How Much Educational Animation Cost Per Minute?


Aren’t your students taking any interest in what you are teaching them? Do your orientations, convocations, and educational seminars lack the power to catch the attention of the audience? It is time for you to bring some creativity to better educate the audience.

Investing in animated educational explainer videos can help you convey your message to the audience in a fun and exciting way. Plus, it is not strange if you are thinking about the animation cost per minute for an educational explainer video. How much does an animation cost? It is the first thing that can likely come to your mind when you think about investing in an educational video.

Unless you have invested in an explainer video before, you may not know how the animation cost for explainer videos works. You may have no idea of the cost of 2D animation per minute and the cost of 3D animation per minute. Besides, there are some key factors that determine the cost of an explainer video. The same holds for an animated educational explainer video. Nonetheless, you will have a good idea of the animation production cost once you finish reading this post.

Logo and Animating It

Factors That Determine the Animation Cost per Minute of an Educational Explainer Video

Firstly, you should know there is no one-size-fits-all approach to determining the cost of an animated educational explainer video. There are various factors on which the animation production cost per minute of educational explainer videos depends. Here are the factors that play a role in pricing the animation for educational videos:

•  Video Duration or Length: It is apparent you will need to pay more for a 2-minute explainer video and less for a 30-second video. Besides, creating a 30-second animated explainer video for education will require less effort. For the same reason, you will need to pay less for a video of a short length.

•  Animation Style: Animation style also plays its role in determining the cost of an educational explainer video per minute. Different types of animation styles include 2D, motion graphics, whiteboard animation, & 3D video animation, and stop-motion animation. Further, 3D or stop-motion animation costs more than 2D, motion graphics, and whiteboard animations as the latter are more streamlined.

•  Customization: Developing an educational explainer video contingent on your needs will cost more than making a generic video from premade templates.

•  The Production Timeline: It also plays a role in pricing the educational animation for an explainer video. However, most animated video production house adjusts their pricing while setting a shorter timeframe for video production than usual.

•  The Location of the Company: Animation studios in countries with higher wages typically prove more expensive than those in countries with lower wages.  

•  The Expertise of the Team: Experienced and talented team of professional animated video makers will logically cost you more, unlike amateur freelancers.

How Much Does an Animation Cost Per Level?

In addition to the factors we mentioned earlier, animation production cost also depends on the quality and originality of videos. The originality and quality of your animated explainer video are contingent on the cost and team of professionals behind it. Animation cost per minute varies per tier. Here are the price ranges you can expect to pay the different types of agencies plus what to expect from them:

1. Amateur or Free Tools: $0 to $100 per Minute

It is possible to create an animated explainer video without spending a cent. There are many free tools available online to create animated videos on your own. Devoting an animated video via free tools will save money but require you spending on time and effort. In addition, you won’t accomplish the best results as cheap video maker tools have limited functionality. Further, these tools tend to work on shaky templates, generic illustrations, and poor animation effects. In other words, you will get poor results for what you pay for.    

2. Freelance Level: $50 to $3000 per Minute

The price range at this level is quite ample. Plus, you can find professionals at both ends of the spectrum at a freelancer level. You may find freelancers with experience and animation skills. Similarly, you will find freelancers with expertise in delivering custom and quality explainer videos. Besides, freelancers tend to handle all the production phases themselves to develop an explainer video.

Freelancers also offer a limited range of video animation services. For the same reason, you won’t feel surprised if some aspects of videos are neglected more than others by a freelancer. Additionally, you may need to find other professionals like a scriptwriter and a voiceover artist to complete your educational video. Hence, you cannot expect so much from a freelancer to work on your big project of animated explainer video production.

3. Mid-Tier Animation Studio: $3000 to $7000 per Minute

You can also find mid-tier animation studios, a level ahead of freelance services while searching for online marketplaces. Mid-tier animation studios as small-scale video production companies often comprise two or three professionals.

Moreover, the staff of mid-tier explainer video companies can deliver a solid custom video. Still, they cannot work on multiple projects simultaneously. It is understandable as they are small-scale explainer video companies with a limited team of professionals. You should not stun if a mid-tier animation studios ask you to wait before they can work on your project.

In addition, some of the mid-tier animation studies outsource services they cannot render. Plus, some may ask you to manage them on your own. If it happens, you should remain prepared for the extra investment besides the initial animation cost of an educational explainer video.

4. Professional-Level Animated Video Production House: $8000 to $25000 per Minute

Professional-level animated video production house includes a skilled team of experts in scriptwriting, illustrations, animation, and sound design. In addition, a professional-level animated video production company may perhaps involve an account manager, too.

