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Your Brand Needs an Animated Logo Find out Why?

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Digital technologies have evolved with time, and they have evolved fast, too. A new trend in digital technology replaces another. For the same reason, designers and animators need to keep up with modern techniques to best deploy digital technology. Nowadays, animation has become a central part when it comes to powerful logo designs.

Animators apply animation to user-interface components of digital products and other graphic materials. Animated logos have become a powerful asset for businesses for marketing and branding simultaneously. Designers turn a static logo into a unique identity once they animate a logo design. Besides, many brands proudly share the animated version of their logos, and they do it for good reasons.

Before we tell you why your brand needs an animated logo, we shall like to tell you what an animated logo is.

Logo and Animating It

What Is an Animated Logo?

You may already know that a logo is a core of a brand identity. A logo represents a brand personality or a product. Further, it plays a crucial role in a strategy that businesses adopt for branding. A powerful logo of a business can establish a powerful connection with its audience and captivatingly tell a brand story. It serves as the foundation of a successful marketing strategy for a business.

Nevertheless, businesses need to hire graphic designers to create powerful logos for their brands. Besides, design experts agree that adding motion to your brand identity gives it a fresh breath. It is also where an animated logo comes into play its role and uniquely portrays a brand identity. Put simply, an animated logo is a moving video of your logo, and your brand needs it for various reasons. 

Why Does Your Brand Need an Animated Logo?

Many big and small companies started consulting designers when the logo animation trend took its place. Nowadays, many businesses have animated versions of logos, as it is a dynamic yet unique way to represent a brand. Your brand needs an animated logo to show the character of your business and captivatingly convey your brand message to your customers.

Having an animated brand identity will also help you stand out in the competition. Moreover, you have more than a few reasons to have an animated brand identity, which we have mentioned below:

1. To Have an Original Brand Image:

It is no secret that some brands have logos that look similar to others. Although it may not happen for a purpose but for the reason brands need to utilize elements that represent them. Nonetheless, brands can establish a unique brand identity if they make an animated or moving logo. Besides, combining original graphics with visual effects allows designers to create moving logos for brands.

2. It Helps Businesses Create Better Brand Awareness:

Most experts agree that dynamic images and animated videos help businesses create better brand awareness. Moreover, the power of animation in a logo helps brands effectively communicate with customers while drawing their attention. Hence, you may also create an animated brand identity to stand out in the competition.

3. It Will Help You Make a Positive First Impression of Your Business:

Customers will depict interest in your product if your logo can impress them. Moreover, using a moving logo to depict your business identity can help you make a positive first impression on your customers. In other words, it will make your identity stand out among your customers.

4. To Evoke Emotions:

You can inspire people with fresh and unusual ideas. Further, a logo of your brand in motion can trigger excitement and joy in your customers. As a result, customers may start recognizing your brand in a pleasant way due to their evoked emotions.

5. To Better Tell Your Brand Story:

Another reason you have to use an animated logo is to effectively communicate your brand story. Animating your logo will allow you to better tell your brand story to the audience, unlike a static logo. Besides, a moving logo works the same video as a short video that explains a product or a company. In addition, a moving video of your logo may motivate the viewers to share it on the web. As a result, it will get more views and eventually help you increase your brand awareness.

6. It Depicts Professionalism:

Customers are not experts in the marketing field unless they comprehend what’s trending. Many famous companies, including Google, have used animated logos and shared their identity with the world. Moreover, when brands adopt innovative trends and portray their brand identity, people recognize them as real professionals. Thus, applying the animation to your static logo will help you depict professionalism to your target audience.

Further, you can hire the services of a professional video animation company to create a custom logo animation for your brand. Additionally, the cost to hire an animator to create an animated logo for your brand is contingent on your requirements and specific needs.

Where May You Use an Animated Logo?

You can utilize your animated brand identity in various places for distinct purposes. The following are some good options you have to deploy your animated logo:
•    Use it on social networks like Instagram, Twitter, etc., after converting it into GIF format. Then, let social sharing of your animated brand identity let you do the rest to reach the masses.
•    Deploy it on your company website, as it can help improve the image of your website, plus boost its SEO.   
•    Use a logo in motion in slides while giving presentations to demonstrate a product or in your business meeting.
•    Refine your promo video with the addition of your animated brand identity in it.

Tips on Creating an Animated Logo for Your Brand

•    Know your company or business goals alongside your brand personality before creating a logo animation. 
•    Make sure your logo is tailored to users’ preferences, so conduct user research.
•    Surprise the users with an unpredictable logo animation of your brand.
•    Keep your animation short and under 10 seconds, in general.

To Finish

Brands have many reasons to use animated logos, and you have, too, which we have mentioned below:  

1.    To Have an Original Brand Image
2.    It Helps Businesses Create Better Brand Awareness
3.    It Will Help You Make a Positive First Impression of Your Business
4.    To Evoke Emotions
5.    To Better Tell Your Brand Story
6.    It Depicts Professionalism


1. What Is the Benefit of Logo Animation?

Logo animations or animated logos are beneficial in the sense they are an effective promotional tool. Having an animated logo for your business can help you increase your brand increase awareness, improve memorability, and better tell your brand story.

2. What Is the Purpose of Animating a Logo?

The main purpose of animating a logo for your brand is to draw more eyes and attention to it. Besides, there are also many free tools, such as “Canva” available today for creating animated logos. Nonetheless, it is best to hire a professional animator to create a custom-animated logo for your brand. If you do, it will allow your brand to have an original brand image, which you cannot accomplish with a free tool.

3. What Are Some Dos and Don’ts of Logo Animation?

Here are some dos of creating an animated logo for your business:Use contrasting colors between the background and foreground for animating a logo.Use brand-specific colors and fonts in your logo animation.Make your animated logo looks simple while keeping the animation consistent with your brand.Here are some don’ts of creating an animated logo for your business:Don’t use a background for your animated logo that distracts your audience from your animated logo.Do not reinvent your logo while animating it.Do not make your animated logo look intricate or boring to the audience.

4. What Reasons Do I Have for Creating an Animated Logo for My Business?

You have many good reasons to create an animated logo for your business. Here they are:An animated logo allows you to hold viewers’ attention to your brand successfully.It aids you in increasing brand awareness.It helps you better communicate your brand story to the audience.