How to Hire an Animator?


Don’t have any clue how to hire an animator for your explainer video project? You should not worry, as you are going to find that out via this post. There are certain tips that you can count on and eventually hire an animator. At the same time, it is important that you cautiously hire an explainer video company for your project. We shall share our handy tips with you next that will help you choose the right animator:

Logo and Animating It

Our Tips on Hiring an Animator

Keep in mind, an explainer video should reflect your brand. Further, it is important that you prudently choose an explainer video company. You may exploit the following tips to hire the right animator and create an explainer video for your brand:

1. Ask an Explainer Video Company for a Portfolio:

Generally, you will find the portfolio of an explainer video company on its website. Nonetheless, you can ask the company to show you its portfolio if you do not find it on the website. Going through the portfolio of an explainer video company will give you an idea of the quality of work it does. Try to find answers to the following questions while going through the portfolio of an explainer video company:

Q1. Does the previous work of the company fit my brand’s needs?
Q2. Does a good story accompany the company’s past work?
Q3. Is the quality of animation smooth and dynamic in the videos that I see? 
Q4. Has the company created animations for its past clients with appealing visuals?
Q5. Is the voice-over understandable and of high quality?
Q6. Does the music sound pleasant to hear and make me feel good, too?

2. Find out How Many Projects the Company Has Completed Thus Far:

Another way to determine an authenticity of an explainer video company is that you scrutinize its project-accomplishment rate. Moreover, the experience should remain a paramount factor for you to evaluate the design and animation skills of the company. A broad portfolio is proof of the vast experience of an explainer video company. Therefore, look for an explainer video company with an impressive project-completion rate. 

3. Check How Well the Company Has Presented Products and Services in a Video:

Pay close attention to the presentation of products and services in explainer videos that the company has created. High-quality explainer videos will let you feel the bond between brands and their viewers. Characters, humor, and everything in between is essential to bring animated videos to life. Further, you can assess the presentation quality as follows:

a.    Watch some animated videos and ask yourself: Did the videos explicitly convey a message to me?   
b.    Did the videos capture my attention?  

If you can get the underlying message from an explainer video, it means that the video is well-presented. 

4. Do Not Overlook the Animation Style:

Any reputable explainer video company will create an animation for businesses while ensuring comprehensible graphics. The following are the elements you should expect to find in high-quality explainer videos:

•    Originality
•    Sophistication
•    Appeal

Look for uniformity in explainer videos, which means videos should seem compatible with the brands’ logos, colors, and websites.

You should find out how well the animated videos depict characters and branding designs, as per their animation styles. Then, you may choose the style of animation, as per your needs.

5. Check the Demo Reel to Determine the Strength of a Company:

There are things you should look for in an explainer video company to determine its strength. The quality of animation, original visuals, soundtrack, and animation styles are what you should look for. Also, watch for intricate scenes, cool, and shrewd transitions, and color selection. Besides, top explainer videos also include collaborative work on their demo reels. However, make sure that the most work you see on the reel is from the company itself.

6. Seek a Company That Has Passion for Work:

Credible explainer video companies like Glowza Digital, work with enthusiasm to create explainer videos. Besides, people who enjoy what they do create the most extraordinary. Therefore, passion is something you cannot ignore to evaluate and hiring an animator. It is important to make sure that the company you hire loves what it does. By the same token, you should ask a company to show you its demo reel. 

7. Examine Voice-over Quality:

Experience, accomplished projects, and animation styles are not enough to choose an explainer video company. Voice-over is also an important element to ponder when you are choosing an explainer video company. Professional speakers with a proper tone and genre typically do the voice-over for explainer videos. Further, a voice-over you may hear should clearly express emotions while reflecting the tone of a target audience.    

8. Seek an Explainer Video Company with Friendly Communication and Service:

Another handy tip on how to hire an animator is this one. There are many explainer video production companies that promise the delivery of high-quality video at affordable prices. Nevertheless, they fail to give more time to their clients to communicate with them. As a result, they do not always meet the expectations of their clients.

