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How to Create Animated Training Videos for Employees & Staff


Are you looking to create training videos for your employees or staff? Do you know that you can help your employees comprehend difficult concepts via animated training videos? Relying on an animator to create videos is just what you need to successfully train your employees or staff. At the same time, it is important that you find out the cost to hire an animator beforehand. It will help you choose the right animator as per your budget to create instructional or tutoring videos for employees. Besides, there are benefits of creating videos for training for employees or staff.

Logo and Animating It

The Power of Animated Videos for Training or Branding

When it comes to animated videos, the benefits are many whether you create them for education or training. First and foremost, you can successfully capture the attention of your audience via video animation. Besides, video animation is also the most popular medium for capturing the attention of your target audience. As per statistics, “75% of executives spend time watching work-related videos on business websites. They enjoy watching such videos at least once a week.”

Moreover, 59% of executives will agree they will likely watch a video than read text on the same topic. Further, four out of five consumers will see a video of a product rather than read a text about it. In other words, statistics confirm the power of animated explainer videos for training or promoting products and services.  

How to Create an Animated Training Video

There are things you should keep in mind for creating animated videos for training for employees or staff. Keeping the following things in mind can help you develop an animated training video of high quality:

1. Know Your Purpose:

It is important that you know your purpose prior to creating an animated explainer video for training. You may need to create a video to educate your staff about a specific technique. Or you may need to create an educational animation to help your employees learn about their jobs. Or you may need to create it to educate your staff about the product or service you provide to customers. It is important that you outline the purpose prior to creating an animated training video.

2. Come up with a Script:

A script is the essence of an animated video. For the same reason, you need it before engaging in the process to create an animated video. You can come up with a good script if you think about the goal and purpose of your video. Thinking about your goal and purpose will help you create a script with strong dialogues to carry out your goal. Besides, the best script focuses on props and scenes to empower the message and increase the engagement of the viewers.  

3. Create Mesmerizing Characters:

Of course, you cannot create cartoon characters for your video unless you are an expert. Nevertheless, you can count on a video animation agency to bring your script to life via character animation. Besides, a full-service video animation agency also takes the job of creating one-of-a-kind video scripts for clients. However, it creates video scripts for clients after letting their clients fill out a questionnaire. 

Furthermore, animated characters in your video may address directly to your staff or act as an instructor. It is also a good idea to use character animation to create training videos to get your point across or teach specific skills to employees or staff. 

4. Ask a Video Animation Agency to Make Edits to the Video You Require:

Firstly, when you hire an animator, such as a video animation agency, you can expect your video to stand out. Once your chosen animator completes working on your project, it will send it to you and ask you if you want to make any changes to your video. Then, you can get back to the video animation agency to make changes to the video you require. A video animation agency will make changes as per your requirements and ask for your approval. 

5. Make Sure You Focus on the Soundtrack of Your Video:

Please do not forget that soundtrack is one of the vital aspects of a video irrespective of its purpose. For the same reason, it is important that you ensure your animated training video has the audio to engage your audience. If you are creating a video for training, you will want to emphasize the audio of your main character. Further, you will want a presentable audio of your main character who will talk with other characters when appropriate. Additionally, you should use music and sound effects in your video to make your training video more interesting to watch. 

How Can You Make Your Training Video Stand Out?

Now, you know how you can create a perfect video for training. It is time you find out how you can make your training video stand out in the competition. In order to make your video stand out, you should find answers to the following questions:

Q1. What appeals to your target audience?
Q2. What motivates your employees or sales staff?
Q3. What is important to your employees or staff?

You can come up with the right video for training if you know your audience, plus what drives your audience. You may utilize powerful statements in training videos to encourage your employees or sales staff to work harder. For instance, you may use motivational sentences in a video like climb the corporate ladder faster by selling more products.

Alternatively, you may use upbeat music in your video or deploy other techniques to make your video stand out. You may also conduct a survey prior to creating a video to find out the greatest training and development needs of your staff. Moreover, making your video entertaining will help you retain the attention of your staff to your video.

To Finish

You can create high-quality animated training videos while keeping the following things in your mind:

1.    Know Your Purpose
2.    Come up with a Script
3.    Create Mesmerizing Characters
4.    Ask a Video Animation Agency to Make Edits to the Video You Require
5.    Make Sure You Focus on the Soundtrack of Your Video


1. In What Way Do Animated Videos Help Businesses When It Comes to Employee Training?

Animation makes it possible to transform abstract concepts or processes into something tangible and relatable. Further, watching training videos in the animated format allows employees or staff to retain much information. It is because animated training videos are interesting to watch for employees and staff. For the same reason, many businesses create animated explainer videos for training their employees and staff. Put differently, animated training videos are engaging to watch, which help businesses effectively train their employees.

2. What Are the Benefits of Using Explainer Videos for Employee Training?

There are several benefits of using explainer videos for employee training, which we have mentioned below:Animated training videos can effectively capture employees’ attention with increased engagement.Further, animated training videos make learning easier for employees, as employees can retain more information after watching them.These videos allow businesses to clarify complex concepts to their employees in an interesting way.It allows businesses to create and strengthen their company culture with the illustration of business values and mission to their employees.Additionally, animated training videos increase the brand awareness of companies among employees and their audience.

3. What Should Be Included in Animated Training Videos?

Animated training videos of high quality incorporate certain elements. Further, brilliant animated videos for training have the following elements:Relevant instructions about the task or process want to explainA clear narrativeInteractive elements, such as cartoon characters, which evoke an emotional response in viewers

4. What Are Some Good Tips for Creating Engaging Animated Training Videos?

Here are some good tips for creating engaging training videos:Pick and explain a single topic for your video.Understand your audience.Choose the appropriate animation style, such as whiteboard animation, 3D animation, etc., for your training video.Come up with a good script for your video.Keep your animated video short to ensure your audience retains as much information as possible.Make sure your video is interesting to watch for the audience.Rely mainly on text in the video to improve your message.Choose an esteemed explainer video company to create your training video in order to make it stand out.