In-Depth Exploration: What Is an Explainer Video?

What Is an Explainer Video

The Fundamentals of Explainer Videos

Explainer videos offer numerous benefits for businesses by leveraging the power that includes increased engagement and enhanced website traffic. Besides, you still have a question about an explainer video. In that case, it is just as easy to understand in simple words that it works as a social media or website booster to simple, complex concepts for increasing conversion rates. Positively, many businesses are on their way to achieving their marketing goals via animated product videos.

Definition – What are the Explainer Videos ?

Living in the innovative and creative world needs extraordinary thinking out of the box. The competitive world starts beyond the imagination, where our motion graphics services creativity is born. However, communicating in a concise way that is engaging is much worth it. Undeniably, explainer videos are short videos that lead to and transmit the message most effectively and efficiently. The message is clear, concise, engaging, and can be of any product or service. Without a doubt, explainer videos are worth putting on the landing page of any website or a must-feature on the homepage to make endless possibilities for more significant insights.

What is the purpose of an explainer video?

What is a video explainer? Explainer videos are shorter than usual and have the-point messages. Additionally, the descriptions of services or products of any company through Expert SaaS explainer videos are a pinnacle of driving audience attention and interest towards the topic. A reputable Animated video agency provides effective Video animation services to upscale your brand, product, or any other setup.

Characteristics that Define a True Explainer Video

The word “Explainer videos” itself means to “explain.” What makes it crucial are some factors that make it worth remembering. Therefore, the specific characteristics that an explainer video must comprise are as follows:

Time Duration: 

In this fast-paced era, time is crucial. The shorter the High-quality SaaS demo videos, the more it will have screen timing. Usually, the explainer videos are about a maximum of 3 minutes, but the effective ones have a shorter duration, around one to two minutes, with a grip on the message. Subsequently, it is essential to make the first 30 seconds of the video a “bomb” product with compelling visuals, graphics, and sounds to drive the audience’s interest, making it a hypnotic effect.

Quality Production: 

Explainer videos are of notable quality that sets the written description aside. Indeed, higher-quality content always gets a go when clicked. Evidently, the audience has a solid preference for the clearance of visuals that are worth remembering. Thus, the striking quality of production, along with the content of exceptional quality, makes it a combo of expression and statement!

Reflects brand:

What’s about the product or the brand reflects the explainer video excitingly. Similarly, the description of any brand or product through visuals gets a go as a worth-remembering clip. A Superb Animated Explainer Video has a potential to reach the right person related to the brand that matches the interest.

Ease in Understanding:

Explainer videos are problem-solving videos that make complex topics, products, or services accessible to comprehend. Emphatically, the explainer videos are a reason that dive into the problem, specify it, and outcomes in better understanding. Nevertheless, explainer videos are the best response for resolving queries to clear maximum confusion!

Intended Purpose:

The explainer videos are a testament to the in-depth exploration of the product’s purpose. Therefore, you can get precise details in no time through explainer videos. Equally important, the explainer videos are way meaningful and clearly portray what an intended audience may decide after watching.

Why Explainer Videos Matter

In the digital era, explainer videos play a leading role for an organization to represent them in video format. Further, videos generally have more impact on the viewers as they have motion graphics that capture the attention, and the audience sticks to it. However, explainer videos leave an impression by answering the 5 W’s queries. Nevertheless, these short videos are a strong call to make a definite action to dive into the product or service to boost the marketing and uplift ordinary website display to an impeccable display.

The Impact on Audience Engagement

The focal point to engage an audience is the message of transparency, uniqueness, and preciseness. Additionally, the fast-paced environment makes it harder to attract the audience and to indulge viewers in the video. Furthermore, an explainer video ensures that the audience views the video until the end and visits the website for the product or service that the explainer videos define.

Enhancing Communication with Visual Storytelling

An explainer video with a story is valuable. For a foremost impression on the audience, come up with an influencing story. Undeniably, the story that redefines the purpose of the explainer videos develops a visual bond serving as the bridge between the content and the audience. Therefore, the transmission of a clear message works parallel with the to-the-point story, directing you to take prompt action.

In any case, all you need is to begin with a major story. Besides, using a significant issue or topic can help you capture viewers’ attention and establish an immediate connection with them. Afterall, ensuring that it relates to the goal of your video. Thus, it blossoms into something different and remarkable!

