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Logo Animation: Best Practices

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A logo is the face of your company and your brand identity at the same time. Additionally, the way you present your logo to the audience will imprint your brand identity in their minds. One of the ways you can present your brand identity is through logo animation. Moreover, an animated logo can take many forms, from GIFs (Graphics Interchange Formats) to an animated video of a minute.

Additionally, the way you present your logo is critical to your success or failure. In this post, we shall discuss with you how you may animate your logo, plus best practices for logo animation.

Logo and Animating It

How Should You Animate Your Company Logo?

Firstly, we shall like to clear a common misconception that people have about animated logos. The misconception is that animating a logo consumes time and costs money, too. Of course, hiring an expert to animate your brand identity will cost you some money. However, you will also get a more return on investment if a professional animates your logo. A professional can animate your brand identity in a creative and impressive manner. As a result, the audience will better recognize your brand while clearly distinguishing it from your competitors.

Moreover, there are some low-cost methods, too, for animating logos. For example, logo makers have hundreds of templates that allow people to animate their brand identity within minutes. Using templates does not also require any technical or graphic design skills. If you cannot hire a professional animator to create an animated logo for your brand for any reason, you may give it a try to logo animation maker. Here is the process that you will need to go through to animate your logo via a logo animation maker:      

1.    Choose a template while browsing the broad catalog of logo animation templates. Make sure you choose one that best fits the unique style of your brand.
2.    Personalize the template while changing the color palettes, style, font, etc. 
3.    Additionally, you can upload your logo image and edit the text, plus add music or voice-over to the animated video of your logo.
4.    Export your logo animation to your desired quality once you make all changes and share it with others.

Best Practices for Animating a Logo

There are best practices for animating a logo that professionals stick to and create one-of-a-kind animated logos for brands. The following are the practices you should follow to make sure your animated brand identity stands out:

1. Choose the Right Length:

The entire length of your logo animation is contingent on your personal goals. If you want to animate a logo in a GIF format, keep your animation under 5 seconds. Additionally, keep your animation between 10 to 60 seconds to use logo animation for social media ads. Keep the length 3 to 10 seconds for intros and outros. Further, you have flexibility in terms of length to post your animation as a feed video. It is best that you keep your animation short and simple while including only essential elements.

Otherwise, you will only bore your audience, as the average attention span of the audience is quite short.

2. Personalize a Logo for Your Brand:

Any media content with an animated logo of a brand should correspond with its business values and mission. In other words, it is important for brands to tailor their logo animation that reflects their business colors and design elements. For the same reason, it is important that you personalize your animated logo that authenticates your brand. It may seem a subtle technique to animate a logo. However, it is also a powerful technique to provide your animated logo with a unique personality.

Moreover, customized logo animation that professionals can make will make it easier for your animation to stand out from others. You can also find many logo animators online who can animate your brand identity tailored to your business needs. We recommend you research the cost of hiring an animator first prior to hiring a professional for logo animation. It will help you find and choose the right animator to create your animated logo as per your needs and budget.

3. Try to Evoke Emotions in Your Audience:

We often forget the name of things; nonetheless, we hardly forget how they made us feel. For the same reason, it is important that you make your audience feel something with your animated logo. Put differently, you will need to evoke emotions in your target audience to make them feel something about your brand. In order to accomplish it, you must convey a distinct emotion or value about your brand via your logo animation.

Moreover, the marketing strategy of Coca-Cola perfectly reflects this practice. Coca-Cola Company has been building its brands around the Christmas spirit for decades through commercials. It has been trying to provoke the feelings of warmth and expectations linked with Christmas. You should also try to evoke positive feelings in the audience about your brand via your animated logo. At the same time, it is important that you evoke emotions in them while reflecting your brand identity.

Where May You Use an Animated Logo?

Animated logos are a powerful tool when it comes to depicting a brand identity. Furthermore, you can use your animated logo in various places and increase your brand awareness. You can utilize your logo animation in different places, which we have mentioned below:

a.    Intros and Outros of an explainer video
b.    Promotional or marketing videos
c.    Branded videos about your company
d.    Websites and blogs 
e.    Online advertisements (ads)


One of the methods you have to effectively depict your brand identity to the audience is logo animation. Further, there are best practices that businesses need to follow to make their animated logos stand out. The following are the three best practices that brands can adhere to and make their animated brand identity stand out:

1.    Choose the Right Length  
2.    Personalize a Logo for Your Brand
3.    Try to Evoke Emotions in Your Audience

Lastly, there are various places where you can use an animated logo. Websites, blogs, and promotional videos, to name some of them.


1. What Makes a High-Quality Logo Animation?

Viewers can judge the quality of logo animation in the first three seconds. For the same reason, it is important you come up with a high-quality logo animation for your brand. Besides, the following are essential qualities of a high-quality logo animation:Logo animation needs to be dynamic to capture and maintain the viewers’ interest.Do not show your animated logo at once to make it stand out.Keep your logo animation as short as possible, under 10 seconds at most.Most importantly, your logo animation must have cohesive elements; put differently, elements in your logo animation must relate to your brand.

2. How Long Should Logo Animation for My Brand Last?

The best practice when it comes to the length of logo animation is that you keep your animation short. Additionally, you should not come up with a complex animation for your logo. Professional animators recommend businesses should keep videos of their animated logo under ten seconds.

3. What Are 3 Golden or Key Rules For Creating Effective Logo Animation?

Here are the three key rules to come up with a one-of-a-kind logo animation for your brand and make it stand out:Make sure your animated logo is appropriate and successfully relates to your brandAdditionally, you should make sure your animated logo is distinctive from your competitors and memorable at the same time.Most importantly, your animated logo should be simple for your target audience to understand.

4. Why Does a Brand Needs an Animated Logo?

Animated logos are a modern and dynamic way to portray your brand identity to the audience. You can show your brand character in an interesting way to your audience with your logo animation. Moreover, brands have many good reasons to create an animated logo, and we have mentioned a few of those below:Creating a custom-animated logo by the hands of a professional, such as a video animation agency like Glowza Digital helps brands come up with an original image.Animated logos help brands win more customers while promoting their brand identity in a fascinating manner to the target audience.