How much does an animation cost? It is undoubtedly an important question to ask an explainer video company. Obviously, you can decide on the animation style that may suit your needs afterward. At the same time, it is important that you choose an explainer video company with good communication skills. If you do, it will ensure that you are choosing a company, which will quickly respond to your queries. Besides, any credible plainer video company works with the vision of their clients in mind for animated video production. 

9. Look for Feedback from Its Previous Clients:

Prior to finalizing a deal with an explainer video company, ask the company to provide you feedback for its work from its past clients. You can also go through reviews, ratings, and testimonials of the company available on the internet to evaluate its authenticity. 

10. Know Your Budget and Compare:

Budget is the most important factor when you are making a deal with an explainer video company. Many explainer video companies offer their services at affordable prices to create animation. Nonetheless, they are affordable because of the steps they omit to produce explainer videos and the poor talent they hire. Therefore, make sure you hire an explainer video company that charges competitively and can perfectly meet your expectations. Any professional explainer video company will have a comprehensive team of professionals, scriptwriters, graphics designers, illustrators, voice-over artists, animators, and post-producers.


It is highly important that you cautiously hire an animator for your explainer video project. It will ensure you get the most out of the video that an animator may create for you. To finish, the following is a recap of our ten handy tips on how to hire an animator and create explainer videos:

1.    Ask an Explainer Video Company for a Portfolio
2.    Find out How Many Projects the Company Has Completed Thus Far
3.    Check How Well the Company Has Presented Products and Services in a Video
4.    Do Not Overlook the Animation Style
5.    Check the Demo Reel to Determine the Strength of a Company
6.    Seek a Company That Has Passion for Work
7.    Examine Voice-over Quality
8.    Seek an Explainer Video Company with Friendly Communication and Service
9.    Look for Feedback from Its Previous Clients
10.    Know Your Budget and Compare


1. What Are Some Tips for Hiring an Animator for an Explainer Video Project?

It is imperative to look for certain things in an animator, prior to hiring it for your explainer video project. The following are some of our tips that can help you choose the right animator for your animated video project:Have a look at the portfolio of an animator.Find out the track record of an animator for the completion of explainer video projects.Determine the expertise of an animator for creating explainer videos in different animation styles.Analyze the quality of the voice-over of an animator for explainer videos.Find out what the previous clients are saying about an animator.Find out whether an animator offers an excellent customer service or not.Determine whether an animator has a passion for work or not.Compare prices that an animator charges for explainer video production while knowing your budget.

2. What Are Some Qualities of a Good Animator?

A good animator will certainly have top qualities. Moreover, you will find the following top qualities in the best animator:Education credentials, which often include a degree and multiple certificates concerning the use of important and state-of-the-art animation software.A good animator is always creative. Further, you can easily identify the creative skills of animators while going through their portfolios.A good animator completes projects for clients with attention to detail.Additionally, a good animator has impeccable drawing skills.Last but not least, the best animators have the patience to sit at their desks for several hours to successfully complete their clients’ projects.

3. What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Professional Animator, such as an Explainer Video Company?

Here are the benefits of hiring a professional animator, such as an explainer video company for animated video production:It understands clients’ needs for animated video production.Further, it has the necessary tools for producing one-of-a-kind explainer videos.Additionally, it has the right expertise and skills.Professional animators are trendsetters.It helps clients save time when it comes to animated video production.It has knowledge that video content makers do not have.Plus, it helps its clients save money with the production of brilliant explainer videos for them.It ensures clients precisely get their final explainer video in line with their needs.Most importantly, it comprehends how explainer video production works.

4. How Can I Get a Quick Quote from Animation Services for My Explainer Video Project?

Sharing the following details with animation services can help you get a quick quote from them:A brief background about you, your business, and your brand.A detailed description of your explainer video project, like your target audience, project length, etc.Method or style of animation you will prefer.Sharing a script, storyboard, or sketches concerning the message you want to deliver to your audience,The deadline you have set for project completion,A rough budget.