The Psychology Behind Why People Love Explainer Videos

The psychology behind explainer videos is the memory game through visual effects. Without a doubt, the stronger the visuals and colors, the more striking, lasting, and memorable the videos will be. People love to see the explainer videos because of the motion graphics that result in the continual remaining on the video till the end.Further, it’s a psychological factor that resonates with the sound, character, theme, message, or graphics. As a result, it clicks the mind repeatedly, having a profound impact. Subsequently, one can recall the video if someone hears or sees similar graphics or the theme. Additionally, explainer videos effortlessly surround the mind with the message, making it a phenomenal impact.

The Anatomy of an Effective Explainer Video

Explainer videos that could be more effective are explainer videos. Anyhow, an explainer video has to be effective in every possible way. Undeniably, Innovative SaaS product videos are the embodiment of the content ingredients present in the video. Ultimately, compelling explainer videos work as the driving force for effective outcomes as well as generating insights.

Elements that Make Explainer Videos Successful

What makes a good explainer video? An explainer video is the best course of action if you’re trying to explain a concept, service, or idea to your audience. On the contrary, the other videos with fewer or no animations can be put to rest. Nevertheless, using a specialized procedure, instruct viewers on a subject or even instruct staff members on duties unique to their positions. Explainer videos are great for providing value and increasing conversions for marketing objectives. Certain crucial elements make the explainer video the center of attraction. Below are the following vital elements that are the cause of a successful video.

  1. Apply templates to streamline your work
  2. More efficient instructive animation software
  3. Add some sparkle to your graphic explainer videos
  4. Keep it brief and clear
  5. Brilliant start, rapid explanation

Apply templates to streamline your work:

To enjoy explainer video services, you don’t need to be an expert in video production. The difficult part is already done if you know How to Animate a Logo for Your Explainer Video Intro. Besides that, you can also start with Custom Isometric Illustration and Animation templates.

It takes a short amount of time to adapt the films to your subject and brand.

Just change the text and include a few pertinent clips, and you’ll have an explanation video that viewers won’t be able to look away from. Therefore, increase the variety of your video marketing by using Live Action Video, info-graphics, and visualizations.

More efficient instructive animation software:

It’s simple to add a unique look to your video with “Glowza Digital – explainer video animation company” You may alter the text, rearrange layouts, and quickly add or delete music in the web video editor, along with having the ability to drag and drop your images and video into the software.

Subsequently, the final flourish by Animation studio is to effectively brand the actual video with the colors and logo of your idea or business. Professional Video Production Services for marketing that are produced by professionals appear expensive and way eye-catchy.

Add some sparkle to your graphic explainer videos:

You know an explainer video’s purpose, necessity, and creation process. “Glowza Digital – 2d explainer video company” makes it simple to quickly produce the most outstanding explainer video. Perennially, you can turn nothing into a lot with a little more effort and polish by distinguishing 2D Animated vs 3D Animated Explainer Videos.

Keep it brief and clear:

When describing a subject, it might be tempting to indulge in excessive detail. Before you realize it, you have a disorderly chain of facts. Besides, the truth is that people pay little attention to internet videos for very long. Emphatically, your explainer film should be precise, exact, and, most importantly, objective.

Brilliant start, rapid explanation:

The opening seconds of your explainer video are crucial. You need to ask a question that interests the audience and then respond concisely. Additionally, be aware of your audience so that these first few seconds are effective. Therefore, if you know the audience your explainer video intends for, you can adjust High-Quality Isometric Video Design to appeal to them, boosting the probability that they’ll watch it through to the conclusion.

Crafting Compelling Scripts for Maximum Impact

Before beginning the stages of developing an explainer video:

  1. Ensure the content relies on the correct script, message, and clear tone, making it most effortless to comprehend.
  2. While creating the script, outline the main factors that you want to show in the context.
  3. Develop a word cloud to elevate the points matching the theme and motto of your explainer video.

What is an animated explainer video – Animation and Visual Appeal

Explainer videos are not just simple videos. It can include animations as well for a better and more colorful impact. But, what are animated explainer videos? Animated explainer videos are short videos that use music, voiceover, and animation to simply and captivatingly explain how a concept, service, or product works. Further, Different Types Of Logo Animation has a captivating vibe that automatically attracts the viewers to stay on the video. Animations leave a mind-blowing impression on the audience, increasing screen timings and the repetition of video play.

Explainer Videos VS. Other Video Formats – Understanding the Distinction

There is a significant difference between the explainer videos and the other video formats. What is an explainer video edited? Nevertheless, explainer videos are a flood of creative ingredients that serve as an allrounder in the overall video content.

The distinction between explainer videos and other video formats lies in their objectives and content structure. Explainer videos and other video formats serve different purposes and have distinct characteristics. Besides, Benefits of an Animated Logo for a Business simplify complex ideas and captivate the audience. On the contrary, other video formats, such as tutorial videos, prioritize practicality and detailed instruction.

