How Are Animated Explainer Videos a Powerful Marketing Tool?


You may have learned over the internet that animated explainer videos work as a powerful marketing tool for businesses. Further, what you have learned about these videos is not any myth. It is because these videos allow businesses to quickly deliver valuable information to their customers.

In any case, videos are a highly effective tool for businesses to introduce their brands to customers. Moreover, animated video explainers allow businesses to captivatingly promote their products and services to customers. You may also use the same video types as your marketing videos to promote your products.

However, you may still not understand how animated video explainers work. Do not worry! We are going to help you find out via this how these videos are a powerful tool for marketing. 

Logo and Animating It

What Are Animated Explainer Videos?

Animated video explainers are videos that businesses often use for marketing and sales purposes. Generally, businesses deploy these videos to communicate their brand story to customers. Further, they use the same video types for explaining their products and services. Moreover, well-crafted explainer videos convince customers to make purchase decisions while comprehensibly and clearly presenting product information to customers. Explainer video production generally requires the following:

•    A good script
•    A voice-over for reading the script
•    Storyboard and illustrations
•    Animation

If you get all of the above elements right in your video explainer, your video will positively impact your audience. There are different types of explainer videos that professional animators can make for you. Some of those video types include whiteboard animation, motion graphics, and 3D animated videos. A one-of-a-kind video explainer can help you increase traffic to your website and eventually boost conversions for your business.

Nevertheless, it is also important that you hire a professional animated video production company to make the most out of your video explainer. Besides investing time and effort to find the right animator, you should also research the cost of hiring an animator. It will ensure that the animator you choose will make your animated video explainer for marketing at the right price. 

Where May You Deploy Your Explainer Video?

You can utilize your explainer video in different ways. In any case, we recommend you deploy your animated video explainer for marketing in the following ways:

•    Use your video on the landing page or the homepage of your website.
•    Deploy your video explainer in articles that are a part of your content marketing strategy.
•    Exploit your social media presence while using your video explainer on platforms, like YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Types of Explainer Videos You May Use for Marketing

You can make different types of explainer videos for marketing. For example, you can make brand videos, product videos, and tutorial videos to promote your products or services. Further here is why you may deploy the aforementioned explainer video types for marketing:

1. Brand Videos:

These are types of explainer videos that are great for introducing your brand to customers. Additionally, these videos can give customers insights about your company. For the same reason, brand videos are perfect marketing videos for businesses to increase their brand awareness.

2. Product Videos or Promotional Videos:

You can interestingly explain your products and services to the customers via product or promotional video explainers. These video work best for businesses that deal in products and services that have a level of intricacy.

3. Tutorial Videos:

Tutorial videos allow customers to understand how a certain product or service of a business work. These videos are ideal for businesses to provide customers with specific answers to their questions. Consequently, these videos help businesses win the trust of customers and build a strong customer-brand relationship. 

Other than these video types, there are also other explainer video types that businesses can use. Company culture video, and process video, to name a few.

How Does an Animated Explainer Video for Marketing Work?

Explainer videos work for businesses in various ways, which also makes them an effective marketing tool. These videos help businesses effectively promote their products and services. Additionally, they allow businesses to interestingly communicate their brand story to the audience. The following are different ways in which explainer videos for marketing work for businesses:

1. Help Customers Easily Understand a Business Message:

Humans perceive visual content better than written text. Furthermore, explainer videos entail visuals for depicting information about products and services to customers. For the same reason, customers easily retain a business message after watching short video explainers of 30 to 90 seconds.

2. Help Brands Emotionally Connect with Their Audience:

Explainer videos have the power to emotionally connect customers with the brand. Specifically, it is true when brands use cartoon animation to promote their products and services. Watching characters in the videos evoke emotions in the viewers and convinces them to watch the video till the end. Consequently, customers make purchase decisions as explainer videos emotionally motivate them to buy the products that businesses offer them.

3. Allow Brands to Simply Convey Complex Product Information in a Short Time:

If you ask professionals about the ideal length of an explainer video, they will tell you to keep your video short. Usually, professionals recommend businesses do not exceed the length of explainer videos more than 2 minutes.

Nevertheless, their short duration does not mean they do not allow businesses to convey complex product information. These videos allow businesses to convey complex information to their audience in a short time. Most importantly, they allow businesses to convey such information in a way, that is, easy-to-understand for the viewers. 


Animated explainer videos are an effective marketing tool that many businesses utilize these days. Further, businesses need to make sure everything in their explainer video goes right to make it stand out. It includes a video script, voice-over, storyboard & illustrations, and animation.

Furthermore, you can deploy your explainer videos for marketing on the homepage of your website or social media platforms. Some explainer video types for marketing entail brand videos, product videos, and tutorial videos. Lastly, an animated explainer video work for businesses as a powerful marketing tool in various ways, such as:

1.    It Helps Customers Easily Understand a Business Message
2.    It Helps Brands Emotionally Connect with Their Audience
3.    It Allows Brands to Simply Convey Complex Product Information in a Short Time


1. Why Should a Business Create an Animated Explainer Video?

The marketing team of a company always looks for creative ways to narrate a brand story. Put differently, the marketing team of a business wants something fresh, captivating, and fun to attract people to its website. Creating and deploying an animated video for marketing helps businesses convey a brand message to their customers in a visually appealing yet cost-effective way. Besides, animated videos allow businesses to promote their products and services in a versatile way and eventually help businesses get a high return on investment with increased brand awareness.

2. How Is Animated Video Marketing a Good Marketing Strategy?

Creating animated videos for your business and deploying them as a part of your marketing strategy is great for your business, contingent on the benefits animated video marketing offers businesses. Here are some of the reasons to justify the effectiveness of animated videos for marketing:Animated videos help brands stand out in the competition.Additionally, these videos help businesses make their products, services, or brand recognizable among the target audience.Best of all, businesses do not need to break the bank to create animated videos for marketing.

3. What Are the Benefits of Animated Marketing Videos for a Business?

Businesses can enjoy many benefits if they make animated videos and deploy them for marketing. Further, here are the noticeable benefits of animated marketing videos for a business:Animated marketing videos help businesses better rank on Google.Additionally, businesses can effectively promote their products and services to customers with these videos due to their appeal.In addition, animated marketing videos help businesses boost conversions.Another benefit of animated marketing videos for a business is their shareability.Moreover, these videos also help brands increase their brand awareness.

4. Where Can a Business Use Its Animated Marketing Video?

When it comes to animated videos, businesses have different platforms to use them. You may also create and deploy animated marketing videos on the right platforms to reach a massive audience and eventually increase your brand awareness. Here are your options where you may use your animated explainer videos for marketing:Landing page or homepage of your website,Trade shows,Social media channels,Email marketing,Online advertisements.Additionally, it is also important that you choose a reputable explainer video company, such as Glowza Digital to create a brilliant animated marketing video for your business and make your video stand out among your competitors.