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Why Make Short Yet Interesting Animated Explainer Videos?

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Animated videos are a very powerful tool to increase audience engagement towards a business. Besides, brilliant explainer videos benefit businesses with a high ROI (Return on Investment) and increased conversions. According to a study, video explainers can increase traffic to a website by eight percent.

Further, only a simple animated video is enough for brands to effectively communicate with the audience. At the same time, it is important that businesses keep the length of explainer videos short. Additionally, businesses should make sure their short animated video explainers are also interesting for customers to watch.

Moreover, we shall tell you the reason to make short animated videos. Before we do, we want you to know what video explainers are and how they are effective marketing tools. 

Logo and Animating It

What Video Explainers Are. How Are They an Effective Marketing Tool?

Video explainers are types of videos that companies create to explain their products, brands, or services. Besides animated explainer videos, there are also live-action explainers. Nevertheless, animated explainers are more interesting to watch as they deploy high-quality visuals and animations. They work really well for businesses to familiarize customers with their products and services. Typically, businesses place animated videos, such as whiteboard animation or 3D animated videos on the homepage of their websites.

In addition, explainer videos also go viral on social media because of the interesting visuals they have. Animated explainers encourage social media users to share these videos with others. As a result, these videos go viral in no time and benefit businesses with a high ROI and increased conversions. The following are the statistics that you should know about to comprehend the effectiveness of video explainers:

•    Animated explainers help businesses increase their revenue forty-nine percent more than those who do not use them. It is because of their frequent sharing on social media, which eventually increases traffic to websites.
•    Social shares that animated videos are a part of helping businesses generate more profit substantially than lengthy text posts alongside images.
•    Seventy percent of businesses say that video explainers help them make more conversions than other content, like traditional/digital media.
•    Most people prefer watching videos to text; hence, animated videos help businesses attract more customers.
•    50 percent of e-commerce users buy products after watching videos than reading texts.
The way you present an animated video to the audience will make a difference in the retention rate.  Besides, keeping your video short yet interesting will help you best deliver your message to the audience. Furthermore, it is hard for people to retain the information they get via long video content. However, short video explainers help businesses successfully convey information to the audience and encourage them to take the right action.  

Why Should You Make Short Explainer Videos?

The average attention span of readers is short-lived eight seconds, and it is roughly forty-six seconds for explainer videos. Additionally, video explainers are easy to produce but it is hard to wrap up key elements in short videos. Of course, you can make long videos, but they won’t help you successfully deliver your message. The attention span of viewers for longer videos is poor. Besides, creating long video explainers will also cost you more eventually.

Moreover, experts suggest businesses keep the length of their explainer videos to sixty to ninety seconds. Short videos also make businesses worry-free about how much it will cost to hire an animator, as they are affordable to create At the same time, is important that businesses best utilize their 60-90 seconds explainer video.

Creating short animated videos can help businesses effectively convey their message to customers. It is because customers have a good attention span for short video content. For the same reason, short video explainers are beneficial for businesses to increase converts and get a high ROI. 

How to Make a Short Yet Fascinating Explainer Video?

The following are the things you will need to properly take care of, to produce short yet interesting animated videos:

1.  Ensuring the Video Script Fits Your Creative Brief: You should make sure that the script of your video impeccably fits your creative brief. In other words, you should avoid exaggeration while creating a video script. As per the industry rule, you can speak 150 words per minute. At the same time, it is important that the narrator in your video deliver those words in a comprehensive manner.

2.  Making Sure You Explain Your Products Succinctly: You should try to explain your products or services in a few sentences, not more than two, in general.

3.  Ensuring Your Product Perfectly Reflects the Needs of Your Audience: You can evoke interest in your customers only if your video perfectly reflects their needs. Therefore, you should make sure your product in an animated video perfectly targets the needs of your customers.

4.  Talking about Product Benefits to Encourage Customers to Buy It: You cannot explain a lot about your product via a short video explainer. Nevertheless, you can build your product story in an explainer video around three key benefits of your product. Thus, you should talk about those benefits rather than technical details to encourage customers to buy your product.

5.  Choosing the Appropriate Tone and Style: It is also important that you choose the right tone and style to create an animated video. You should stick to a friendly and humorous approach to deliver your message instead of a patronizing tone and style.

6.    Deploying a Call to Action (CTA) at the End: Deploy a call to action at the end of your video to give your customers a reason to visit your website.

To Finish

Animated videos of 60 to 90 seconds are a powerful marketing tool to explain your brand, products, or services. At the same time, it is important that you execute elements correctly in your video explainer to make it stand out. Lastly, you need to take care of the following things to make sure your explainer video set apart in the competition:

1.    Ensuring the Video Script Fits Your Creative Brief
2.    Making Sure You Explain Your Products Succinctly
3.    Ensuring Your Product Perfectly Reflects the Needs of Your Audience
4.    Talking about Product Benefits to Encourage Customers to Buy It
5.    Choosing the Appropriate Tone and Style
6.    Deploying a Call to Action (CTA) at the End


1. Are Animated Explainer Videos Effective?

Animated explainer videos are effective to create in various ways. For example, these videos allow you to explain complex topics or concepts to your audience effectively. Additionally, animated videos are engaging to watch. Besides, it is no surprise, too, users are able to retain 95 percent of content after watching short videos, such as animated explainer videos of 90 seconds or less as compared to 10% that they retain after reading text.

2. How Long Should an Animated Explainer Video Be?

When it comes to the optimal length for an explainer video, experts recommend keeping the length of your explainer video between 60 to 90 seconds. Nevertheless, they also tell you can keep the length of your explainer video to 2 minutes. In any case, the audience can better retain the message you want to convey to them after watching an explainer video of 60 to 90 seconds. Besides, it is also important that you end your explainer video with a Call to Action (CTA) to make your audience take the right action after watching your video.

3. What Are the Benefits of Creating Animated Explainer Videos of a Short Length?

There are multiple benefits of creating animated explainer videos of a short length. Here are the noticeable benefits of creating animated video explainers of short duration:Animated videos work better than texts for marketing purposesWatching animated video explainers encourage customers to share them with their social circles, which eventually increases their views and your brand awareness.It allows you to deliver your message to the audience straight to the point.Animated explainer videos make it easier for businesses to describe to customers how their products or services work.Animated explainer videos are cost-effective to produce because of their short length.

4. What Are Some Great Tips for Creating a Brilliant Explainer Video?

Here are some of our tips for creating a brilliant explainer video for your business:Come up with a killer script for your animated video.The shorter you keep your video explainer, the better it is for your business.Make sure you successfully address the problem your customers face, the solution your product or service offers them, how your product or service works, and a call to action within your 60 to 90 seconds explainer videos. Talk about the benefits of your products or services in a video rather than their features. Use a professional voice-over for your animated explainer video. Make sure your explainer video entertains your viewers with some fun elements. Make sure visuals in your animated explainer video illustrate your brand story and the voice-over reinforce your message. Use music or tone for your video that perfectly goes in line with it. Last but not least, share your videos on social platforms, like YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, etc., to make them go viral.