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Is a 3D Animated Video Better Than a 2D Video?

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One of the popular types of screen entertainment is animation. Besides, people around the world spend a significant amount of time watching animated videos. For the same reason, businesses also utilize animated videos, such as 3D animated videos for marketing. Moreover, viewers also react with joyful sentiments when they admire animated videos they watch.

Additionally, movie, television, and video game enthusiasts have a craving for fresh video content. Over time, technology has advanced when it comes to producing animated content, such as motion graphics videos, whiteboard animation, etc.

Further, brands have two options, in general, to produce animated videos and utilize them for promoting products and services. Those two options include 2D and 3D animated explainers. In this post, we are going to find out whether 3D animation is better than 2D or not. 

Logo and Animating It

What Is Animation Exactly?

Animation entails playing static images successfully (24 frames per second) that result in animated or moving content. 2D animation is the first form of animated content, which developed before other types of animation we see today.

Initially, 2D animation involved hand drawings or paintings when it first developed. 3D animated content is a new type of animated content that has developed over time with technological advancements. 3D animation also allows animators to best deploy technology for animation.

Furthermore, animators create 2D animation and 3D animation videos nowadays while relying on technology. Even stop motion, such as claymation, cutout animation, etc., utilize some elements of CGI (Computer Generated Imagery), which is 3D.

2D Animation and Its Techniques

Creating 2D animation simply involves the deployment of images in 2 dimensions, including height and weight. Furthermore, environments and characters appear flat in 2D videos, as 2D videos lack depth. The classic movies, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, the Lion King, etc, entailed 2D animation. 2D animation is a traditional animation method that involves the successive assembling of static images to create the illusion of motion.

Moreover, there are different techniques for creating 2D animation. The traditional method to create 2D animated videos involves hand drawings or paintings that animators put successfully frame by frame in order to convert them to a movie or 2D animated videos. Nowadays, animators can produce 2D animation via animation software. It also minimizes the time for their production.

Additionally, 2D animated videos are faster to produce than 3D animated videos. Further, 2D animated explainer videos prove more cost-effective for the business. In other words, the cost of hiring an animator for creating one-minute 2D animated explainers is generally less for businesses. Nonetheless, 2D animated videos also have a drawback, as it is hard to create naturing-looking motion via these videos. 

3D Animation and Its Techniques

If you recall the famous animated movie, “Toy Story,” you are recalling the first feature-length 3D animated video. Besides, Pixar Animation Studios developed the famous movie, “Toy Story.” Moreover, the advancement of technology has led to the production of blockbuster movies, like the Jungle Book, Avatar, etc.

Additionally, 3D animation allows animators to produce and stimulate real-life models and characters via the deployment of innovative technologies. For the same reason, businesses that deploy 3D animation for marketing can better evoke sentiments in their target audience. Animators express characters and environments in 3D animated videos in three dimensions, including height, width, and depth. Basically, 3D animation is the art of using motion to breathe life into characters.

3D animated videos also enhance the experiences of viewers in VR (Virtual Reality), gaming, and movies. You can also understand now: Why?

Moreover, the first step to creating 3D animation entails sketching out the concept art. Video animation agencies sketch out the concept to make scenes and characters look like in videos as their clients want. Afterward, animators create complete 3D models of objects and models to make sure they are producing an animation-ready model. Then, the animators texture and refine the model and characters for 3D animated video production. Besides, the main job of an animator for 3D animated video production is to give objects in 3D videos weight and timing to make them look real.

Additionally, you will find facial expressions and body movements of characters in 3D videos very fluid and real. For the same reason, 3D animated videos are great for brands to evoke animation in their audience.

Furthermore, the utilization of motion capture tools is a recent technique that animators adopt to produce 3D animated explainer videos. 3D animation production process via motion capture tools is becoming common in games and movies nowadays. 

Is 3D Animation Better Than 2D Animation?

