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Logo Animation Service That Put Brands in the Spotlight

As an esteemed logo animation service, we believe in creating a high-quality animated business logo for our clients. We also have the best logo designers who create animated logos for brands that stand out. Our experience and dedication allow us to create an animated logo for a video that justifies a brand fully.

Glowza Digital has a positive reputation for crafting perfect business logos for brands. We also do research before putting together logo PSDs for our clients. With our experience and creative logo designers at work, we create custom logo animation to put brands in the spotlight.

Benefits of an Animated Business Logo

Captures Attention

Capturing the attention of humans in this era is not easy. Even research backs up this fact. Brands need to do whatever they can to grab the attention of their audience. A cool animated logo is perfect for capturing the attention of the audience. An outstanding logo can tell a lot about your product and brand. Plus, we are an expert at creating an animated business logo for brands that captures attention.

Communicate Brand Stories

Animated logos attract eyes, and help people relate themselves to brands. When you connect an animated logo with a story, it does wonders for a company. Creating an animated logo for a video help brands effectively tell their stories to the customers. Plus, we are the best at creating custom logo animation for a video that helps brands communicate with their audience effectively.

Evoke Emotions

Emotions evoke people to make decisions, according to the analysis. Moreover, an animated logo more effectively evokes the feelings of people, in contrast to a static logo. If you can trigger emotions of your customers in the very beginning, you can convince them to take the action you want them to take. Animated logos aid in evoking the emotions of the customers and eventually connect them with brands.

Create an Animated Logo for a Video with Glowza Digital

We have a positive reputation for creating unmatched logo animations for videos of our clients. Whether you are looking to create a 3D animated logo or a 2D animated logo for your explainer video, you can count on us. Our professional logo designers know the best way to animate a logo. They create perfect custom animated logos to help brands shine on a digital radar. We are your best bet to create an animated logo for a video because of the following:

  We creative personalized logos

▸  Our pricing offers are competitive

▸  We grant you 100% logo ownership rights

▸  We develop iconic animated business logos

What Services Do We Offer besides Custom Logo Animation?

We develop first-rate 2D and 3D animated explainer videos as a reputable explainer video production company. Our team of creative professionals with vast experience in animated video production has made us a reliable explainer video production company. We can develop an animated explainer video, video ads, whiteboard animation, 3D animations, etc., besides creating animated business logos. Since our establishment to date, we have made high-quality custom logo animations for our clients, relating to the following industries:


▸  Technology

▸  Marketing & Advertising

▸  Corporate

▸  Finance

▸  Education

▸  Retail

▸  And More

Why Choose Our Logo Animation Service?

We use creative thinking to come up with unique and highly engaging animated business logos. Our creative team of logo designers deploy out-of-the-box thinking to create an animated logo for a video that delivers optimal results to our clients. Here is why you may choose our logo animation service:

1. Our Prices Are Competitive: We have a competitive and affordable pricing model for our clients, with no hidden charges. Thus, you don’t need to worry about how much logo animations will cost you if you choose us. Once you tell us your requirements, we shall tell you the overall cost of creating an animated business logo to help you plan your budget accordingly.

2. Quick Turnaround Time: We respect the fact that you love the quick execution of your animated business logo. As soon as we understand your requirements for an animated logo, we shall immediately start working on creating it. Our well-organized workflow with quick planning and execution allows us to deliver animated logos to our clients on time.

3. Several Revisions: Sometimes, an animated logo can fall short of your expectations, or you may want to fine-tune an animated logo. We offer several revisions at different stages of a logo development process to make sure your ultimate logo entirely meets your expectations.

4. Client-Driven Approach: We work with a client-driven approach and focus on your requirements to ensure your complete satisfaction with the final product.

Narrate Your Brand Story Effectively with Custom Logo Animation

Business Development: We create captivating custom logo animations for businesses that strongly connect brands with their customers.

Engagement: The main focus of our logo animation service is to develop animated logos that stimulate. Plus, amalgamating your animated brand identity with an explainer video can make your brand attract even more customers.

Enhance Your Online Presence: Uniquely convey the message about your brand to the customers with a higher level of engagement with an animated business logo and increase your brand awareness online.


Animated logos mean revealing the identity of your company, business, or brand via 2D or 3D animations. Animated business logos feature transitions and motion effects to make a business logo memorable. Besides, we are the best at creating animated logos for explainer videos.

There is no fixed price for developing custom logo animations. It depends on your requirements and specific needs. Besides, the price to creating a custom logo animation increases when you need to develop specifically customized animated business logos with the inclusion of special effects like fire, water drop, etc. Nonetheless, our prices for creating animated logos are competitive. Moreover, we develop animated logos for an animated explainer video, NFT video, 2D & 3D animated video, etc., based on the needs of our clients.

All the rights to animated logo designs are reserved for our customers and customers alone. Glowza Digital doesn’t keep the rights when designing custom animated logos. No rights of logos we design for our clients belong to our designer, developer, or a business owner. Custom animated logo rights are all yours if you choose us to create an animated logo for your brand.

Yes, we create 3D animated logo designs, too, besides 2D animated logos for businesses. You only need to tell us your requirements for a logo and the sort of animated logo you are after. Then, we shall start developing a 3D animated logo or 2D animated logo tailored to your needs once you agree to choose us for logo animation.

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