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Handy Tips for Creating Awesome Whiteboard Videos

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If you are a marketer, you may have heard of whiteboard animation or whiteboard videos. Nowadays, the whiteboard is a very common animation style that businesses choose for branding or explaining complex concepts to their audience. Whiteboard explainers gained popularity in a very little time when marketers made explainer videos a part of their marketing strategy. Besides, whiteboard animation is a type of video explainer that supports the marketing and promotional campaigns of a business.

In addition, it is a powerful marketing tool for describing any product or service. Still, it is not always the best choice for a company to choose for explaining its products or services. At times, this style of animation can go wrong for a business. For the same reason, businesses must know everything about it to make sure their whiteboard videos do not go wrong. Moreover, we shall like you to know about whiteboard animation briefly before we share out handy tips with you for creating it.

Logo and Animating It

Understanding Whiteboard Explainer Videos

Whiteboard explainer videos are types of videos that describe a story with a drawing on a whiteboard with marker pens. Further, whiteboard animations follow a narration of a video script. It is also possible to create 3D animated whiteboard videos besides 2D animations. In the past, animators had to draw and record illustrations themselves for creating whiteboard explainers.

Nowadays, animators use whiteboard animation software to create these videos.
The storyboard illustration process of whiteboard animation entails a series of hand-drawn illustrations on a whiteboard sequentially. Once the recording completes, video production agencies play it back to come up with an animated presentation for businesses. Two common techniques to create whiteboard animated videos are stop-motion and time-lapse drawing.

Why are Whiteboard Videos Popular?

Whiteboard animated videos offer businesses a lot of benefits, unlike traditional videos. Businesses can create these videos for a variety of purposes. For instance, they may create whiteboard videos for product demonstrations, educational presentations, marketing, etc.

Furthermore, the following are the core reasons behind the popularity of whiteboard videos:

1. Universal Animation Style:

Whiteboard animation is a universal animation style, which you can use for anything. You can use it for communicating a brand story, educating the audience, promoting a product, and so on. Further, you can create short, lengthy, humorous, and serious whiteboard explainers, contingent on your needs.

2. Budget-friendly:

More often than not, businesses look for affordable methods of promotion when it comes to video production. Fortunately, creating whiteboard videos costs businesses less, as they are less expensive to create. These videos cost less businesses to produce because they require less details, unlike other styles of animated explainers. In other words, hiring an animator costs businesses less for whiteboard animation than for high-resolution animated videos, such as 3D videos. 

3. Clarity of Information:

You may already know that customers comprehend videos better than pictures and texts. A person who is unable to understand the language in a video can still comprehend a video by viewing it. However, it becomes possible only when a video is expressive, such as a whiteboard video. You can come up with a video with clarity of information via a whiteboard explainer video. Hence, whiteboard videos are popular among businesses and customers.

4. Get Your Message Across When Created Correctly:

Another reason behind the popularity of whiteboard explainers is that help businesses get their message across. However, these videos help businesses successfully convey their business message when they create them correctly. Besides, whiteboard videos are fun to watch and easier to comprehend as long as they include detailed information without clutter.

5. Build Public Relations:

Most people are not familiar with this advantage of a whiteboard video. Generally, people like to share a video they like. Therefore, engaging and creative whiteboard explainers encourage viewers to share them which serves as a great tool for public relations marketing.

Handy Tips to Create Brilliant Whiteboard Animation Videos

The following are our handy tips for creating a brilliant whiteboard video:

1. Purposefully Come up with a Video Script:

In order to create a script for your whiteboard video, you should know your purpose. Further, your script should include a problem your customers face, the solution to their problem, and a call to action. Besides, you can count on the internet to find ideas and use them as references to create a script. 

2. Develop Storyboard Animation Ideas:

You should draw a sequence of scenes as per the script you compose. You can use software to draw the sequence of scenes for your video and organize your script. It will also help you comprehend how to use images, voice-over, or pacing in your video.

3. Record the Voice-Over:

Adding the voice-over and music is absolutely necessary for the whiteboard video. In order to add it, you should invest in professional recording hardware. Make sure you rehearse properly before recording the voice-over.

4. Animate the Video:

You can animate your video as per the software you choose to use. Besides, many animation software has a drag and drop features to help users add effects, music, pre-animated characters, etc., to a video.

5. Share the Final Whiteboard Video:

Once you create your video, you can export and share it across social media. Or you may add your video to your email to share your video and reach the desired audience.

Further, we recommend you hire a professional animator to create a whiteboard video for you. Relying on a professional to create a whiteboard explainer video will also ensure you a greater ROI (Return on Investment). Further, it will also make you stress-free, as you won’t need to do much if you hire a video animation agency to create it.


Whiteboard videos are a powerful marketing tool for promoting products or services. Further, there are many reasons behind the popularity of whiteboard animation videos, such as their budget-friendliness and universal appeal. Lastly, you can create an awesome whiteboard video if you stick to the following tips:

1.    Purposefully Come up with a Video Script
2.    Develop Storyboard Animation Ideas
3.    Record the Voice-Over
4.    Animate the Video
5.    Share the Final Whiteboard Video


1. How Do You Make a Good Whiteboard Animation Video?

In order to make your whiteboard animation video stand out, there are certain things that you cannot overlook. Here are three things to keep in mind to make sure you come up with a high-quality whiteboard animation:You should ensure you will tell your audience a story in an engaging way.You also have to ensure your video will be visually appealing to your viewers.Further, you should ensure that the message you want to convey to your target audience is easier to understand.

2. Are Whiteboard Animation Videos Still Effective Today?

Whiteboard videos are short videos that feature to-the-point animated presentations for explaining concepts or ideas. These videos allow you to present your ideas to the audience in a simple way with the aid of drawings on a whiteboard. Furthermore, whiteboard videos are not just engaging but also popular for promoting products or services using visuals. You may also create a whiteboard for your business to interestingly convey complex ideas to your target audience

3. When Should I Use Whiteboard Videos?

You can use whiteboard videos for diverse purposes. For example, you can use these videos to illustrate complex ideas to your target audience. Additionally, you may use whiteboard animation videos in the following scenarios:When you have to educate the audience about your products or services in an interesting mannerWhen you must cover a lot of ideas at once to convey the right information to your audience in the best possible wayWhen you want to promote your business to customers fascinatingly.

4. How Much Does It Cost to Create a Whiteboard Video?

When it comes to the cost of whiteboard videos, you cannot exactly predict how much they will cost. Besides, the cost of animated video production, such as whiteboard videos is dependent on certain factors, like the complexity of your project, the length of your video, the animator you choose for it, etc. Nevertheless, you should expect to pay $3000 to 35000 for creating a whiteboard video of 1 minute.