Enhance Your Marketing Campaigns with 3D Animation Services

How 3D Animation Services Can Enhance Your Marketing Campaigns?

3D animation services

There is no denial to the fact that videos have taken over the World Wide Web (WWW). Nowadays, numerous companies create videos to promote their products and services to their audience on the internet. Further, businesses also have turned to 3D animations to make their marketing campaigns interesting for their audience and eventually successful. Mainly, 3D animation services are behind brilliant 3D animated videos that businesses use to promote their products and services.

Moreover, you can have your brand message get across to your audience with a persuasive 3D animated explainer video. In addition, deploying a 3D animated video for your marketing campaign will allow you to stay ahead of your competitors. Therefore, you should approach a 3D video animation agency to create a brilliant animated video for your business and ultimately enhance your marketing campaign.  

Creating Effective Products Demos with 3D Animation

Businesses from different industries capitalize on 3D animated videos and deploy them for product demonstrations. You can also effectively demonstrate your products or services to customers with the aid of 3D animated videos. Moreover, the following are noticeable industries that take advantage of 3D animated videos for product demos:

  • Healthcare Industry: Healthcare professionals mainly utilize 3D animated videos to educate the public and attract their potential audience to use their services. They use instructional and educational videos in their campaigns to demonstrate their products or services. For example, they may come up with explainer videos to demonstrate their surgical procedures, the use of medical devices, etc. 
  • Architectural Industry: Presumably, you have already seen plenty of 3D animated videos related to architecture on the internet. For example, you might have seen interior design videos on the World Wide Web. Construction companies and even furniture makers invest in 3D animated videos to demonstrate their products plus what they do.
  • Product Design Industry: Manufacturers commonly use 3D animated explainer videos for product demonstrations. Product design videos serve as digital manuals for prospective customers to make them understand how certain products work. Further, such videos may tell potential users how they can use specific products that businesses are promoting to them.
  • Engineering Industry: Engineering services companies also create 3D animated videos for product demonstrations. Further, they give their clients an overview of every component they require to complete their projects via such videos. In addition, engineering services professionals also put objects they need to create for their clients to a virtual test. Based on the software, they virtually test the functionality and durability of objects they have to make for clients.
  • Automotive Industry: The deployment of 3D animated videos in the automotive industry is not different from the engineering industry. Automotive design industry professionals have to get a general idea of vehicles’ features prior to production. Therefore, they use 3D animated videos for this purpose.
  • Transportation Industry: Transportation and logistics companies also utilize 3D animations. 3D animated videos give them a clear overview of how objects move from one point to another via specific routes, plus how objects move on different vehicles.

Based on the above information, you can realize how effective 3D videos are for product demos. Besides, many advertisements you see on television and find on the internet employ 3D animation.

Further, animators have more freedom for creativity while working on 3D videos as compared to 2D videos. It is because 3D animated videos also have depth, in addition to width and height. However, 2D animated videos lack the element of depth though they also have width and height. Hopefully, it also clarifies to you the main difference between a 3D animated video vs. a 2D animated video.

The Power of 3D Animation in Marketing

The deployment of 3D animation for video marketing in the right way can do wonders for your marketing campaigns. Put differently, first-rated 3D animated videos can make your marketing campaigns successful because of their substantial power. Here are different ways in which 3Danimated videos prove very helpful for marketing:

  • 3D Animated Videos Are Easy to Remember for the Audience: You may already know that a picture is worth a thousand words, and videos are worth even more. Moreover, 3D animation with high-quality effects further enhances the power of a video that businesses utilize for marketing. Not to mention, you need to utilize the best possible format to get your message across to the audience. 

Further, 3D animated videos allow you to effectively deliver your message because of the level of creativity and strong visuals they entail. In other words, 3D animated videos make it easier for your target audience to remember the message you deliver to them.   