How Explainer Videos Differ from Tutorial Videos

  • Explainer videos differ from tutorial videos in several ways. Firstly, while explainer videos aim to simplify complex concepts, tutorial videos provide detailed instructions for performing specific tasks or acquiring skills.
  • Secondly, explainer videos often use animations, graphics, and storytelling techniques to engage the audience and make the content more visually appealing. Tutorial videos, on the other hand, may include screen recordings or demonstrations to show viewers exactly how to perform each step.
  • Thirdly, explainer videos are typically shorter in length compared to tutorial videos. Explainers aim to deliver the main message or concept concisely and engagingly, usually within a few minutes. Tutorial videos may be longer as they need to cover each step of the process in detail.

Choosing the Right Format for Your Message

When conveying your message effectively, choosing a suitable format is crucial. Two popular options to consider are explainer videos and other types of videos.

To determine which format best suits your message, it’s essential to consider the nature of your content and the desired outcome. Undeniably, explainer videos excel at breaking down intricate concepts into easily digestible information. An explainer video can be an excellent choice if you aim to educate or inform your audience about a complex topic. By utilizing animations, graphics, and concise narration, Engaging SaaS marketing videos can effectively communicate your message in a visually appealing and engaging manner.

However, if your objective is to provide step-by-step instructions or demonstrate how to use a product or perform a task, other video formats, like tutorial videos, may be more suitable. Therefore, Best Isometric Animation Studio in the USA allows you to showcase specific processes or skills in detail, providing viewers with practical guidance and actionable knowledge. Ever wonder what is 2D explainer video? A 2D explainer video is a type of explainer video that uses two-dimensional graphics, such as drawings, cartoons, or shapes, to illustrate how a product, service, or idea works in a simple and engaging way. These Custom SaaS promotional videos often include screen recordings, voiceovers, and annotations to guide viewers through each step.

Thus, choosing between explainer videos and other video formats depends on your target audience. By understanding each format’s unique strengths and aligning them with your content and audience, you can create a captivating and compelling video that successfully conveys your message.

What is an Explainer Video Animation – Benefits for Businesses

  • Explainer videos grab viewers’ attention and keep them engaged.
  • Professional Isometric Video Production offers an excellent opportunity to communicate your brand’s message, values, and unique selling points.
  • 3D modeling and animation simplify Complex Concepts that can be difficult to explain through text or static images alone.
  • Explainer videos help build trust and persuade viewers to take the desired action, i.e., for making a purchase or signing up for a service.
  • Explainer videos are highly shareable on social media platforms; you can expand your reach positively.

What is a business marketing explainer video – Boosting Marketing Strategies 

Explainer videos are short videos that communicate how something works simply to its target audience. Indeed, Explainer videos are often used in marketing to show the benefits of a product or service and how they work. Evidently, get details on How Are Animated Explainer Videos a Powerful Marketing Tool? Furthermore, explainer videos can boost your marketing strategies in the following ways:

Driving Conversions and Sales

USA Isometric Animation Services can help you drive conversions and sales by capturing the attention of your potential customers and persuading them to take action. Besides, explainer videos are the triggering videos that engage the audience’s attention and result in a higher purchase ratio. Furthermore, our 3D animation studio upscale, uphold the view timings, and make the impression for a fruitful outcome.

Also Read: Is a 3D Animated Video Better Than a 2D Video?

Subsequently, explainer videos have been shown to affect conversion and sales positively. Therefore, by showcasing the benefits of your product or service and addressing potential customer pain points, explainer videos can help build trust and persuade viewers to take the desired action, such as purchasing or signing up for a service.

Building Brand Awareness and Trust

Our 3D Character Animation Service helps you build brand awareness and trust by increasing your online visibility and reputation. Unquestionably, by uploading your explainer videos to platforms like YouTube and social media, you can reach a broader and more relevant audience, generate more traffic, and improve your SEO ranking. Subsequently, white board animation online can also help you establish your brand identity and voice, differentiate yourself from your competitors, and create an emotional connection with your viewers. Therefore, to choose the right Animated Logo? Why, Where, and How to Use It? You need to clearly communicate your vision, goals, and expectations to your production team and provide them with feedback and guidance throughout the process. Hence, by providing 3D animation services with valuable and engaging information, you can indeed position yourself as an authority and a leader in your industry and earn the trust and loyalty of your customers.