An account manager will play the role of keeping you and your team engaged in the project. Professional-level video production companies have organized workflow to keep things on schedule. Plus, they can customize every aspect of your animated educational explainer video in line with your needs and wants.

At this tier, you have the freedom to make major decisions, like approving the script, choosing a voiceover talent, etc. It will also ensure you get a completely customized education video of the highest quality as per your expectations.   

5. Broadcast-Level Animated Video Production House: $25000 to $100000 per Minute

Broadcast-level animation studios are top-level animated video production companies. In addition, they can develop premium-quality 2D, 3D, and motion graphics video production, identical to animated movie productions. Though their work is unquestionably first-rate; nonetheless, the high quotes they send make them unsuitable for most businesses. Multinational companies which look to produce long-form animation like series or movies typically choose them.  

Understanding the Relation between Animation Production Costs and Quality
Animation pricing is usually directly proportional to the final quality of a video. For the same reason, cheap educational videos tend to look cheap with a lack of attention to detail.

Conversely, high-quality animated educational videos can deliver the message you want to convey successfully in an engaging manner. In other words, low-quality educational videos fail to leave a good impression on the audience, unlike high-quality educational videos. Thus, it is wiser to spend some extra money on an animated educational video to make your message stand out.


Educational explainer videos can help you deliver your message to the audience in a fun and engaging manner. Further, it is not odd to think about the animation cost per minute of an explainer video. Various factors aid in determining the cost of an explainer video, including:

1.    Video duration
2.    Animation style
3.    Customization
4.    The production timeline
5.    The location of the company
6.    The expertise of the team

In addition, the quality and originality of the video also determine the cost of an animated educational video. Animation production cost for an educational explainer video varies for different types of agencies. The following are the price ranges you may expect to pay for the different types of agencies:

1.    Amateur or Free Tools: $0 to $100 per Minute
2.    Freelance Level: $50 to $3000 per Minute
3.    Mid-Tier Animation Studio: $3000 to $7000 per Minute
4.    Professional-Level Animated Video Production House: $8000 to $25000 per Minute
5.    Broadcast-Level Animated Video Production House: $25000 to $100000 per Minute

Moreover, animation pricing is typically directly proportional to the quality of a final video. Lastly, it is wiser to spend some extra money on the animated educational video to make it successfully deliver your message.


1. What Is An Educational Explainer Video?

Educational explainer videos are animated videos of short duration, in general that companies use for explaining complex concepts or ideas. Further, animated educational explainer videos allow companies to explain complex topics to the audience in an interesting manner. In addition, these videos are generally 90 seconds long or less, which also makes them an effective tool for explanation. The audience can retain more information after seeing short videos than videos of longer duration. Hence, educational explainers as animated videos help businesses successfully explain intricate concepts or ideas to their target audience.

2. Why Is an Animated Explainer Video Useful within an Educational Context?

Animated explainer videos are must-have educational videos for future-ready lessons. These videos are crisp, brief, and impactful at the same time with stimulating elements, like animations, music, images, etc., which engage viewers to watch them, from start to their end. By the same token, animated explainer videos in the educational context are exciting for students to watch and learn. You may also create these videos for your students if you are an instructor or a teacher. These videos can help your students effectively understand complex concepts, as they are short yet mesmerizing for teaching.

3. How Much Do Animated Explainer Videos Cost per Minute?

The cost of animated explainer videos can range from $3000 to $25, 000 based on different variables. The cost of animated explainer videos per minute is dependent on variables, such as the animation style, project complexity, etc. In any case, these videos are beneficial to create for different sectors, such as Education, Healthcare, Real Estate, etc. However, it is also important that you choose a professional video production company to create your animated explainer video. Relying on a professional to create an explainer video will help you create a brilliant video. Plus, it will allow you to make the most out of your investment if you choose a professional to create it.

4. How Much Does a 30-Second Animated Video Cost?

The cost of a 30-second video explainer is dependent on different factors, like the animation style, project complexity, etc. Additionally, the project deadline can also impact the price of a 30-second animated video. However, you should expect to pay $1500 to $2500 for a 30-second animated video.

5. How Long Does It Take to Make a 1-Minute Explainer Video?

It may take a week or two for an animator to create a 1-minute educational explainer, provided that the animator takes a day for creating five to 10 seconds of animation every day. In general, you can expect the completion of a 1-minute video explainer, such as an educational explainer video in 6 to 12 days, or even more. An animator will also work extra days for storyboard, illustration, amends, voiceover, music/sound, and final edit. Based on the aforementioned concerns, an animator may take 13 to 19 days or three to four weeks, excluding the days of rest to come up with the final explainer video of 1 minute.