  • 3D Animated Videos Help Viewers Easily Digest Complex Ideas: Animated videos combine fascinating storylines, catchy voice-overs, and detailed graphics to effectively capture and hold audiences’ attention. You can even convey a complex idea to your target audience via 3D animated videos. 

However, it is important you use characters and objects in your 3D videos for marketing that viewers can relate to. It will aid your audience in easily digesting the complex ideas you want to convey to them via your video.

  • 3D Animated Videos Help Businesses Easily Condense Details: The attention span of people is short; furthermore, people prefer reading headlines today to hearing a complete story. Therefore, businesses need to keep their animated videos short and to-the-point to effectively deliver their message to the audience. Luckily, 3D animated videos help businesses easily condense long details with a blend of graphics and sound. It is also where 3D animated videos prove helpful for businesses in their marketing campaigns. 
  • 3D Animated Videos Help Businesses Maintain a Tech-Savvy Reputation: People recognize businesses from how they approach them. For example, people will recognize you as a creative business if you deploy creative content to promote your brand image. Nowadays people adore creative businesses that utilize technically sophisticated and simple videos for marketing. Therefore, you can maintain your tech-savvy reputation among your customers by utilizing 3D animated videos in your marketing campaigns.
  • 3D Animated Videos Are Highly Shareable: Anybody can share music, videos, photos, etc., with their circles if they are publicly accessible online. Further, businesses share 3D animated videos on the right social media platforms to reach the right target audience. 

Moreover, people love sharing unique and creative content, with 3D animated videos, not an exception, with others they find online. Further, the high shareability of 3D animated marketing videos helps businesses reach more customers to boost conversions and eventually sales.      

  • 3D Animated Videos Are Interesting to Watch: 3D animated videos are fascinating for viewers to watch, plus they help viewers easily retain the message brands deliver to them. Furthermore, businesses have complete control of everything, including characters, elements, and objects, with a 3D animated video. You can even bring inanimate concepts to life via fascinating 3D animated explainer videos that businesses often deploy for marketing. 

Boosting Digital Advertising with 3D Animation

3D animation helps brands educate and effectively advertise their products and services to the audience. Further, 3D animated videos boost digital advertising in several ways for brands, which we have mentioned below:

  • 3D Animated Videos Help Brands Stand out Online: It is imperative that you keep your animated marketing video short yet sweet for your customers. Not to mention, short animated videos, such as 3D videos, help brands easily grab customers’ attention. Moreover, 3D animated videos hold your audience’s attention for longer than 2D videos because of their high-quality visuals. Consequently, customers remember the brand message they receive through such videos online, which eventually helps brands stand out among customers.
  • 3D Animated Videos Improve Visitors’ Experience: Nowadays, people do not need to read texts to know about products and services when videos are available to them. Besides, 73 percent of people prefer watching animated explainer videos to learn about a product or service. Further, a 3D animated explainer video on a website homepage provides great value to visitors and a better user experience. It is also important to note that 80% of customers buy products today after watching videos about them.  
  • 3D Animated Videos Effectively Showcase Products: Potential customers want to visualize themselves using a product or service. Moreover, 3D animated videos fascinatingly allow brands to make it possible for customers. Further, these videos help brands effectively showcase their products to customers while addressing the pain points. Most important, 3D animated videos help brands showcase their products without distractions owing to their appealing content.      

Guide to Use Video Animation Advertising

Today, marketers have to come up with new ways to bring customers’ focus to their products and services. Furthermore, animated videos perfectly fit the classic marketing formula, AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action). Moreover, you can use animated videos in different ways for advertising. Here is our guide plus recommendations to businesses to effectively utilize video animation advertising:  

  • Animated Explainer Videos: Use these videos for advertising when you need to innovatively and interestingly explain your product or service. 
  • Storytelling Videos: Use storytelling videos to communicate your brand story with the target audience in a fascinating manner.
  • Video Infographics: Deploy animated videos in this format in your social media marketing campaigns and help viewers quickly grasp analytics.
  • Whiteboard Animation: Utilize whiteboard animation videos for branding and communicating complex information to viewers with simple illustrations.
  • Tutorial Videos: Deploy tutorial videos for training or educational purposes and adverting your brand in an impressive way.
  • Internal Communication: Use animated videos for internal communication in order to emotionally connect with employees or colleagues in your organization. 
  • SEO: Use animated videos on your homepage and landing pages to improve your SEO ranking. 

