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Tips to Create Animated Explainer Videos within Your Budget

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At times, businesses have a limited budget to create an explainer video and promote their brand image. However, it is not also easy for businesses to create one-of-a-kind animated videos for branding within their budget. Fortunately, there are video animation agencies that can help businesses create stunning explainer videos without crossing the budget mark. In addition, there are some handy tips that businesses can exploit to create amazing explainer videos for branding. Moreover, we are going to share those tips with you in this post. You may also capitalize on those tips when you need to create an animated video with a tight budget.

Before sharing our tips with you considering budget-friendly explainer video production, we shall like you to know the elements that affect the production costs of explainer videos.

Logo and Animating It

Elements that Impact Production Costs of Explainer Videos

The following are the elements that serve as a determinant of production costs of explainer videos:

1. Animation Style:

When it comes to creating animated explainer videos, you have many styles to choose from. 3D animation, 2D animation, motion graphics, and whiteboard animation, to name some of them. Further, each animation style will cost you differently. Besides, animators determine the animation cost based on the level of difficulty to create a specific style explainer video.

2. The Complexity of a Concept:

Another element that determines the cost of animated explainer videos is the complexity of the animation. Besides, the animation concept that requires more characters, intricate movements, and more details will cost you more.

3. The Length of an Explainer Video:

The longer the length of an explainer video, the more it will cost businesses to create an explainer video. However, video animation agencies recommend businesses keep the length of explainer videos under 2 minutes. Explainer video companies recommend it because the attention span of the audience is poor for lengthy videos. Moreover, the opposite is true about short explainer videos.

4. Production Rate:

Lastly, it is the production rate that determines the cost of animated video production. Professional animators determine it as per the animation minutes that businesses want to utilize to create an explainer video.

Handy Tips to Create an Explainer Video within Your Budget?

Here are our four handy tips for businesses to create an explainer video within their budget:

1. Choose the Most Effective, Yet Plausible Animation Style:

3D animation is your best option to create animation videos on eLearning courses that require high precision. However, 3D animation is also the most expensive animation style to create an explainer video. Furthermore, utilizing lower-quality elements in 3D graphic design can lead to a bad experience for target audiences. 

On the other hand, you have the option to choose 2D animation to create an explainer video. You can describe complex concepts explicitly to your audience via basic 2D animated explainer videos. Besides, whiteboard or motion graphics are some of the cheapest alternatives you have to create explainer videos for branding. The aforementioned animation styles require limited movements but still are quite informative to use for storytelling and information delivery.

In addition, you must determine your objective beforehand to make the right decision for an explainer video animation style. Try to find the answer to the following questions to choose the most effective yet affordable animation style:

a.    Do I need to create an animated video for eLearning?
b.    Am I looking to create a stunning explainer video that can effectively grab the customers’ attention?

2. Limit the Production Scope of the Video You Want to Create:

You can still develop an animated explainer video within a tight budget if you limit the scope of your video. For instance, you can limit the number of characters, scenes, and level of motion in your video. Moreover, here is how you can benefit if you limit the production scope of your explainer video:

•  Limiting the characters in a video will reduce the cost of video production for you. Besides, characters in an explainer video evoke emotions in the target audience of a business. Most animated explainer videos still look good with one or two characters. However, you can replace characters with iconographies if your video requires more characters.

•  In addition, limiting the scenes in your video will benefit you while reducing its production time. You will also save some cost on video production if you reduce scenes in your explainer video.

•  Sticking to traditional cuts and simple transitions will save you cost, unlike explainer videos with more transitions and movements. Nevertheless, the level of difficulty to create motions will also increase the price of video production. Besides, basic motions are less expensive to produce than complex movements.

3. Limit the Animation Minutes:

Typically, animation studios will charge you rates for explainer videos on a minute-by-minute basis. It means you will need to pay more for explainer videos with a longer duration and vice versa. We have already mentioned to you that explainer video companies recommend businesses create explainer videos of a shorter length. It is also beneficial in the sense short explainer videos have a high attention span of the audience. First and foremost, creating an explainer video of a short length will help you save money.

4. Choose an Affordable Video Animation Agency:

You can save almost fifty percent of your money on video production if you choose the right video animation agency. In addition, you will get a video of the same quality even if you choose an affordable video animation agency. Basically, the cost of animation varies from location to location and labor costs. 

Further, you can still create a high-quality explainer video at a reasonable cost even if you choose an explainer video company from a high-income country, such as the USA. Moreover, choosing a credible explainer video company to create an animated explainer video will eventually pay you off. We recommend you discuss your options for animation styles first with an explainer video company within your budget. It will help you create an explainer video production of high quality while sticking to your budget.

To Finish

Here is a recap of our handy tips for businesses to create animated explainer videos within their budget:

a.    Choose the Most Effective, Yet Plausible Animation Style
b.    Limit the Production Scope of the Video You Want to Create
c.    Limit the Animation Minutes
d.    Choose an Affordable Video Animation Agency


1. Are Animated Explainer Videos Costly to Produce?

The cost of an explainer video can range from $5000 to $35000, provided that there are several factors that impact the cost of animated video production, like the animation style, project length, etc. According to data available online for a 1-minute explainer video in 2D or 3D animation style, the cost can range from $8000 to $50000 or $10000 to $200000, respectively. Initially, it may seem explainer videos of a minute or 2 are costly to produce when you choose a professional video production company, such as Glowza Digital for it. However, the benefits they come up with outdo the cost of explainer video production in the long run for businesses.

2. What Is the Average Budget for Producing an Animated Video of 90 Seconds?

The average budget for producing an animated explainer video of 90 seconds is $10000 to $15000. Nevertheless, some animators may charge you $6000 top $10000 or $15000 to $25000, based on their skills and experience in the production of animated videos.

3. What Are Some Tips on Creating Animated Videos Cost-Effectively?

Here are some good tips on creating animated videos cost-effectively:Keep your video short and simple.Give your animator plenty of background materials in advance for video production.Understand the needs of your audience beforehand before creating your video.Make sure an explainer video company you choose fits your budget.Consider creating a 2D explainer video rather than a 3D animated video.

4. Is It Cheaper to Produce 2D Animated or 3D Animated Videos?

In general, 2D animated explainer videos cost less to produce than 3D animated videos. Besides, there are different reasons why 2D animated videos cost less to produce. For example, 2D animated videos do not require animators to create animation frame by frame, which eventually reduces the production time and cost of 2D animated video production. Put differently, 2D animation consumes less time of an animator as compared to 3D animated or stop motion graphics videos. Hence, 2D animated explainer videos are cheaper to produce than 3D animated explainer videos