What is explainer video production: Best Practices

Explainer videos are a powerful way to communicate your product or service’s value proposition, features, and benefits to your target audience. What is a video explainer? Emphatically, Explainer videos can help you increase motion graphics for branding identity, generate leads, and drive conversions. But how do you create explainer videos that are clear, engaging, and effective? Here are some best practices and a step-by-step guide to crafting compelling explainer videos.

Step-by-Step Guide – Planning and Pre-production Strategies 

What is a live action explainer video? A Live Action Video Production uses real people and real-life scenarios to explain a product or service in an engaging and relatable way. You must dive into Crucial Steps to Creating a High-Quality Logo Animation for the best and most influential production for all the explainer video crafting stages. Conversely, you can outsource or hire professionals while keeping your budget and overall preferences in view.. The step-by-step guide is as follows:

  • First of all, defining your target audience will help you tailor your message and tone.
  • Secondly, determine your budget. Keep in mind the production aspects, i.e., scriptwriting, voiceover, animation, editing, and distribution.
  • Lastly, your explainer video must include a strong call-to-action that indicates and triggers your viewers to visit your website, contact you for further info, or sign up for a trial or something.

Tips for Smooth Animation and Editing

To make a smooth and effective animation and editing, make sure to follow the tips mentioned below:

  1. Make use of visuals that match your message, brand, and audience. The simple and consistent visuals with smooth and natural colors, fonts, and styles make your explainer video excellent and appealing. You may avoid cluttering your white board animation video with unnecessary or distracting elements.
  1. Include humor in your explainer videos and keep the explainer video duration minimal. Primarily, focus on the essential information with a clear introduction, body, and conclusion.
  1. Add captions of subtitles to make your explainer video more understandable for each viewer. It helps audiences with impairments, language barriers, or low sound quality.

Tools and Software Recommendations – Platforms for Creating Explainer Videos

Creating explainer videos can be made easier and more efficient with the help of various tools and software. Besides, delve into the details on How to create an animated logo for free. Here, we will explore the top platforms for creating explainer videos, compare popular video creation tools, and highlight essential features to look for in explainer video software.


Powtoon provides options for voiceovers, background music, and customization. Further,  it offers a user-friendly interface and a wide range of animated templates and 3D character animation to craft accessible and engaging explainer videos.


Moovly is a versatile tool, making it easy to share and distribute videos with platforms like YouTube and Vimeo. Nevertheless, it offers easy access to create worthy explainer videos using stock footage, custom animations, and templates.

Features to Look for in Explainer Video Software

  1. Look for user-friendly software that allows easy navigation and creation of videos with intuitive drag-and-drop functionality.
  1. Use software that provides easy access to various templates, characters, and Corporate video animation to personalize your explainer videos according to your message and theme.
  1. Go with the software that enables easy recording and syncing of voiceover and background music to maintain the quality of the video.
  1. Find more convenient software to share and export port videos with popular platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, or social media.

The leading company for Creating Explainer Videos

In the high market competency, several top-notch platforms offer whiteboard animation services. Undeniably, the quality of content depends on the experts and their level of creative thinking. How professionals perceive and look forward to the client’s details and point of view matters. GlowzaDigital is among the top-notch explainer video companies. Well, there are also several reasons that How Is an Explainer Video Company Better than a Freelancer?

Collaborate with Glowza Digital for a fascinating explainer video

What is the cost of an explainer video? Explainer videos are budget-friendly and reasonable. The pricing depends on the work type and the content you need to show in your explainer video. Making an explanation video has never been simpler with us. Access an immense collection of adaptable video themes, tagline backgrounds, and innovative Animated marketing videos. Create a video explainer in a matter of minutes. By using blow tools and editing software that does the work for you.

We provide explainer video services that pull colors from your website and auto-brand the whole video, which may give that extra polish. Our 3D Character Animation Company can help you to send your video confidently into the market, ready to effectively explain anything and anything.

Scriptwriting Techniques for Engaging Explainer Videos

Explainer videos capture your audience’s attention and explain how a product, service, or idea works. But what is an explainer video script and how do you write a script for an explainer video that is engaging, informative, and practical? Here are some script writing techniques to structure the script and maximize clarity.

What is a good explainer video – Structuring Scripts for Clarity

What is a good explainer video script? delve into the points below to maximize the clarity.

  • Start your explainer video by asking a question. It makes the viewers curious to evaluate and think about the answer. The introduction in your video’s first 10 to 15 seconds is about why they should watch it.
  • The body is the central and mandatory part where you must address objections, questions, or concerns your viewers might have. Explain your solution, features, and benefits using examples, testimonials, or statistics.
  • The end or conclusion reinforces your call to action. In the last 10 to 15 seconds of your video, you need to summarize your main points and restate your value proposition. Thank your viewers for watching, and invite them for an action.

