What to Choose, Cartoon Animation or Whiteboard Videos?

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When it comes to animation styles for explainer videos, the two are widely popular. The most popular styles for animated videos are cartoon animation and whiteboard videos. Animated explainer videos have also become a popular marketing trend these days due to their charm and meaningfulness. We are going to compare the two most popular animation styles for explainer videos in this post, one by one. It will also help you find out which animation style will best suit your business goals.

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Cartoon Animation vs. Whiteboard Videos

First, we shall like to put light on why you may choose cartoon animation explainer videos:

When Is Cartoon Animation Right for Your Business?

Cartoon animation is right for your business in the following scenarios:

1. When You Need to Make a Super-Short Video for Marketing:

Cartoon animation explainer videos allow businesses to keep their marketing videos short. You can get directly to the core concept with these videos. Contrarily, it is challenging for businesses to promote their products and services via short whiteboard videos. It is because whiteboard animation requires animators to display a drawing hand for a few seconds, as its feature. 

On the other hand, cartoon animation does not require animators to display the illustration drawing process, unlike whiteboard videos. It helps animators save a good amount of time. Thus, you can confidently choose cartoon animation to create a super-short marketing video. A one-minute explainer video, for example.   

2. If You Need to Highlight Your Brand Colors and Brand Identity Design in a Video:

It is essential for brands to include primary brand colors in a video while promoting their products and services. Cartoon animation allows brands to do that. However, wheatboard animation is not a good option for brands to display their brand colors and identity designs. It is because whiteboard videos are mainly black and white. For the same reason, they do not allow the brands to portray their identity, similar to cartoon animation.

In other words, whiteboard videos do not allow brands to highlight their brand colors in a bright manner. Nonetheless, whiteboard videos still play many amazing roles for a business. We recommend you “use cartoon animation instead of whiteboard videos if colors are an essential part of your product and design.”   

3. When You Want to Really Make an Entertaining Video:

Cartoons have made us laugh since our childhood. Put differently, they have entertained us while evoking positive emotions in us. Besides, entrainment is the basic function of cartoon animation, and you may think the same about a whiteboard video. Of course, animators can make enjoyable and humorous whiteboard videos. Still, whiteboard animation does not solely have the power to entertain us.

Conversely, cartoon animation explainer videos entertain us via their fun beats and rhythms. You cannot find the same peculiarities in whiteboard animation. Hence, carton animation is the right choice for you when you really want to make an entertaining explainer video.

When Is Whiteboard Animation Right for Your Business?

Now, we shall like to put light on why you may choose whiteboard animation explainer videos. Whiteboard animation is right for your business in the following scenarios:

1. When You Need to Convey a Complex Idea to Viewers in a Simple Way:

Whiteboard animation is the right choice for businesses when they want to convey complex ideas to their customers. Whiteboard videos allow you to convert complex information into easily digestible content. At the same time, these videos need to rely on motion graphics and other techniques to deliver intricate information to users. Choosing a whiteboard video means you are directly inclining your audience towards an explanation. 

Additionally, you will feel you are in a classroom while watching whiteboard videos. You may find it like this, you are listening to a teacher in a classroom who is trying to explain a concept to you in the simplest way. 

2. If You Want to Emphasize a Concept with Words Written:

You can deploy sound and voice-over to explain concepts to your target audience via a video. However, using whiteboard videos with written phrases or keywords in the background can emphasize a concept even more. It is much easier to add a name of a service or a factoid inside the main illustration of a whiteboard video.

However, it is not easy to do via cartoon animation explainer videos. The ability to include written words in whiteboard videos is one of the explanatory power of whiteboard animation.

3. When You Need to Make an Explainer Video of More Than 90 Seconds:

Of course, the animators recommend businesses keep the length of explainer videos as short as possible. It is also possible to create a short whiteboard animation video. Nonetheless, you may need to create an explainer video of more than 90 seconds at times. When you need to do that, you have no animation style to create a bit longer explainer videos except whiteboard videos.

Furthermore, we recommend you “stick to whiteboard animation whenever you need to create long explainer videos.” It is also understandable why you should stick to this animation style for lengthy videos. It is because whiteboard animation is more inclined toward education and explaining concepts than entertaining the audience. 

Conversely, cartoon animations are more about fun than education. For the same reason, you should use whiteboard videos for education and when you want to take your viewers straight to the point in no time. 

Additionally, a whiteboard animation explainer video generally costs businesses less to create than a cartoon animation video. Nonetheless, there are several other factors, too, which determines the animation cost, such as video complexity, length, etc. 


The two of the most popular animation styles are cartoon animation and whiteboard. However, there are certain situations when you should use whiteboard explainer videos or cartoon animation videos. Cartoon animation will work great when you need to create a short video, emphasize your brand, or entertain the audience. Additionally, the whiteboard animation is perfect for explaining products, emphasizing concepts, and creating long videos. There are situations when cartoon animation will suit your goals. Further, the same holds for whiteboard animation that will work for you in certain situations to meet your goals.


1. When Should I Use Whiteboard Animation for Branding?

Whiteboard animation videos are great for branding, similar to 2D animated and 3D animated explainer videos. You may opt for this style of animation for brand promotion when you want to fascinatingly explain your products and services to customers. Besides, whiteboard animation is also a perfect animation style for explaining complex concepts in a simplified manner to your target audience. To cut short, you may use whiteboard animation videos for branding because they really work.

2. What Is the Purpose of Cartoon Animation?

The core purpose of cartoon animation is to entertain the audience. You may already remember your childhood memories associated with cartoon characters you saw in cartoons when you were a child. Mostly, cartoon animation is used for making the audience entertain and laugh. For the same reason, cartoon animation videos are often targeted at children to make them laugh and entertain. Nowadays, businesses also use cartoon animation videos, such as animated explainer videos to interestingly promote their products and services to customers. You may also use cartoon animation videos to mesmerizingly promote your brand to your target audience.

3. Is It Hard to Produce Cartoon Animation or Whiteboard Videos?

If you ask this question to professionals, they will tell you it is really hard to produce animated videos. Animated video production entails highly-skilled artists, scriptwriters, animators, marketers, etc. Producing animated videos is more difficult than creating live-action explainer videos. In any case, all you need to worry about is your budget and requirements for animated video production when you choose a video animation agency, such as Glowza Digital for creating cartoon animation or whiteboard videos.

4. How Much Is It Going to Cost Me to Produce an Animated Video of 90 Seconds?

It is hard to tell exactly how much it is going to cost you to produce an animated video of 90 seconds. Factors, such as the animation style, the video animation agency, and the country of production play a vital role in determining the exact cost of animated video production of 90 seconds. In general, expect to pay $6000 to $25000 for creating an explainer video of 90 seconds based on the aforementioned factors.