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Tips on Animating a Logo without After Effects


Traditional advertising techniques have become less effective over time. According to research, “branded content is 22 times more engaging than display advertisements.” Further, people, these days want to see content from companies they follow. There are various ways you can depict your brand image to customers these days and stand out. One of the ways you can stand out among your customers while setting your brand apart from the competition is via logo animation.

Further, we are going to share some tips with you in this post concerning how you can animate your logo. Moreover, the tips we are going to share with you will help you animate your brand identity without After Effects.  

Logo and Animating It

Understanding What Logo Animation Is?

Animated logos or moving logos are logos that feature animation to depict a brand identity. Besides, human eyes are prone to noticing things that move. Therefore, creating an animated brand identity can help you attract more customers to your brands. In other words, moving logos work more effectively than static logos. Therefore, it should make sense to you why you should animate your logo.

Why Animate Your Logo?

You may think that your static logo is compelling enough to associate with your brand. Further, you may also not think of animating your logo. Think again! Animating your logo can help you take customer engagement with your brand a step forward. It is because animation emphasizes a brand identity, and the same holds for a logo. Besides, you can emotionally connect with your customers if you make an animated video of your logo. It will also give your business a competitive advantage if you create your animated brand identity.

Where May You Use an Animated Logo?

Logo animation is beneficial for different types of videos. For instance, it is great to use in explainer videos and product demonstrations. Moreover, you may also deploy your animated brand identity in video outros and on your website. It will definitely help you reach a wider audience and increase your brand awareness, too.

How Can You Animate a Logo without After Effects?

We are going to help you animate your logo without After Effects and with Wave. Video in two ways. Without further ado, let us jump into those methods

Method 1: Using Wave.Video (Free Online Video Editor) to Animate Your Logo with a CTA and Effects

In Wave, Video Editor, the final video has several video clips. Further, you can add a Call to Action (CTA) at the end of each scene using the same editor. Here are the steps you need to follow to animate your logo with Wave.Video Editor

Step 1: Select a scene where you want your animated brand identity to show up. Next, click the field, “Add call to action”.

Step 2: Upload your logo once you have added a CTA to the scene. You can upload your logo if you click the sign “Add logo”.

Step 3: Once you have your logo in place, you can animate it via three different effects. For instance, you can choose, Fade, Zoom with fade, or Zoom with slide. Here is what you should expect from the aforementioned effects:

1.  Fade effect: It will make the animation subtle but visible.
2.  Zoom with fade effect: It will almost work the same way as the fade effect but has a bit more animation effect. 
3.  Zoom with slide: It is a dynamic animation effect, and it will make your logo move. 

Method 2: Deploying Wave.Video (Free Online Video Editor) to Animate Your Logo Image with Animation Effects

You can animate your logo as an image to your video following its animation via this method. Here are the steps you will need to follow to do it:

Step 1: Head over to the step, “Graphics & Stickers” in Wave.Video, which you can find in the menu on the left. 

Step 2: Adjust the position of your video on the screen while freely moving your image around and putting it where you want. 

Step 3: Now, add an animation effect from the five different options that you have there.

Tips to Effectively Animate Your Logo without After Effects

Here are our five tips to help you effectively animate your logo via Wave.Video:

1. Choose a Contrasting Background:

If you want others to notice your logo, you should use a contrasting background. It is important that you see how your logo looks on a light background.

2. Smartly Play with the Text:

You may have a logo with the name of your company or anything else. Further, you may want such elements to work together nicely for you. However, it is important that you do not just deploy animation effects for experimenting with your text. We mean to say that you should play with the text in your logo smartly to animate your logo.

3. Stay Consistent with Your Animation:

You may want to use an animated logo for your video outro. If you do, you should make sure your animated logo is consistent with your visuals. It means you should use the same effect for every outro you use on your channel, like YouTube channel. 

4. Make Sure Your Logo Is Not Too Big:

You won’t want your animated logo to look overwhelming when people see it. For the same reason, it is important that you do not make your logo or its text look big. It is specifically important if you decide to use it on a plain background than an image or a video.

Further, it is best sometimes to leave a brand logo as it is. For example, you may need to put your static logo on the top of a video to avoid overwhelming your viewers. Additionally, if you really want your animated brand identity to stand out, it is best that your hire a professional. It is also imperative that you research the cost of logo animation when you decide to hire a logo animator. It will help you choose the right animator to come up with your logo animation and stand out among your competitors. 

To Make a Long Story Short

Keep the following tips in mind while you animate your logo without After Effects:

1.    Choose a Contrasting Background
2.    Smartly Play with the Text
3.    Stay Consistent with Your Animation
4.    Make Sure Your Logo Is Not Too Big


1. What Is the Use of an Animated Logo?

When someone talks to you about a logo, a static logo of a company typically comes into your mind, like the Apple logo, FedEx logo, McDonald’ss logo, etc. However, many businesses also have animated logos or custom logo animations for their business. Additionally, businesses have many good reasons to have a custom animated logo. Further, we have mentioned a few reasons why a brand needs to have a custom animated logo:Brands with custom logo animations have better recognition among their customers as compared to brands with static logo designs only.Additionally, custom logo animations help brands create an original brand identity to stand out in the competition.

2. How Can I Make an Animated Logo for Free, Further Will It Really Benefit My Business?

Nowadays, you have many free tools to create an animated logo for your brand for free. For example, you have applications/software like RenderForestsoftware Design Free Logo, Animaker, etc., to create an animated logo for free. Still, using a free application or software to create your logo is not going to get the exclusive rights to use it, including trademark and copyrights because logos are generally eligible for both copyright and trademark. Contrarily, hiring a professional animator, such as one from Glowza Digital to create your custom logo animation is going to benefit your business with an original brand identity while helping you protect the exclusive rights of your logo and trademark.

3. Where May I Use My Custom Logo Animation?

You can deploy custom logo animations in various ways to make the most out of your original brand identity. We recommend businesses use custom logo animations for the following:Presentations,Video Intros,Video Outros,Product Demonstrations.

4. Why Should I Hire a Professional Animator to Create an Animated Logo When I Can Create It for Free?

Of course, you can create an animated logo for free without using high-end programs, like Adobe After Effects and Autodesk Maya. Still, it is not going to help your brand to create an original brand identity if you rely on a free application or software to create your logo. Nonetheless, hiring a professional animator to create your animated brand identity is going to help your brand in various ways though it is going to cost you a few hundred dollars to $1000 plus to create a 2D or a 3D animated logo for your brand, respectively. Besides, here are some of the noticeable benefits you get with a custom logo animation for your brand.Your Brand Gets an Original Identity.Additionally, It Aids Your Brand with Increased Brand Awareness.It Also Allows Your Customers to Better Connect with Your Brand.