How Much Does Logo Animation Cost a Business?


Have you finally decided to create an animated logo for your brand? Additionally, you may think of using free logo makers to come up with logo animation. Besides, free logo makers have premade templates that allow you to create an animated brand identity on your own.

Nevertheless, logo makers will generally help you create a low-resolution logo or put a watermark on your logo. Of course, you can save money with free logo makers; still, you won’t create the animated brand identity you want. Have you thought about hiring an animator to create an animated logo for your brand?

Additionally, it is also important that you know the possible cost that will incur on you if you hire an animator to create your bespoke animated brand identity. Before we dive into telling you how much hiring an animator can cost you for custom logo animation, we want you to understand the benefits of an animated logo.

Logo and Animating It

Noticeable Benefits of Animated Logos

There are more than 200 million companies in the world today. It signifies that there is tough competition going on. Moreover, you can capitalize on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies to bring customers to your website. But the question is: How can you keep visitors stay on your website? One of the ways you can accomplish it is via your logo. Moreover, we do not mean to say that a static logo will do the trick for you. We recommend you place a custom animated logo on your website to ensure customers stay on your site.

Furthermore, there are some noticeable advantages of creating an animated brand identity, which we have mentioned below:

1. Tell Your Brand Story in an Effective Way:

According to Search Engine Watch, “storytelling can increase conversion rates for brands by thirty percent.” You can effectively tell your brand story with blogs and videos; however, a static logo cannot do that for you. It is because a static logo is only an art form, unlike a moving logo. Further, you cannot provide enough background information about your brand personality, your mission, and your values via a static logo.

Conversely, an animated brand identity can help you provide enough background information, about your mission, and your values. A moving logo allows you to quickly and interestingly showcase to your audience who you are. You can effectively convey your brand story and message to your customers with your short logo animation.

2. Help Brands Make an Emotional Connection with Their Audience:

Our visual cortex process and recognize emotions; for the same reason, people feel something when they watch videos. You can feel happy, stunned, sad, curious, etc, after watching a video, such as a character animation video or whiteboard animation. At times, the right background music in the video evokes emotions in viewers. Additionally, the appeal of an animated video can also make the audience engaged with the video till the end.

Even classic black-and-white movies of the past have evoked emotions in viewers. It is because moving visuals evoke emotions in viewers while capturing their attention. The same holds for logo animation. You can provoke emotions in customers through your logo animation, via good visual storytelling. In other words, mesmerizing animated brand identity will emotionally connect customers with your brand.

How Much Should You Expect to Pay for Logo Animation?

There are different options you have when it comes to creating your animated brand identity. Moreover, the different options that you have to create your animated brand identity will cost you differently, too. Here are your options with probable costs that may incur you if you choose any of them:

1. Freelancers:

Freelance marketplaces are filled with freelance designers who can create an animated brand identity for you. For instance, you may have heard of the website, Fiverr. It is the place where designers can create an animated brand identity for you for $5 to $10. Additionally, freelance designers will charge you for making revisions to your moving logo. Usually, a logo that freelance designers create usually do to insert logo designs into pre-made templates.

2. Logo Animation Advanced Templates:

If you have ever previously edited a video via software packages like Adobe After Effects, you may have uncovered a good collection of 2D and 3D animated templates there, too. Logo animation advanced templates allow you to create or modify your animated logo. Besides, you can use the moving logo video you may create via advanced templates that you can possibly buy for $10 to $20 on your YouTube channel.

3. Custom Logo Animation That a Professional Animator Can Create:

If you really want to make your animated logo stand out in the competition, custom animation is all you need. You can deploy your custom animated brand identity at the beginning of your marketing video. Furthermore, there are video animation agencies that can help you create a one-of-a-kind logo animation for your brand.

However, the price for custom animated brand identity varies from agency to agency. Professional animators may charge you as low as $50 for a 2D logo to $1000 or plus for a 3D logo with fine details.

In any case, custom logo animation is your best bet if you really want your brand to make a difference. Furthermore, you can deploy your unique brand identity in various scenarios besides a website. For example, you can display it at tradeshows or social media platforms to reach the masses and increase your brand awareness.

Besides, you should expect to pay at least $99 for a simple 2D logo and $299 for a high-quality 3D logo. Still, it does not mean that every animator will charge you the same way. We have just mentioned to you what you should expect to pay animators for custom logo animation.


Placing an animated logo on your website will help you keep visitors stay on your website. Further, there are some prominent advantages of having a moving logo for your brand, such as:

1.    It Allows You to Tell Your Brand Story in an Effective Way
2.    It Will Help You Make an Emotional Connection with your Audience

Moreover, there are freelance marketplaces and logo animation advanced templates that can help you create a moving logo. Further, if you really want to make your animated brand identity stand out, you should go for a custom animated logo that a professional animator can create for you. Lastly, expect to pay $50 to $1000 plus to a professional animator for custom logo animation.  


1. How Much Is It Going to Cost Me to Create a Custom Animated Logo?

You may want to create a custom animated logo to create your original brand identity. Besides, there are various benefits of deploying an animated logo for branding. In any case, creating a custom animated logo is going to cost you a few hundred dollars if you want to create a simple 2D animated logo; however, the same cost will rise to $1000 plus if you want to create an extremely detailed 3D animated logo for your brand.

2. Can I Create an Animated Logo for Free? If Yes, Is It Beneficial for My Brand?

Of course, you can create an animated logo for free. Besides, there are many free software and applications available to create an animated logo for free. Canva and Animaker, to name some. However, creating an animated logo for your brand with a free logo maker is not going to help your brand get an original brand identity, as you won’t own the copyright when you use a free tool to create it. Contrarily, hiring a professional animator, like one from Glowza Digital will help you create a custom-animated logo for your brand and get an original brand identity though it will cost you a certain amount to create it.

3. How Long Should My Logo Animation be in a 60 Seconds Explainer Video Intro?

In a 60 seconds explainer video intro, you may keep the length of your logo animation to five seconds at most. Additionally, you may extend this length to 10 seconds for a 2-minute explainer video. Besides, experts recommend businesses keep the length of their logo animation to 10 seconds at most or less.

4. What Are Some Noticeable Benefits of an Animated Logo?

There are more than a few benefits of having an animated logo for your brand, specifically a custom animated logo. Additionally, here are some good reasons you have to create a custom animated logo for your brand:Have an original brand image,Better tell your brand story to the audience,Increase your barn awareness.