How Is an Explainer Video Company Better than a Freelancer?

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You may have heard about explainer videos and how they can benefit a business. Further, you also want to make an animated video a part of your marketing strategy. If you are planning to include it in your next marketing strategy, you are heading in the right direction. Besides, many start-ups these days use animated video explainers to attract customers and create a unique brand identity. You may use these videos, too, specifically if you want to increase business conversions and sales.

Additionally, we recommend you hire an explainer video company instead of a freelancer to make your animated marketing video. We shall also tell you next how hiring a video animation agency is better for you than hiring a freelancer. 

Logo and Animating It

Why Should You Hire an Explainer Video Company for Animated Video Production?

If you are planning to hire a freelancer to create an animated video for branding, think again. You may want to hire a freelancer for animated video production to save some money. However, you are not realizing what video production will cost you in the long run if you hire a freelancer. Hiring a freelancer won’t allow you to enjoy the benefits that you get if you hire a video animation agency.

 Put differently, hiring an explainer video company apparently seems costly to businesses but the benefits it offers are many. Further, you can enjoy the following benefits if you hire an animated explainer video company for animated video production:

1. Brilliant Video Production Owing to the Vast Experience of a Company:

Nothing can substitute experience when it comes to explainer video production. Additionally, you cannot expect professional excellence for animated video production if you hire a freelancer. A freelancing team won’t have professional excellence to create brilliant video explainers, unlike an explainer video company.

Professionals are well aware of marketing trends that freelancers generally are unaware of. Most importantly, the lack of experience of freelancers can result in low-quality animated video production. Contrarily, professionals create brilliant explainer videos for their clients owing to their vast experience in explainer video production. 

2. Video Creation in the Hands of Professionals Proves Beneficial in the Long Run:

Typically, people consider hiring freelancers for video creation to save some money. They may choose a freelancer for video production, specifically when they have a low budget. Freelancers may cost businesses less initially; nevertheless, they can prove costly in the long run. They prove costly to businesses when animated videos that freelancers create offer businesses a poor ROI (Return on Investment).

On the other hand, animated video production at the hands of professionals eventually proves beneficial to businesses. Hiring an explainer video company may seem expensive at first to businesses. Nonetheless, the return on investment that it offers businesses is more than the cost of hiring an animator. You can use the animated video production services of a professional video explainer company for your other campaigns, too. First and foremost, professionals can complete video production projects for companies on time.

What’s more? Professionals are more accountable than freelancers and produce one-of-a-kind explainer videos for the same reason.   

3. Professionals Can Craft an Engaging Script, a High-Quality Storyboard, and So on:

Hiring a freelancer for video production may require businesses to hire separate individuals for creating a script, storyboard, etc. Contrarily, a full-service explainer video company prevents businesses from looking for an individual scriptwriter, a storyboard creator, an illustrator, etc. A full-service animated video production company can craft an engaging script, create a high-quality storyboard, and so on.

In other words, professionals work methodically to create animated videos for their clients. They have expertise in crafting scripts for animated videos, bringing storyboards to life with high-quality illustrations, etc. By the same token, animated videos that esteemed video animation agencies create set businesses apart from the competition. Hiring a freelancer for video production does not provide businesses with this benefit. 

4. Professionals Have Access to High-End Hardware and Software for Video Production:

Nowadays, you cannot create exclusive sales-driven animated videos without the right hardware and software. Fortunately, explainer video companies can afford to buy and use high-end software plus hardware for animated video production.

Additionally, creative artists and animators possess the right skills to use such high-end resources and create brilliant video explainers. Contrarily, freelancers do not generally have access to such resources; thus, they fail to create high-quality video explainers for businesses.   

5. Professionals Ensure Explainer Videos They Create Have a Voice-over of High-Quality:

When it comes to creating brilliant and high-quality explainer videos, voice-over is something that you cannot overlook. Besides, explainer videos with a clear voice-over can better convey a business message than those with a poor-quality voice-over.

It is important that the voice in your explainer video is free of surrounding noises or technician disturbances. Professionals ensure it because they use trained and good voice-over artists. Conversely, freelancers generally lack the budget to hire good and trained voice-over artists. Thus, they end up producing explainer videos for businesses without a clear voice.

Why Should You Use an Animated Explainer Video?

An explainer video is a powerful marketing tool for businesses to use and increase conversions. You may make it a part of your marketing strategy to boost your conversions and increase sales. At the same time, it is important that you hire the right company to create your animated video for marketing.

Contacting a credible explainer video company that understands your business requirement can help you create brilliant explainer videos. Also, keep in mind that the best explainer videos are a perfect mix of different elements including a good script, storyboard, voice-over, background music, and animation.


If you have finally decided to create an explainer video for marketing, it is important that hire the right animator. Hiring an explainer video company for animated video production than a freelancer can benefit you in various ways. Furthermore, hiring a video animation agency for creating your explainer video for marketing can benefit you in the following ways:

1.    Brilliant Video Production Owing to the Vast Experience of a Company
2.    Video Creation at the Hands of Professionals Proves Beneficial in the Long Run 
3.    Professionals Can Craft an Engaging Script, a High-Quality Storyboard, and So on
4.    Professionals Have Access to High-End Hardware and Software for Video Production
5.    Professionals Ensure Explainer Videos They Create Have a Voice-over of High-Quality.


1. Why Should I Hire an Explainer Video Company When a Freelancer Is Cheaper for Me to Hire?

Hiring a freelancer will cost you less, in general, to create an animated video. Nevertheless, freelancers do not have access to state-of-the-art resources like a professional explainer video company, such as Glowza Digital. Additionally, creative professionals who work in an explainer video company have the best expertise alongside vast experience to create high-quality animated explainer videos for their clients and help them get a huge return on their investment. Hence, you may prefer hiring an explainer video company to a freelancer.

2. What Are Some Good Tips for Finding and Hiring the Right Explainer Video Company for My Business?

The following tips can help you find and hire the right explainer video company for your business:Check out the type and work of an explainer video company while going through its portfolio.Also, check references.Additionally, contact a company to find out how quickly it respondsMake sure the company has transparent pricing for the video animation services it offers.Last but not least, find out how experienced the company is in animated video production.

3. What Type of Animation Services Do Video Animation Agencies Offer?

Video animation agencies with a team of experienced professionals, including creative artists, illustrators, scriptwriters, animators, marketers, etc., offer a wide range of video animation services. It may offer you services, such as 2D animated video production, whiteboard animation, 3D animated video production, logo animation, and more. Besides, Glowza Digital also offers a wide range of video animation services, as a credible video animation agency.

4. What Is the Cost of an Animated Explainer Video If I Hire an Explainer Video Company Rather Than a Freelancer?

Hiring a freelancer generally suits the needs of businesses that lack the budget for explainer video production. In any case, hiring an explainer video company for explainer video production is beneficial for businesses in the long run. Typically, it will cost you $5000 to $35000 to create a 1-minute explainer video for your business. However, the aforementioned cost is also contingent on certain factors, like project complexity, video animation agency, etc.