How to Create a Brilliant Script for an Explainer Video

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Explainer videos are a unique yet fantastic communication tool for brands when it comes to promoting their products and services. However, you cannot create a brilliant explainer video for marketing unless you have a good script. Animated explainers with weak scripts will ruin your all efforts, even if you utilize high-quality visuals in your video.

For the same reason, it is important for brands to come up with engaging scripts for their videos. In other words, a brilliant script is a key for brands to make their video explainers stand out from others.

Moreover, we shall explain to your first why your business needs a mesmerizing script. Next, we shall share with you our tips on creating a brilliant script for an animated explainer. 

Logo and Animating It

Why Does a Video Script Matter When It Comes to Video Explainers?

The audio and visual in our brains processes faster when present simultaneously. For example, your brain will receive information faster when you see images on the screen and hear a voice simultaneously. Moreover, explainer videos include images and sound simultaneously. 

However, your marketing video with a weak script won’t appeal to the audience. We mean to say that the success of your video explainer is contingent on your video script. For the same reason, it is important that you create a brilliant script for your animated video. It will ensure that the audio and visual components of your video effectively drive in the brains of your audience.

Put differently, the success of animated explainers depends on the quality of your video script. Hence, it is essential for brands to come up with a brilliant script for their animated marketing videos. 

Our Tips on Creating Brilliant Explainer Videos Marketing

Here are our tips for businesses on how they can create exceptional animated explainers for marketing:

1. Know Your Story:

You should know the purpose of an animated video that you want to create for marketing. Knowing it will help you effectively convey your business message to the audience via your video explainer. Knowing and implementing the following will help you craft an engaging script for your video:

a.  Identify the problem of your audience, and make it clear plus relatable to them via your video.

b.  Further, let your audience understand the solution to their problem. Further, help them realize in your video how your product is the solution to their problem.

Moreover, if you are creating a how-to video for your audience about your product or service, explain your narrative clearly. Asking the following questions will help you know your story for a video explainer:

Q1. Why do I want to create this video?
Q2. How can my video make the lives of my audience easier?
Q3. Why will the audience listen to my brand story?
Q4. What value will my explainer video provide the audience?
Q5. What message should the audience take away from my marketing video?

2. Ameliorate Your Story:

The goal of explainer videos is to convey information succinctly and engagingly to the viewers. Furthermore, keeping your story or video script simple can help you create a short yet fascinating video explainer. Further, keeping a few things in your mind and implementing them can help you refine your script. We suggest you implement the following to create a brilliant video script:

•    Write your storyline in five sentences in order to improve your story.
•    Additionally, use short and simple sentences.   

3. Let the Audience Dive into Your Story:

Try to seek opportunities in a script to make the narrative personally relevant and relatable for your viewers. If you do, it will help you easily capture and keep the attention of your audience to your video. You should remember the following points while you create a script for your animated explainer video:

a.    Speak directly to your audience while writing your script in the second person. It will help you put your audience in the driver’s seat when they watch your video.
b.    Talk in the language of your audience to make sure you clearly convey your message through your video explainer.

4. Incorporate Emotions:

The more emotional you get your audience, the more you can engage them with your video explainer. By the same token, it is important that you hook your audience from the start of your video. Telling a good story to the viewers should matter to you. Further, using your tone, language, statistics, etc., can help you evoke emotions in your viewers.

Effectively communicating your brand voice is crucial here, too. Showcasing your brand personality while portraying your brand as a helpful hand can help you evoke emotions in your customers. Thus, produce a script that evokes emotions in your customers.   

5. Keep an Eye on Your Video Length:

The conciseness of a script is the key to creating short yet interesting explainer videos for marketing. Typically, experts recommend creating animated explainers of 30 to 90 seconds.

Therefore, it is important that you keep an eye on your video length, too, while creating your script. Besides, 130 to 150 words scripts are enough for creating one-minute explainer videos. Further, reading your script aloud in a clear voice will help you judge its effectiveness for your explainer video.

6. Fine-Tune Your Script for Voice-over:

Writing a script for an explainer video may sound enough for bloggers or eBook writers though it is not. It is because explainer videos generally have voice-overs. Therefore, it is important that you adjust your script so that the voice-over artist can speak clearly. It is important that you avoid using complicated words and awkward phrases in your script. It will allow your voice-over artist to effectively roll off the tongue. 

7. Don’t Tell, Show What You Can:

You should not tell your audience what you can show them via a video. Besides, you have many tools when it comes to video explainers and getting your audience to the point. Motion graphics, whiteboard animation, and 3D animation, to name some. Visual information will also help you save on word count for your video script.  

8. Last But Not Least, Test Your Script:

If you want to test the effectiveness of your video script, put it to the test. Give the script to your colleague or peer to see if it will resonate with your audience. You should always get a second opinion about your video script. Further, taking the third and fourth may prove the best for you.

Furthermore, find and hire an animator who can bring your script to life with one-of-a-kind animated video production.   


You can produce a brilliant script for your explainer video for marketing if you capitalize on the following tips:

1.    Know Your Story
2.    Ameliorate Your Story
3.    Let the Audience Dive into Your Story
4.    Incorporate Emotions
5.    Don’t Tell, Show What You Can
6.    Keep an Eye on Your Video Length
7.    Fine-Tune Your Script for Voice-over
8.    Last But Not Least, Test Your Script


1. Why Is Script Writing Essential for Animated Explainer Videos?

Without a good script for an animated video, you cannot accomplish all the benefits you want to accomplish with your video explainer. A script for an animated video is an essential aspect of pre-production because it tells what you want to convey to your audience (your message) via your video explainer, plus the style and tone that you are going to deploy for creating your animated explainer video.

2. What Are Some Tips for Coming up with a Brilliant Script for an Animated Explainer Video?

Sticking to certain tips can certainly help you come up with an excellent script for your explainer video. Besides, sticking to the following tips in succession can help you come up with a one-of-a-kind script for your animated explainer video:Understand your needs beforehand to come up with your script.Once you have got all the ideas to craft your script, refine your script.Keep your target audience in mind to make sure your video script successfully targets their needs.Make sure your video script has some emotion.Keep an eye on the word count, as you cannot say much in a 1-minute or 2-minute video explainer.Find out the type of voice-over that will suit the best for your story.Show what you want to show your audience rather than telling it.Test the quality of your video script by sharing it with real people.

3. How Many Words Do I Need for a Script for Creating a 60-second Explainer Video?

In general, voice-over artists can speak 140 to 150 words for a 1-minute explainer video. Additionally, consider 210 to 220 words to be enough for a 90-second video explainer. Voice-over artists at a moderate pace can easily cover the aforementioned words for 1-minute and 90 seconds explainer videos.

4. What Are the Four Essential Parts That an Explainer Video Script Needs to Cover?

The following are four essential parts that your explainer video script must cover for an animated video:Problem your target audience is facingThe solution to their problems, the product or service, which a business is offering its customers.How your product or service works; is a solution for your customerA Call to Action (CTA)

5. Who Has to Provide the Script for an Animated Explainer Video?

Often, business owners provide animators with the script for animated explainer videos. When they do not, a video animation agency can provide businesses with it. Nonetheless, business owners have to fill up the questionnaire, which a video animation agency provides them with. Then, business owners have to provide professionals with answers to some questions related to the type of video that a business is after. Then, one of the scriptwriters in a video animation agency creates a script for an animated explainer video and shares it with their clients (business owners) for approval. Further, professionals begin creating explainer videos for businesses after getting approval for the script.