The main difference between the two types of animation is that 2D animation is more artistic than 3D animation. Contrarily, 3D animated explainer videos are more mechanical and realistic. In terms of graphics and appeals, 3D animation has the upper hand over 2D animated videos. However, 2D animated videos generally cost businesses less to produce, unlike 3D animated videos. Therefore, creating 2D animation is cost-effective for businesses with a tight budget.

Put differently, there is no exact answer to whether 3D animation is better than 2D animation or not. You can go for a 3D animated video for branding if budget is not a big deal for you and you want to better evoke emotions in your customers. Contrarily, 2D animation will also do for you if you have a tight budget and want to inspire your customers. Besides, 3D animations give viewers the feeling they are in the real world. Hence, it is always a better choice when you want to create videos with realistic animation.


People across the globe spend a lot of time watching animated videos. Businesses also deploy animated videos, such as 3D animated and 2D videos for marketing for the same reason. 2D animation is a traditional animation technique that entails width and height but no depth.

Contrarily, 3D animation entails width, height, and depth. 2D animation has a drawback when it comes to animation because you cannot create natural-looking motion via it. Conversely, 3D animated videos allow animators to bring characters to life. To sum up, 3D animation is more realistic than 2D animation but costs more to produce, unlike 2D animated explainers. 


1. Which Animation Style Is Better to Create, 2D or 3D Animation?

It all depends on your personal preference whether to create animated videos as 2D animated or 3D animated. Both 2D and 3D animated videos have their advantages and disadvantages. For example, 3D animated videos will best suit your needs if you are looking to create high-animated videos for marketing purposes. Contrarily, 2D animated will suit your needs the best when you need to create animated videos for branding with a tight budget.

2. What Are the Pros and Cons of 2D and 3D Animated Videos?

The following are the pros of 2D animated videos:2D animated explainer videos are cost-effective.2D animated videos are faster to produce.It is easier to update 2D animated videos, unlike live-action explainer videos2D animated videos are adaptable and convertible into static graphic design elements, like PowerPoint designs, infographics, etc.Here are the cons of 2D animated videos:2D animated videos are boring as compared to 3D animated explainer videos as they lack depth.You are limited to certain design aesthetics with 2D animated videos, as they have no depth but width and height.The following are the pros of 3D animated videos:3D animated explainer videos are breath-taking to watch.3D animated explainer videos are dynamic because they are operated within a 3-dimensional space.3D animated explainer videos allow businesses to get a better ROI (Return on Investment) unlike 2D animated videos.Additionally, 3D animated explainer videos can be repurposed for interactive options. For instance, you can deploy 3D animation as an interactive feature on your website.Here are the cons of 3D animated videos:3D animated videos are generally costlier to create than 2D animated videos.Additionally, it takes a little longer to produce 3D animated videos as compared to 2D animated videos.Further, 3D animated videos are labor-intensive because all animators cannot produce them.

3. Why Do People Like 3D Animation Videos More Than 2D Animation Videos?

3D animation videos are more realistic because they entail realistic visuals, such as lighting effects, minute details, and textures, unlike 2D animated videos. By the same token, 3D animated videos are more attractive than 2D animated videos. Hence, people like 3D animated explainer videos more than 2D animated videos.

4. Which Type of Explainer Video Is Cheaper to Create, 2D Animation or 3D Animation?

Creating 3D animated explainer videos is more expensive than 2D animated videos. Additionally, 2D animated explainer videos are faster to produce than 3D animated explainer videos because they do not entail a complex process for production as compared to 3D animated videos. Creating 2D animated videos costs less than 3D animated videos because animators can create them faster than 3D animated videos and they also lack complexity when it comes to video production.

5. Why Are 2D Animated Videos Still Popular?

2D animated explainer videos are still popular because of the benefits they come with. These videos are cost-effective to produce, easily sharable, and often used in mobile games, commercials, and television series. Hence, 2D animated explainer videos are still popular today though 3D animated video explainers are of high quality as compared to the former.