.

5. Use Explainer Videos for Internal Company Training:

You cannot deny the importance of employee training and onboarding. Besides, the first few days of employment are generally of significant importance for new hires. They entail training employees and sharing important company information alongside processes with them.

However, it is not easy for humans to retain every piece of information they receive. It is also where animated explainer videos prove a handy tool for businesses for employee training. Besides, 65% of humans are visual learners; thus, using animated explainers as training videos is beneficial for businesses. First and foremost, you can watch a video again and again if you have access to them. Therefore, businesses have a good reason to use animated videos for internal company training.  

6. Deploy Animated Explainer Videos for Recruitment:

According to an American magazine and website, “75% have a positive recognition for using videos as a part of their recruitment strategy.” Moreover, companies claim that they attract better candidates when they use videos for recruitment. You may also deploy an animated explainer video for recruitment to attract better talent to your company. For instance, you may deploy them as your recruitment process video, company culture, videos, etc.

7. Use Animated Explainers as Paid Advertisements on Social Media:

In the past, businesses could only deploy static advertisements on social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter. Nevertheless, the power of video marketing has revolutionized that trend, too. For the same reason, businesses nowadays deploy animated video ads as paid advertisements on social media to reach the masses.

Additionally, you should research the cost of hiring an animator beforehand to create your explainer video, depending on your budget. 

To Make a Long Story Short

You can deploy your animated explainer videos in the following ways:

1.    Use Animated Videos as Your Sales Pitches
2.    Capitalize on Trade Shows and Conventions with Animated Explainers
3.    Use Explainer Videos as a Part of Your Email Marketing Campaigns
4.    Use Explainer Videos as Your Video Email Signatures
5.    Use Explainer Videos for Internal Company Training
6.    Deploy Animated Explainer Videos for Recruitment
7.    Use Animated Explainers as Paid Advertisements on Social Media


1. Why Are Explainer Videos So Effective?

Explainer videos play a crucial role in a marketing strategy of a business. Besides, people learn more about the products and services of businesses after watching animated videos rather than reading text about them. Furthermore, here are three reasons that justify the effectiveness of animated explainer videos:Animated explainer videos are easier for the audience to digest than text or language.Additionally, these videos create a more personal connection of customers with a brand.Explainer videos help brands mesmerizingly convey a brand message to their customers.

2. How Can I Make an Effective Explainer Video?

In order to make an effective video explainer, you will need to hire a reliable video animation agency first, such as Glowza Digital. Moreover, sticking to the following tips will certainly help you come up with an effective explainer video (animated):Keep your video short, to 90 seconds or less.Try to deliver your key message and value proposition in the first 30 seconds of your video.Use a voice-over for your video explainer that resonates with your target audience.Most importantly, hire a credible explainer video company to create a brilliant video explainer and make it stand out.

3. What Type of Animated Explainer Video Should I Make?

In order to create the right type of animated explainer video, you must know your needs and budget beforehand. For example, whiteboard animation will best suit your needs if you want to explain a complex idea to your customers in a simplified manner. Additionally, 3D animated explainer videos will work for your best if you want to promote your product or service to customers with high-quality animation and afford its cost. Besides, creating a 2D animated explainer video will cost you less than 3D animated video explainers.

4. How Long Should My Explainer Video Be?

It is best you do not exceed the length of 2 minutes when creating an animated video for branding. Besides, it is even better if you keep the length of your explainer video under 60 seconds. It is because the audience can better retain your message if your animated explainer video is short.