How to Animate a Logo for Your Explainer Video Intro

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The first three seconds of your explainer video are always critical. Besides, the audience won’t watch your video if you fail to make a strong impression with your video intro. You may also know that the attention span of viewers to videos is short. By the same token, it is important that you make your audience interested in watching your animated video. Deploying an animated logo can certainly help in this regard. However, you may not know how to animate a logo for your explainer video intro effectively. Do not worry about that, as there are tips for creating a mesmerizing logo animation.
Further, we are going to share tips on animating a logo for your intro video. Implementing those tips will help you create a one-of-a-kind logo animation for your explainer video intro.

Logo and Animating It

Our Tips on Creating a One-of-a-Kind Logo Animation for Your Intro Video

If you grab the attention of your audience right from the start, you can make them watch your video till the end. Further, the following are our tips to help you create a high-quality logo animation for your intro video:

1. Watch Videos of Logo Animation Intros to Learn from Them:

It is always a good idea to watch logo animation intros to create an animated logo for your video intro. Further, we recommend to you: Watch animated videos of logos of your competitors. If you watch those videos it will help you learn what works and what does not work for logo animations

Besides, there are many resources where you can find animated videos of logos, such as YouTube and Vimeo. Further, watching these videos may also help you find resources to create your animated logo.

2. Comprehend What Your Business Stands for:

You should understand what your business stands for in order to create your logo in motion. Understanding your business will help you know what you want to portray to the audience via your moving logo. It will allow you to determine whether your animation should look professional, creative, or fun.  

Further, you should not forget that you can deploy animation in different ways. Besides, there are different types of animation effects that you can find in animation software. Creative professionals also use those effects to give life to logos that they create for individuals and businesses. 

Additionally, we shall also recommend you hire a professional logo animator to create logo animation, tailored to your needs. In addition, it is important that you research the cost of logo animation that a professional can create for you. In any case, your animated logo for an intro video should emphasize feelings about your business. In other words, it should clearly portray your business to your target audience. 

3. Start Creating:

Start creating a moving logo for your business. However, it is important that you create a logo in a manner to evoke curiosity in your audience. Put differently, create your logo animation in a way to make your viewers watch it till the end. Further, do not forget you only have a few seconds to depict your logo in motion. For the same reason, you should give equal attention to all frames of your moving logo.  

Moreover, it is a good idea to evade showcasing your complete logo concurrently. Instead, you should make each part of the animation appear sequentially. Or, you may show a small detail of your animation first. Afterwards, you may reveal your animated logo frame by frame. 

4. Incorporate Dynamism in Your Animation:

Make sure that the animated logo you create is dynamic. Besides, dynamic animations better capture and retain the audience’s attention. In any case, you should depict your brand story via animation. At the same time, it is important that you entertain your audience in some way. In order to accomplish it, incorporate dynamism in your logo. 

Further, create a dynamic animation of your logo to ensure you keep your audience’s eyes and brains working. Additionally, make sure that an animated logo you create will give your audience a positive impression of your brand. Basically, you want your target audience to think that they must watch your video till the end. Besides, a good idea is that you animated each letter, sign, or icon of your logo individually.  

5. Keep Your Animation Short:

The shorter the video of your animated logo is, the better it is. For the same reason, you should make a short video of your logo animation. Make sure you do not exceed ten seconds for creating your animated video. It is because the attention span of the audience is short due to constant media consumption over the internet. Thus, you should make a short video of your animated logo for your explainer video intro.

6. Consider Using a Dark Background for Ending Your Intro:

Most explainer videos end with a logo on a dark background. You may also end your logo animation on a  dark or black background. In any case, it is not mandatory. Still, ending your video in such a manner can help your video stand out better. Plus, it also allows you to stay synchronous with the industry and depict your project professionally.

Furthermore, hiring a professional is your best bet for creating a one-of-a-kind animated logo for your brand.


The first few seconds of an animated video of your logo for your explainer video intro are crucial. Besides, you cannot impress your audience if your logo animation fails to inspire your audience. Nonetheless, you may have no clue about how to animate a logo for your video intro to stand out. There are certain tips that can help you create a one-of-a-kind animated video of your logo. The following are the tips you should capitalize on in sequence to create an animated logo for your video intro:

1.    Watch Videos of Logo Animation Intros to Learn from Them
2.    Comprehend What Your Business Stands for
3.    Start Creating
4.    Incorporate Dynamism in Your Animation
5.    Keep Your Animation Short
6.    Consider Using a Dark Background for Ending Your Intro

Lastly, you should hire a professional to create a custom logo animation for your brand and stand out in the competition.


1. What Is the Purpose of Creating an Animated Logo for My Business?

Creating an animated logo, a custom animation for your business, in particular, is going to serve you diverse purposes. Most importantly, a custom logo animation will allow your business to acquire an original brand identity. Additionally, it will help your business enhance its brand personality with increased brand awareness. Businesses also leave a memorable impression of their brands on customers’ minds with custom logo animations. Thus, creating a custom animated logo will benefit your business in multiple ways.

2. How Do You Deploy an Animated Logo for a Video Intro?

In order to effectively deploy your custom animated logo for a video intro, you should know what the ideal length should be. Besides, we recommend businesses keep the length of their custom logo animations for a video intro to 5 seconds at most for a 1-minute animated explainer video, and you may exceed this length to 10 seconds at most for a 2-minute animated explainer video. Moreover, hiring a professional animator, like one from Glowza Digital will help you create a high-quality custom logo animation for your video intro.

3. How Long Should an Animated Logo in a Video Intro Last?

The shorter you keep your logo animation for a video intro, the better it is for your business. Moreover, it is best that you keep the length of your animated logo under 10 seconds or 10 seconds at most, contingent on the length of your animated explainer video, which is generally 30 seconds to 2 minutes for most explainer videos for business.

4. Where Can I Use My Custom Logo Animation Besides an Explainer Video Intro?

You can deploy your custom logo animation in different places than using it for your video intro only. Here are different places where you may use your custom logo animation:Video Outros,Trade shows,Website Homepage,Email Signatures,Social Media Platforms.