These are different ways you can create animated videos for advertising and effectively promote your brand image. Moreover, hire a reliable video animation agency, such as Glowza Digital, to make sure you create a brilliant video for your business and stand out among your competitors. 


Videos have taken over the WWW, and many businesses today use 3D animated videos for marketing. Besides, you can create effective product demos via 3D animation irrespective of your industry. Healthcare, architecture, and automotive, are some of the noticeable industries that deploy 3D animation for product demonstrations. Moreover, the power of 3D animated videos that 3D animation services create for businesses is substantial. 3D animated videos prove helpful for businesses in a number of ways, which we have mentioned below:

  1. 3D Animated Videos Are Easy to Remember for the Audience
  2. In Addition, 3D Animated Videos Help Viewers Easily Digest Complex Ideas:
  3. 3D Animated Videos Help Businesses Easily Condense Details
  4. Further, 3D Animated Videos Help Businesses Maintain a Tech-Savvy Reputation
  5. 3D Animated Videos Are Highly Shareable
  6. Moreover, 3D Animated Videos Are Interesting to Watch

3D animated videos truly boost digital advertising for businesses. In addition, you can exploit video animation advertising by creating animated videos in different formats. Last but not least, it is important you hire an esteemed video animation agency to create a one-of-a-kind 3D animated video for your business and stand out.   


1. What Are 3D Animation Services and How Can They Enhance Marketing Campaigns?

3D animation services include services related to 3D animated video production that explainer video companies offer to individuals and businesses. Moreover, such services can enhance marketing campaigns by creating 3D animated explainer videos for businesses bespoke to their needs.

2. What Are the Benefits of Using 3D Animation Services in Marketing?

The following are the noticeable benefits of using 3D animation services to promote (market) your product or services:

  1. It allows you to create a custom-animated 3D video for your business.
  2. Further, it helps you create a one-of-a-kind video, which will eventually improve your brand image.
  3. In addition, it allows you to target the right audience on the right platforms, such as Instagram, YouTube, etc.

3. How Can 3D Animation Services Improve Brand Awareness and Customer Engagement?

3D animation services can improve your brand awareness by sharing your video on platforms where your target audience is already present, such as YouTube. In addition, they can improve the engagement of customers with your business by creating a fascinating explainer video for your business, reflecting your target audience.

4. What Types of Marketing Campaigns Are Best Suited for 3D Animation Services?

Different types of marketing campaigns are best suited for 3D animating services. Advertising, social media marketing, search engine optimization, and video marketing campaigns, to name the most important among them.

5. How Can Businesses Integrate 3D Animation Services into Their Existing Marketing Strategies?

Businesses can integrate 3D animation services into their marketing strategies by hiring them to create stunning 3D animated videos to eventually deploy the videos in their marketing campaigns and improve their marketing efforts.

6. Is Animation a Content Marketing?

Animation is a very powerful tool for content marketing. Further, businesses have many good reasons to use animated content for marketing, such as:

  1. It is easy to understand.
  2. It boosts conversion rates for a business.
  3. It leaves a long-lasting and memorable impression on the minds of viewers.  

7. What Are the Costs Associated with 3D Animation Services for Marketing Campaigns?

Different factors, such as the design, the requirement of 3D assets, turnaround, etc., will affect the cost of 3D animation services for marketing campaigns. Moreover, you expect to pay animators $5000 for a 30-second 3D animated video. Further, the cost of 3D animation services can rise to $10000 to $20000 for a 1-minute 3D animated video.

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