Top 10 Reasons to Use a Whiteboard Video

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Animated videos, such as whiteboard videos have a high attention span. Besides, whiteboard animation makes excellent use of hand-drawn graphics or drawings or a whiteboard-like background. It is a highly effective animation style to choose and deliver a business message visually. There are also other styles of animated explainer videos, such as motion graphics, 3D animation, and others. However, whiteboard animation has a unique place among different styles of animated videos. We are also going to share with you the top reasons to choose this style to deliver your message. 

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Top 10 Reasons to Choose a Whiteboard Video

The following are the top reasons you have to choose whiteboard animation:

1. Whiteboard Videos Are Good for Corporate Meetings:

You may know that corporate meetings can go tedious and monotonous for some reasons. One of the reasons they can go dull is the series of slides the presenter has to go through to deliver. Boring corporate meetings are not what employees and managers enjoy alike. 

Nevertheless, you can make your corporate meetings stand out if you deploy whiteboard videos. These videos are a perfect tool for turning boring presentations into fun. The colorful pictures and characters won’t only make it convenient for you to deliver key points in a presentation. But also add spice to your corporate meetings. Therefore, you have a good reason to utilize whiteboard animation for corporate meetings.

2. These Videos Are Cost-Effective:

Whiteboard animation is cheaper to produce, unlike live-action videos. We have also crossed the era when people used overdramatic advertisements to sell products and services. Nowadays, people want to watch stuff that makes sense to them. Further, spending a massive amount of money nowadays is not also a smart strategy from a marketing perspective. It is where whiteboard videos can come into play their role as cost-effective videos.

Moreover, you can better connect with your customer base with a well-crafted explainer video, such as whiteboard animation. You do not also have to worry about how much the animation will cost if you choose whiteboard animation. These videos are cheaper to create than 3D animated videos. Hence, you can stick to them for branding if you have a tight budget to create an explainer video.

3. These Videos Can Go Viral in No Time:

Another good reason you have to choose whiteboard animation is its appeal. Besides, whiteboard videos typically remain trending on YouTube. Moreover, you cannot deny the fact that 90 percent of customers prefer watching videos online.

Other than marketing, you can also deploy whiteboard animation to educate the audience. Explainer videos in a whiteboard style are likable and sharable. Additionally, you can expect to reach the masses in no time with the sharing of your brilliant whiteboard video on social media.

4. Whiteboard Videos Are Easy to Comprehend:

Assume you are a teacher who wants to help students while posting online lectures. Or you share insightful knowledge with others, as a subject expert. In such scenarios, you will want to create content for your audience that they can easily understand. You can use whiteboard animation to help your target audience easily grasp the concept you want to share with them.

Further, please do not forget that motion catches attention. If you have already heard of mirror neurons, you may already know that deploying animation in videos makes it easier for viewers to grasp the message. Thus, you should take advantage of whiteboard animation to make your audience understand your message.

5. Whiteboard Animation Is Easy to Create:

Another benefit of whiteboard animation is that creating it does not involve any rocket science. You do not require expensive equipment to create it. You can create these videos with animation software you have expertise in. Still, a better approach to creating whiteboard animation is to hire an animator.

Besides, you can expect to get the most out of your investment if you hire a professional to create it. Additionally, relying on a video animation agency will also save you valuable time that you may spend try creating it on your own.

6. These Videos Are Ideal for Communicating Complex Ideas:

You may need to present intricate details to a team of professionals as a businessperson. Or you may need to create a lecture around complex topics and deliver it to students s a teacher. You can rely on videos in a whiteboard style in either of the preceding scenarios to accomplish your purpose. Whiteboard animations are beneficial for communicating complex ideas to the audience. Hence, you can choose them for communicating complex concepts or ideas. 

7. Whiteboard Animation Helps Audience Retain the Information:

According to an award-winning professor of Psychology: “whiteboard videos increase the retention rate of the viewers by 15%”. Besides, viewers retain 90% of the message via a visual as compared to text, that is, 10%. Whiteboard animation aids people in retaining information because they are attention-grabbing, multi-sensory, and comprehensible. 

8. These Videos Have a High Clickthrough Rate (CTR):

The clickthrough rate determines how well a video is doing. Moreover, we are living in an era where no one wants to read heavy texts. On the other hand, whiteboard animation has a high chance of grabbing the audience’s attention, as they are to-the-point. Well-crafted animated videos, such as whiteboard videos have high CTR and conversion rates. Therefore, it makes all sense to utilize whiteboard explainer videos in your marketing campaigns.

9. People Relate Them to Animation:

People love watching cartoons and relate themselves to animation, too. For example, seeing bright-colored visuals can evoke interest in customers to know what picture they will see next. Hence, using whiteboard videos for communication will give your audience a positive experience.

10. Whiteboard Videos Are Great for Storytelling:

Last but not least, whiteboard animation is a powerful marketing tool to tell your brand story.

To Finish

The following are the top ten reasons for you to choose an explainer video in a whiteboard style:

1.    Whiteboard Videos Are Good for Corporate Meetings
2.    These Videos Are Cost-Effective
3.    These Videos Can Go Viral in No Time
4.    Whiteboard Videos Are Easy to Comprehend
5.    Whiteboard Animation Is Easy to Create
6.    These Videos Are Ideal for Communicating Complex Ideas
7.    Whiteboard Animation Helps Audience Retain the Information
8.    These Videos Have a High Clickthrough Rate (CTR)
9.    People Relate Them to Animation
10.    Whiteboard Videos Are Great for Storytelling


1. Why Should I Use Whiteboard Animation Videos for My Business?

You have multiple reasons to create and use whiteboard animation videos for your business. Furthermore, here is why you may use whiteboard animation videos for a business:To explain complex ideas or concepts to your target audience,To cover a lot of information simultaneously that you want to convey to your customers,In order to let your business get your customers’ attention,To save money with the creation of a whiteboard video for marketing purposes,If you plan to use your whiteboard videos on social media for marketing and increasing your brand awareness,To interestingly communicate your brand story to the audience,To communicate your business message with an element of humor to your customers,To reuse your old audio content with a whiteboard video, such as a podcast episode,To share a boring subject with your audience in an interesting manner.

2. How Long Should a Whiteboard Video Be?

It is best to keep your whiteboard video as short as possible for explaining your products or services to customers. You may keep the length of your whiteboard animation video to 60 seconds for explaining a simple product or service. Further, you can make a whiteboard video of 2 to 3 minutes, too, if your script contains 300 to 450 words, respectively. Besides, whiteboard videos for training are a little longer than whiteboard videos of a minute or two.

3. What Makes Whiteboard Videos Effective?

Whiteboard videos allow you to convey ideas or messages to your target audience in a clear, understandable, and engaging manner. Additionally, watching whiteboard animation videos allow viewers to retain much information that businesses want to convey to them as compared to reading texts. To make a long story short, whiteboard videos are interesting yet effective, as they are great when it comes to effective storytelling.

4. What Is the Core Use of Whiteboard Animation?

The core use of whiteboard animation is to describe products or complex ideas, in general. Besides, these videos are unbelievably effective for explaining complex concepts to customers due to their ability to boost and retain viewers’ attention.