Reasons to Use Animated Videos on Social Media Platforms

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Animated explainer videos allow brands to tell their brand story more comprehensibly to the target audience. Besides, 65% of people learn visually, and 90% of the information that our brain receives well is visual. Even molecular biologist John Medina says, “vision is our dominant sense. Plus, visual information in our brain processes 60,000 times faster than text.” You can find loads of visual content on social media these days for the same reason. You may also want to use animated videos for marketing on social media after seeing the following statistics about videos:

•    64% of viewers will likely buy your product after watching an animated video. 
•    One-third of social media users spend time watching videos online. 
•    YouTube users watch more than 3 billion hours of video in a month.

Logo and Animating It

Why Use Animated Videos on Social Media?

If videos are not a part of your content marketing strategy, it is time you start using animated videos on social media. The statistics we mentioned earlier are enough to justify the power of videos. Moreover, you can attract more customers to your products or services via animated explainers. It is because video explainers are fun to watch provided that you get them right. It means you should ensure your animated explainer clearly sets you apart from your competitors.

Further, you can come up with brilliant animated explainers if you hire the right video animation agency. At the same time, it is important that you first research the cost of hiring an animator for video production. It will ensure you hire the right company for your animated video production.

Moreover, you have many good reasons to animate videos and use your videos on social media. Here they are:

1. Animated Videos Are Attention-Grabbing:

Internet users and people on social media have a short attention span. For the same reason, they do not spend much time on the WWW (World Wide Web) watching videos or articles. Nonetheless, animated explainer videos evoke emotions in viewers and increase conversions for businesses for the same reason.

In other words, these videos make your target audience follow your brand story and act accordingly. Besides, animated explainers are the least intrusive marketing strategy that businesses use today to promote their products and services. At the same time, they are attention-grabbing. Hence, it should make sense for a brand to use animated videos on social media to reach the masses and increase conversions.

2. Video Explainers Help Viewers Digest Complex Information in a Simple Manner:

Animated videos bring concepts to life, and the same holds for logo animation that gives static brand identity a new breath. With animated explainers, you can make characters talk the way you want, fly, or travel in time. By the same token, these videos are great for showcasing a product mechanism and service processes.

Moreover, it is a good idea to use animation to explain complex concepts to your potential customers on social media. Animated explainer videos are perfect for brands to make viewers digest complex information in a simple manner.

3. Animated Explainers Let Customers Recognize Brands:

Most of us associate cartoons with the good times we had in our childhood. It is because watching animated cartoons or characters makes us sentimental. Furthermore, animated explainers have the power to filter out our negative emotions plus help us fight depression. 
In addition, animated explainer videos help people recognize brands when they get them right. According to animation experts, “the key to making video explainers stand out is that you keep their length short.” Businesses that keep their video explainers to idea length, that is, 30 to 90 seconds get the most out of them.

Furthermore, it is understandable to keep the length of the explainer video short due to the short attention span of the viewers. Besides, customers easily recognize brands that make engaging yet short video explainers to promote their products and services.

Additionally, when animated videos go viral on social media, brands get more recognition. Nonetheless, it is important that businesses make brilliant explainers to get more social media shares and increase their brand awareness.

4. Social Media Users Love Watching Animated Content and Sharing It:

People love entertainment whether it is business talk or educational content. Moreover, the more entertaining your animated video is, the more people will share it. It means your video will get more shares on YouTube, Facebook, etc. if it is entertaining to watch. Besides, animation in a video substantially increases its entertainment factor. Social media users love watching animated video content. For the same reason, animated videos go viral on social media in no time.      

5. Almost Anything Is Possible with Animated Video Content:

When it comes to video animation for marketing, almost anything is possible. You can use animated video content to meet your diverse marketing needs. For instance, you can count on them for product demonstrations, infographics, release announcements, etc. Marketers from reputable companies understand the power of animated video content. By the same token, they use animated explainer videos on social media to tweak their marketing campaigns. 

6. Animated Explainer Video Production Does Not Cost Businesses an Arm and a Leg:

One advantage of animated explainer videos is that businesses do not need to break the bank to produce them. More often than not, they cost businesses less to produce, unlike live-action explainer videos. It is because brands do not need to spend money on hiring actors, booking a shooting location, etc., to produce animated explainers. They only need to hire an animator and need a fraction of the effort to produce video explainers. 

Moreover, esteemed video animation agencies help brands create one-of-a-kind and cost-effective animated video ads for social media platforms.  


Animated videos allow brands to explain their products and services to customers in a comprehensible fashion. Further, making animated videos a part of a social media marketing strategy is beneficial for brands in various ways. Moreover, brands have many good reasons to use animated videos on social media. Lastly, the following are reasons for brands to use animated videos on social media platforms:

1.    Animated Videos Are Attention-Grabbing
2.    Video Explainers Help Viewers Digest Complex Information in a Simple Manner
3.    Animated Explainers Let Customers Recognize Brands
4.    Social Media Users Love Watching Animated Content and Sharing It
5.    Almost Anything Is Possible with Animated Video Content
6.    Animated Explainer Video Production Does Not Cost Businesses an Arm and a Leg


1. Why Animated Video Is the Best Strategy When It Comes to Social Media Marketing

Animations are highly appealing with the potential to keep viewers’ attention. Further, you may already be aware of it that the attention span of internet users is short. Still, animated videos of short duration have the power to evoke strong emotions in viewers, which also allows viewers to relate themselves to a particular video. For the same reason, using animated videos for social media marketing can help brands effectively boost their awareness.

2. What Can Animated Videos be Used for?

There are many applications when it comes to using animated videos. For instance, you may use these videos for training or tutorial purposes. Further, you can use animated explainer videos to demonstrate a certain process to your audience. Or may use these videos to explain products and services to your target audience.

3. Why Are Animated Explainer Videos Very Popular?

Motion picture draws the attention of human more than static images. Further, animated videos feature moving objects and cartoon characters to grasp viewers’ attention. Besides, viewers also start relating themselves to characters they see in animated videos. It also makes these videos fun to watch and share with others. Moreover, animated explainer videos are also an effective marketing tool due to their appeal and versatility. Hence, there are many reasons to justify the popularity of animated videos.

4. Why Should You Use Animated Videos for Social Media Marketing?

You have many good reasons to use animated videos for social media marketing, which we have mentioned below:Animated explainer videos allow your brand to capture the audience’s attention.These videos let businesses explain complex concepts with ease.Animated videos help viewers easily remember the message that the business wanted to convey.Animated videos are fun to watch, which also make them highly sharable on social media.Animated videos on social media can boost traffic to your website.