How to Make the Most Out of Your Logo Animation?

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You may think that a company logo is a new concept. However, a company logo is not a new concept. Companies have been using logos for centuries. For example, Twining, a British market of tea and beverages first used its logo in 1787. Besides, businesses have been using their logos since they have been marketing their products and services. Moreover, technological revolutions have made it important for brands these days to stand out. One of the ways brands can stand out these days is via logo animation. In other words, an animated logo is a perfect marketing tool for brands for standing out among their competitors.

However, you may not know how brands should make the most out of animated logo designs. Do not worry if you do not know about it, as we are going to help you find that out via this post. In any case, combining a great logo with animation adds a spark to the logo alongside a fun element. 

Logo and Animating It

Why Should a Business Animate Its Logo?

Logo animation is a new concept for many businesses though brands have used it in the past, too. Besides, it entails the animation of a static logo while breaking it into parts. Further, animated logos give company logos a breathing new life. It is also the motion that grabs the attention of viewers when it comes to animation. The same holds for animated or moving logos. It is because our eyes are attracted to things that move. Moreover, brands should use an animated logo design due to the visual appeal it has.

In addition, businesses can make the most out of their animated logos in awe-inspiring ways. We are going to reveal those ways to you next.

How May Brands Capitalize on Logo Animation?

Animated logo designs not only inspire the eyes but also help a brand stand out in the competition. Furthermore, businesses can capitalize on logo animation in the following ways:

1. Start a Branded Video with It:

Video marketing is a powerful marketing technique, and it is getting bigger over time. According to a survey, “99% of marketers use a video for marketing. Further, 96% of the marketers plan on increasing their video marketing campaigns.” It means that competition has increased among businesses when it comes to marketing. By the same token, it is important that businesses effectively deploy videos for marketing.

One of the things businesses can do to stand out in the competition is that they start their branded video with their animated brand identity. It won’t only help brands look like professionals plus also set them apart from the competition. 

2. End a Branded Video with It:

Animated logo designs work equally well for brands when they use them at the end of their marketing videos. Besides, using them at the start and end of a branded video will not only help brands portray their identity. But also help their customers recognize who they are. 

Generally, brands want customers to take the next step once they finish watching their animated marketing video. For instance, they may want customers to contact a business for a product demonstration or download an app. Further, using an animated brand identity at the end will also keep a brand at top of the mind of customers.

3. Attract Customers with It at Trade Shows:

Trade shows allow businesses to meet potential customers in person and increase brand awareness. However, trade shows are fast-paced events with many things happening around them. For the same reason, attendees at trade shows cannot remember everyone.

Nonetheless, attendees can remember you if you depict something different about yourself in a trade show. You may use a screen in a trade show to show your animated logo to make people remember your brand. Besides, “48% attendees agree that eye-catching stand is a more effective method to attract attendees than giveaways, as per 34% attendees”. It is also what a survey of trade show exhibitors revealed.

4. Use It at the End of Email Signatures:

One of the most prevalent methods of communication today is still email. Emails are what B2B businesses use to communicate with their target audience. Moreover, email signatures often include the same information, such as name, job, title, static logo, etc. It is easy for people to ignore emails as they have become so formulaic these days.

Nevertheless, brands can enhance the appeal of their email signatures and drive recipients with logo animation.

5. Deploy It in Presentations:

Presentations allow brands to showcase their identity in real-time, identical to trade shows. They are your perfect opportunity to show off your animated brand identity to the audience. Besides, using logo animation in presentations can also make your presentations more memorable.

6. Use It on Social Media Platforms:

Social media is becoming more of a visual platform with time. Further, 49% of marketers today rate visual marketing as an essential part of a marketing strategy. In addition, it is the video that surpasses all when it comes to visual content.

Furthermore, motion grabs the attention of people. For the same reason, it is a good idea for brands to use logo animation on social media platforms to stand out where a massive audience is already present.   

7. Use It on the Home Page of Your Website:

If you decide to use logo animation in different places, your website is something you cannot ignore. Placing an animated logo on the home page of your website can surprise visitors. At the same time, it is important your logo animation on the site loops once only. Otherwise, it can distract and annoy visitors who may land on your site.

8. Deploy It on Advertising Banners:

Customers ignore banner ads when they say many of them. Nonetheless, you can use digital advertising banners to your advantage if you include your animated logo in your banners. It won’t only help you gain more attention but increase click-through rates for you.

Further, you may need to hire an animator to create an animated logo for you. We recommend you first research the cost to hire an animator before choosing an animator to create a logo animation for you.

To Finish

You can make the most out of logo animation in the following ways:

1.    Start a Branded Video with It
2.    End a Branded Video with It
3.    Attract Customers with It at Trade Shows
4.    Use It at the End of Email Signatures
5.    Deploy It in Presentations
6.    Use It on Social Media Platforms
7.    Use It on the Home Page of Your Website 
8.    Deploy It on Advertising Banners


1. How Long Should Your Logo Animation Last?

The rule of thumb to make your logo animation stand out is to keep it short. Experts recommend keeping the length of an animated video of your logo under ten seconds. Further, your audience can better remember your brand after watching a short animation of its logo.

2. Which Software Is the Best for Logo Animation?

When it comes to logo animation, you have many options for the software. Besides, there are many free programs to animate your logo, like Canva, Animaker, RenderForest, etc. Nonetheless, After Effects is unquestionably one of the best software for creating high-quality logo animation. One of the reasons it is great for logo animation are exclusive features it comes with. Nevertheless, you can also hire a professional animator to animate your logo and also make it stand out.

3. What Are Some Effective Ways to Use Your Animated Logo?

Animating a logo helps you create an original brand identity, provided that your logo is custom-animated. Additionally, you can deploy your logo animation effectively in a number of ways. Here are some awesome ways to use your animated logo and make the most out of it:Use your logo animation in the intros of your branded videos.Use your animated logo in your branded videos’ outros.Deploy your logo animation at trade shows.Deploy your animated logo in your email signatures.Use your logo animation on popular social media platforms, like Twitter, Facebook, etc.

4. How Can I Create a One-of–Kind Logo Animation for My Brand?

In order to create a one-of-a-kind logo animation, you will need to hire an expert. Of course, there are many free programs available today to create an animated logo for free. Nevertheless, relying on free software and apps won’t help you create an original logo animation for your brand. Thus, we recommend you hire a professional animator, like one from Glowza Digital to create a one-of-a-kind logo animation for your brand.