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How to Make Your Own Animated Cartoon Character Video?


Have you finally decided to create an animated version of yourself? It’s great you are thinking creatively to distinguish your personality from others with your own cartoon character video. Moreover, you can also impress your customers if you make your own cartoon character to create a brand identity. We’ll also tell you an easy procedure to help you make your very own cartoon character video. Nevertheless, we shall like to discuss some important facts with you before we tell you about it.

Logo and Animating It

Facts You Should Know about Animated Cartoon Videos

Firstly, you can make a full-fledged explainer video with cartoon characters while presenting the video as a form of micro-interactions. Explainer videos also bring in a large number of leads for businesses. Animated cartoon explainer videos drive engagement and render users a better onsite experience.

Additionally, an animated cartoon character video featuring yourself can help you increase conversions and strengthen the trust of your customers. Animated branded assets can also help you get a significant place in modern browsers and even on YouTube.

Now, you know the important facts about animated cartoon characters. It’s time for you to know the steps to create your own animated cartoon character video.  

Steps to Create Your Own Animated Cartoon Character Video

Here are the steps you need to follow to create your own animated cartoon character video:

Step 1: Choose Your Preferred Animation Type

The very first step you should take before making your cartoon character is to choose the desired animation type. You can choose whiteboard animation, 2D animation, or 3D animation to create an animated version of yourself. You should choose the animation style that can help you make the maximum impact on your audience.

Whiteboard animation deploys a black pen or a pointer to create the entire cartoon character. In addition, 2D and 3D animation include two-dimensional and three-dimensional frameworks, respectively, for creating a whole cartoon character. Besides, 3D animation is your best bet to create an animated cartoon character that looks real, from shades to the figure to every curve.

Step 2: Choose Your Animation Maker

Next, you will need to select your easy-to-use and most efficient animation software to accomplish what you’re after. Technology has evolved at a fast pace over time. For the same reason, you can find the right tool and ease up your burden of creating your own cartoon character.

The easy-to-use software can help you complete your animation, with only the drag and drop feature. It may sound surprising to you, but you can find the right software with some browsing on the internet. Accept the challenge to search for professional and easy to use animation software to make your own animated cartoon.

Step 3: Create a Script for Your Own Cartoon Animation Video

Once you know about the resources you can use and how you want to use your own animated cartoon character in a video, it’s time for you to compose a script. Please remember, a script is the backbone of the video as it can make your video go viral or ruin your efforts completely. Therefore, you should compose an engaging script and keep it short for a video. Think of adding an attractive twist to your plot to catch the attention of the distracted audience. 

Step 4: Choose a Ready-to-Use Template

You don’t need to begin your video from scratch when you can use a ready-to-use template. Navigate to an online gallery for this purpose and look for the easy-to-use template. Besides, you can also find niche-specific templates online that you can change and improvise. It will save you enough time and won’t require you to brainstorm your design. 

Step 5: Make a Cartoon Character

Making a cartoon character isn’t just about capturing greater leads. You also need to have the face of your brand. Choose a pre-made cartoon character template, and personalize or customize it to look like you. Additionally, your animation software or tool will have a gallery full of icons, images, and characters to do it.

Make sure you select the right character for your brand that can improve its stance and go well with the tone. Or make slight changes in the character’s avatar to make it look exactly like you. You can also change the hair color, hairdo, facial features, and color of the character’s eyes. It will aid you in connecting with your viewers more effectively.

Step 6: Add Supportive Elements

You will need to add some supportive elements if you choose a template design. You should add some supportive elements and icons to improve the tone of your video. Add some supportive elements, such as bubbles, rainbow, animated figures, etc., jumping or flying in the backdrop to keep a humorous or cheerful tone.

Add mini animated graphics, moving numbers, or some kind of meter to keep a professional outlook. More often than not, flying arrows are utilized to direct the stare of viewers to important points. Thus, work on such areas to add a sort of glitter to your crafted work. 

Step 7: Include a Voiceover / Music

It’s best to use your own voiceover; nonetheless, you may ask someone else to do the voiceover if you’re shy. Adding a voiceover can capture the attention of your audience and mesmerize them completely in your own character cartoon animation. You can achieve the same outcome if you add sound or music to your video.

Ensure you select the music that goes well with your tone. If you choose to use your own voiceover, you can find online tools and utilize them with clarity in recording. Record the voiceover and edit it to integrate it into your video. 

Step 8: Analyze and Finalize Your Video

You have indeed completed making your cartoon animation video with your own cartoon character in it. Now, you should review the video and see if you have left any loopholes behind. Check the time each frame has taken to show up alongside the text alignment. Also, check the synchronization of the voiceover and the appearance of each letter.

Check everything in your video, including how your character appears, the body language, movement, and how gestures that go along with the tone. Analyze everything and edit if necessary before you finalize your own cartoon character video.      


You can make your own cartoon character to create an animated brand identity. Moreover, using your own cartoon character explainer video can help you increase conversions and strengthen the trust of your customers. Lastly, the following are the steps you need to go through to create an explainer video with your own animated cartoon character:

1.    Choose Your Preferred Animation Type
2.    Choose Your Animation Maker
3.    Create a Script for Your Own Cartoon Animation Video
4.    Choose a Ready-to-Use Template
5.    Make a Cartoon Character
6.    Add Supportive Elements
7.    Include a Voiceover / Music
8.    Analyze and Finalize Your Video


1. How Do You Create an Animated Character in Animator?

You can easily create an animated character in Animaker. Here are the steps you will need to follow to create an animated character in Animaker:Step 1: Sign up or log in with Animaker to get started.Step 2: Start creating your own animated character once you log in.Step 3: Select your character type.Step 4: Customize the character.Step 5: Finally, animate your character.

2. How Can You Make Your Cartoon Character Look Unique?

You will need to choose distinguishing details for your cartoon character to make it look unique. Deploying specific tropes or features can help you make your cartoon character look unique. Here are some of the ways you can make it happen:Showcase the eyes or hair of your character in a novel way.Deploy features to define your character, such as an injury you suffered that you could portray with a distinctive scar on the face of your cartoon character.Additionally, include something significant to highlight your cartoon character as unique. For example, you may show your cartoon character wearing your favorite watch.

3. What Does Character Animation Mean?

Character animation is a type of animation that entails movements, speech, or tones to bring characters to life. Besides, professional animators, such as at Glowza Digital can shape characters to undertake a certain personality, express specific emotions, etc.

4. What Makes a Good Animated Character?

When it comes to creating a good animated character, it is important that the character you create evoke some kind of emotional response from the viewers. Besides a good animated character is one that people can relate to and form an emotional connection with. You may understand it as follows: People have sympathy for positive characters and hatred for negative characters.