How Are Animated Videos Beneficial to Utilize for Education?

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Things keep changing with time, and video marketing is no different. Nowadays, many businesses, particularly start-ups rely on animated videos rather than traditional videos for marketing. Moreover, people nowadays also deploy such videos for education. People have used videos in the past for education. However, video explainers have become a trend today for teaching and learning due to their appeal. Even businesses rely on educational videos for explaining products, services, and complex ideas to their audience. Besides, we are going to tell you in this post how animated videos are good for education.

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Animated Videos for Education

In the past, students had to carry books and watched videos in classes as a special activity. However, teaching methods in the education sector have evolved with time. Nowadays, teachers exploit apps, technology, and software to teach students. They also rely on animated videos to give lectures to students in an interesting manner. Animated videos that have become a trend today benefit students and teachers alike. For the same reason, animated educational videos have become a popular choice when it comes to eLearning and teaching.

Benefits of Using Animated Educational Videos

The following are the benefits of using animated educational videos:

1. It Helps Capture Students’ Attention:

Blocks of text do not appeal to everyone unless you are reading your favorite novel. Besides, students respond better to visual stimulators, such as animated videos. In other words, animated videos are luring to watch, unlike reading traditional textbooks. Visual content that animated videos have encourages students to interact with concepts and content.

Educational animated videos aid in imprinting lessons in students’ minds in a unique way. For the same reason, they are beneficial to use, as they capture students’ interest and help them retain information.

2. Educational Videos Promote Digital Learning:

Digital literacy is an essential skill for today’s generation. Further, people use technology these days for almost anything. Students also need to rely on technology nowadays to start looking for jobs. Using animated educational videos allows students to expose to digital materials and tools. Moreover, the more students become familiar with technology, the more confident and proficient they emerge as graduates. Hence, animated videos are beneficial to use for promoting digital literacy.

3. Animated Videos for Education Help Students and Teachers Alike:

Animated education videos benefit students and teachers alike. They help students better understand lectures while helping teachers focus on quality. These videos allow students to visualize lessons and eventually process them better. On the other hand, teachers can prepare content-rich animated videos to use and reuse them. In addition, they can use such videos for answering students’ queries rather than worrying about presenting the lessons.

4. Educational Videos Have Many Uses in an Educational Setting:

When it comes to animated videos, you can create them for different purposes. The same holds for educational videos in an animated format that you may create for different purposes. For example, you can create animated educational videos for introducing a lesson or as support material. Moreover, you can successfully hook students to a lesson with these videos. These videos can also help students improve their listening skills, which is specifically helpful at higher education levels.

5. Animated Videos Can Help Students Develop Many Essential Skills:

Videos can excite our cognitive process of thinking, reasoning, problem-solving, decision-making, and creating, in addition to listening skills. You can use animated videos to engage your students with more intricate concepts or help them better understand ideas.

6. Animated Videos for Education Allow Teachers to Better Understand Their Students:

When it comes to teaching, teachers always remain the center of attention in a class. It is also up to teachers to help students comprehend the lessons. However, it is hard for teachers to focus on improving the quality of the student experience. It is because educators have to focus on effectively presenting the lessons to make sure everyone understands. 
Animated videos let teachers observe while stepping outside of the spotlight. They allow educators to observe and understand students while focusing on answering their questions.

7. Animated Videos Are Beneficial to Evoke Interest in Students with a Short Attention Span:

Frankly, nobody can focus on lectures for a long time. Moreover, there are students who have a short attention span and find it hard to focus on lectures. Nevertheless, using animated videos for education can evoke interest in students with a short attention span. Besides, animated videos are fun to watch as interesting visual stimulators. They can also help students retain information easily.

Further, students with access to animated educational videos can pause these videos for a break. Plus, it can also help them go through points they might have missed in a lecture. Educators can discuss ideas with students through animated explainer videos. Plus, students can benefit from them in a fascinating manner while absorbing the information they have.

Moreover, you may want to know: How much does it cost to hire an animator to create an educational video? There are certain elements that determine the cost of animation, such as video complexity, duration, style, etc. Nevertheless, you can create an educational explainer video with a tight budget if you hire the right video animation agency. Besides, creating animated videos costs less than creating live-action explainer videos.


Animated videos are a powerful medium to educate customers. Moreover, animated educational videos have become a popular choice for eLearning and teaching these days. There are also benefits of using animated videos for education, which we have mentioned below:

1.    It Helps Capture Students’ Attention:
2.    Animated Educational Videos Promote Digital Learning:
3.    Animated Videos for Education Help Students and Teachers Alike
4.    Educational Videos Have Many Uses in an Educational Setting
5.    Animated Videos Can Help Students Develop Many Essential Skills:
6.    Animated Videos for Education Allow Teachers to Better Understand Their Students
7.    Animated Videos Are Beneficial to Evoke Interest in Students with a Short Attention Span

Last but not least, it is important that you hire an esteemed video animation agency to create animated educational videos and make your videos stand out.


1. Why Is an Animated Explainer Video Useful within An Educational Context?

When it comes to animated explainer videos for education, they are a must-have for future-ready lessons. Animated explainer videos are crisp, brief, and impactful simultaneously with animations, music, sound, images, etc. For the same reason, you can deploy educational explainer videos in the animated format to turn boring lectures exciting for your students while helping them understand concepts interestingly. Hence, animated explainer videos are helpful to use for education and interestingly educate the audience.

2. What Are Educational Explainer Videos?

Education explainer videos are generally animated videos that are highly effective for students to learn. Often, these videos are used in schools and kindergartens for learning, in addition to distance learning. Besides, education explainer videos entail the delivery of concepts to students in a fun and entertaining way with animated characters. To make a long story short, educational explainer videos are animated videos for learning for students, which are often deployed in schools for learning and distance learning.

3. What Are Some Effective Ways to Utilize Explainer Videos for Education?

Explainer videos are beneficial to use for education in multiple ways. Further, here are some effective ways for institutes, teachers, students, and stakeholders to use educational explainer videos:You may use explainer videos for orientation purposes in your institute and educate the new students about rules and regulations.Teachers may use animated video explainers to explain complex concepts to the students.You may use animated explainer videos for students for e-learning.You may deploy educational explainer videos for interestingly giving presentations.

4. How Much Does It Cost to Create an Educational Explainer Video?

Creating an educational video can cost you $1000 to $10000 based on its complexity and the animator you choose to create it. Furthermore, you should expect to pay an animator between $3000 to $7500 for an educational explainer video of 1 minute on average. However, the aforementioned cost becomes, more or less, contingent on the experience and expertise of an animator in animated video production within an educational context.

5. Do Businesses Use Educational Video Explainers? If Yes, Why?

Businesses also use explainer videos for education for various purposes, such as offering their clients the opportunity to learn about them, know about their company, and understand their products or services before making a purchase. Additionally, sharing educational explainer videos on platforms like YouTube and Instagram helps businesses reach a massive audience in no time.