Dos and Don’ts of Effective Script Writing – Strategies for Maximum Impact

What is a great explainer video? Consider the below-mentioned points that follow the dos and don’ts of effective videos and scriptwriting.

  1. Avoid making use of abbreviations, terminologies, or complex phrases.. Use conversational language based on a script of 150 and 250 words.
  1. Leave out the details that are not essential. Limit your script to three main points or benefits by using the rule of three.
  1. Make use of storytelling and humor to connect persuasively. It will emotionally connect the audience, and viewers will enjoy it instead of feeling bored.
  1. Remember your audience; go with the relevancy that suits your audience.

Success Metrics and Analytics – Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to Track

Success metrics and analytics are essential tools for measuring and improving the performance of your motion graphics video production. Additionally, with the help of Key performance indicators (KPIs), you can know whether you are on track or off track to achieve your desired results. But how do you know if your explainer videos are practical and efficient? Further, hop on to the points below to optimize your video strategy based on data and insights.

View Count: 

How many times has your explainer video been watched, it indicates the reach and popularity of your video and how well it attracts your target audience.

Average View Duration: 

The average amount of time that viewers spend watching your explainer video. Therefore, it indicates the engagement and retention of your video, and how well it captures and holds the attention of your viewers.

Click-Through Rate (CTR): 

The percentage of viewers who click on a link or a call to action in or after your explainer video. It indicates the conversion and action of your video, and how well it persuades and motivates your viewers to take the next step.

Cost Per View (CPV): 

The amount of money you spend to get one view of your explainer video. It indicates the efficiency and ROI of your video, and how well it optimizes your budget and resources.

The Future of Explainer Videos

Explainer videos simplify complex topics and concepts for your target audience, generate leads, and educate customers about the brand or product. What does the future of explainer videos hold, though? How will they evolve and adapt to consumers’ and businesses’ changing needs and expectations? In this writing, we will explore some of the trends and innovations to watch and how emerging technologies and consumer preferences shape the future of explainer videos.

Trends and Innovations – Emerging Technologies Shaping the Future

  • AI Artificial intelligence and ML machine learning transform the explainer videos to the next level. What is an AI explainer video? Explainer videos, with the help of AI and ML, optimize performance, provide feedback, generate content, and analyze data. Based on the user’s profile, behavior, and preferences, AI and ML enable the explainer videos to be more interactive, intelligent, and personalized.
  • AR as Augmented reality and virtual reality as VR – enhance and create an immersive and realistic experience of explainer videos. Our 3D motion graphics services, simulations, and environments allow the user to interact with the product, service, or idea in a more memorable and versatile way.
  • Interactive video allows users to indulge in experiences and participate in quizzes, polls, surveys, buttons, links, and menus, allowing them to choose their own path, pace, and outcome.

Conclusion – What Is an Explainer Video

Making an explainer video requires a lot of coordination, ability, and skill. Make sure you nail down your framework and follow the essential tips that all compelling explainer videos have at the script level. Without a doubt, explainer videos are a powerful tool for marketing that helps you reach and influence your target audience. Indeed, it is a way to achieve your business goals and boost your marketing strategy. You can follow the best practices and techniques discussed in this article.

Undeniably, we can assist you if you need more assistance in creating your explainer video. Contact one of our talented professionals to learn how “Glowza Digital – Best Live Video Production Company” can assist you with your explainer video needs. We are a team of Character Animation Experts  who can help you create high-quality explainer videos that suit your needs and preferences. Create some fantastic explainer videos right away!


1. What Are The Benefits Of Wxplainer Videos?

Explainer videos come up with multiple benefits. It maintains the viewer’s attention, increases the click ratio, and transmits a clear message within a minute or two. Besides, it is exciting and worth remembering to keep on growing insights.

2. What Is An Explanation Video?

An explanation vid details and portrays the function or knowledge about the product, brand, or any service. It also involves sound, animation, script, typography, and humor to make the explanation engaging.

3. What Is An Explainer Video Strategy?

The strategy for an explainer video is to maximize the click ratio and execute the message to generate the best results. Explainer videos work well with shorter durations, simple messages, easy wordings, to-the-point content, and quality visuals.

4. Is The Explainer Video The Same As The Demo Video?

The only goal of explainer videos is to inform viewers about the features and advantages of the product. Conversely, the demo videos focus on the functionality and actual workings of the product or services.

5. What Is A Whiteboard Explainer Video?

An animated explainer film with audio and music that mimics someone sketching on a whiteboard to teach a topic or concept is called a “whiteboard explainer video.”

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